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RE: We are hot but still single. Why girls from generation Y have problems tying the knot.

in #life8 years ago

I would have to strongly disagree with this article. There's a strong use of the word "we" and I don't think that all women from Generation Y can be lumped into the assumptions this article makes.

I, for one, have always dreamed of getting married and starting a life with my partner which would ultimately result in building a family together. Throughout my entire "dating life" I was not always self-centered for focused on "me me me" or finding "Mr. Perfect"; instead I focused on my parter and the life that I wanted to build with that someone. My overall life goals have been strongly focused around a family, not myself.

I do believe that this article made great points for SOMEONE who is focused solely on themselves, but not a whole generation of women


Stereotypes exist for a reason, and while you may be an exception to the rule, generally, gen y is not as you describe yourself.

I totally agree!

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