Selected Bitcoin jokes from the blockchain :) — Steemit

Selected Bitcoin jokes from the blockchain :)

in life •  last year

Its the time to chill between two transactions. Theres a few funny jokes about our passion. Which one is your favorite? Post a new in comments.

  1. -Chuck Norris mined all bitcoins...twice.

  2. -Who is Bitcoin's least favorite rapper?

  3. -What’s the difference between Bitcoin and NASA?
    -Bitcoin’s actually going to the moon.

  4. -Why won’t the government embrace bitcoin?
    -They hate the idea of a ‘Proof Of Work’.

  5. -A boy asked his bitcoin-investing father for $10.
    Father: $9.82? What do you need $10.08 for?

  6. -How many miners does it take to change a light bulb?
    -A million - one to do it and the rest to verify he did it.

  7. -Where does an Eskimo keep his Bitcoins?
    -In a cold wallet.

Thanks for reading.

Ps. Dont you clicked on this post because of the picture? Isnt it? :D


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Where are Bitcoins for me and this two pretty girls :P

I give you an upvote for the photo, your jokes suck! Lol!

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