90 Days Affirmation Challenge. Day 3

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It's another beautiful day and today marks the third day of my 90 Days Daily affirmation challenge.

Today is a great day.

Words are powerful and ever since I found out how powerful words are, I decided to create my own reality by the kind of words I say and feed my mind with.

I started off with the 21 days Meditation Challenge which started and ended off so well and I began the 90 days affirmation challenge.

Today is Day three and these are the affirmative words I'll be speaking to myself

I am Juliet Israel; I take the lead.

I am a thinker, creator and architect of my civilization.

I am blessed to bless, saved to save, given to give, created to create.

I am the light of the world, a city set on a hill, visible to the whole world. I am the salt of the earth and the hope of our generation.

I do not conform to this world, the world conforms to me.

I do not bend to pressure; for I am the pressure.

I talk, walk and conduct my affairs as a conqueror, dominating my path and teaching many more to do same.

All day, everyday, I am exerting my genius upon my circumstances and providing flavour to this game of life.

Everything happens for my good as things eventually fall in place for me.

Indeed, the world is blessed because I was born in this era.

This is neither boastful, nor arrogant but a bold and honest representation of my reality.

I am Juliet Israel, I take the lead.

And that's a wrap on my Day 3 of my daily affirmation challenge.

What are you saying to yourself?
The words we speak are life and they create our eventual reality.
Speak Life
Speak Greatness and experience all round peace.


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