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Business and personal success is about making the right connections, people who would lead you to new opportunities. You will have to walk so many roads and cross so many bridges in your life, so it becomes important to build these bridges. To climb the ladder of success, one needs every help he can find along the way. Bridges takes you across water. We don’t exist on our own so you simply cannot exist on your own. You need to build the right bridges. No nation can exist totally on their own, there is need to form alliances and promote trade with other countries for various benefits. You need to build bridges and not walls.

“You must let other people challenge your truths, you must let them to question your faith and the reason for this is simple; your truth might be very wrong, your faith might be very mistaken, don’t be a castle, you need bridges surrounding you, not walls, walls belong only to cowards” –Mehmet Muratidan

Cultivate people who will always have your back and invest heavily in that relationship. You have to build the right relationship with people in your lives not just your friends and family. People in your church, with whom you pray, people in your place of work, people in your school or around your neighborhood and every other place you find yourself.
This is a personal experience, of course am not taking away the hard work that was invested but what helped me through the university was the strong band of friends and roommates who became family. Had people to talk to when the stress and pressure was really getting to me, sometimes when I become complacent, I had them to remind me of my set targets. I had a small group of friends with whom I studied, they motivated me to push on and we marched on like soldiers till we got to the finish line. And when I needed to switch off, they were there providing the right platform. I personally believe in investing heavily in the right type of relationship. When I got accepted into medical school, I went about building the right bridges with few classmates because I required people to provide the much needed camaraderie. You never know when you will be down and need to draw on the goodwill of someone. No one can go through life without ever needing to lean on another’s shoulders.

I was having a conversation with a Nigerian woman who was based in the UK and was vacating in the Philippines, she said it was her first time of coming to the country; she was being housed and treated nicely by people she never knew. She said as a member of the Jehovah’s Witness in the UK, she knew a couple of friends in the church who linked her to the wonderful family taking care of her during her vacation. Apparently the family she was staying with said to her that there were a couple of Nigerians studying here and that was how we got to meet. The point am driving at is the fact that she had the right bridge and rode that goodwill which ultimately saved her hundreds of pounds she would have spent on hotel and food during the course of her vacation. To be honest many have been to places, they know nothing about and are strangers on the corridor but somehow have to ride on the goodwill of someone they know. I personally can relate to this too.

Most people have been hurt and the surest way they feel they could safeguard themselves was by building walls and putting up defenses, while such serves as valuable lessons, you must realize that the wall you had put up have been preventing the freshest of air from getting to you. Let down your guard, put off your fear and see yourself receiving that fresh air.

“If you put up a wall, think about what remains outside” – Italo Calvino

People had gained employment, promotions, had access to something that have totally transformed their life, life partners even salvation by simply building bridges.
And if a bridge is faulty, don’t burn it down, let it collapse on its own. Building bridges also requires a strong foundation. Build it on honesty, trust, love and selflessness, invest time, resources if you must, there should be considerable communication, for the ultimate goal is building up and supporting each other and having a powerful connection.
Nations build themselves up; they support each other in times of need and disaster. Similar stride, that’s what a perfect bridge should represent.
Building bridges is building connections, you need to understand that to be successful you need all the right connections; you must have the ability to understand people quickly, find a mutual connection with someone, maintain credibility and focus on managing these connections.
It’s equally important to build connections away from your field, don’t always surround yourself with people like you, it can also hinder your growth. Get out of your field, get connections that will challenge you and your world would expand.
Be open to the potential of random connections as this will help accelerate your random growth and provide you with a diverse framework of looking at your world. Also keep in mind that quality is more relevant than quantity. Visit new and exciting places to try to gain insight. A lot is achieved when you try to go beyond your walls to build bridges, you certainly gain new knowledge and better answers that could unlock a real potential in you.

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Relationships do matter. What you do or don't do is as a result of the people you hang around.

I always encourage people to hang around people who carry positive energy vibrations so as to help them stay focused...

Relationships is really important... Thanks for sharing


Well said, thanks for your contribution bro

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And one needs to think, are the walls I am building today, to keep people out, or to lock myself in?

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it all comes down to networking and knowing the right people, good post. thank you for the follow


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networking is key! good stuff


Thanks mate