My Steemiversary....My one year journey on steemit.

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I've been so overwhelmed with so much lately that i didn't even realize that i'm one year here already. I got thinking after @lordjames wrote about his one year anniversary yesterday. We came on board same time and that means it's my one year anniversary also. Yes! Full 365 days have come and gone. Amazing, yet surprizing.


How did i make it this far? I mean a lot of People called it a quit because of the mindset with which they embraced the platform (get rich quick scheme). Some others lacked the consistency, patience and the drive to keep pushing. Some met us here and left us here. Others we met but the ride had been fun i must confess. It had to be God and the wonderful People i met on the platform. Time would fail me to mention all your names but these very prominent ones are worthy of mention.

To @lordjames. Congratulations we made it this far. You are one of the reasons i didn't quit when the ride was bumpy. You're still the reason i will not quit. Thanks for your exemplary leadership style. It's worth commendable.

To @joshuaetim, a brother, a friend and a boss; steemjethr lead. This is one of the few persons i've met and it seemed like i've known them all my life. Thank you so very much for the encouragement and the leadership you command.

@yungchief, you've been really generous with your upvotes on the steemjetrecords handle. It did a lot to encourage me. Thank you.


@ogoowinner, you've been amazing. I can't express how much I've had to learn from reading your posts, like morning tonic, it adds flavour to my day. I love the way you challenge me to think outside the box, the way you encourage with your words. You are gifted i must confess. Thanks for making my one year on steemit a memorable one.

@dimimp came on board as the game changer. The journey only got better with him. Thank you for your generosity. You came true for me on several occasions. God bless you richly.

To my steemjet crew members. Aha! I cannot forget my crush @kristenantai01, my love @essiential, @mbj, showing us dimple everywhere, @uche-nna, @jesse12, @citimillz, @chief priest Prayzz ( not sure his username) @peachyladiva, @druids, troublesome @eddie12, edd not tail (lol), business woman @cherylsonty @julietisrael, @emmycapable, @vheobong, @empato365, @gwin, @ewuso, @mistakili the poet. I've missed your poems, @ninoh, you too much, @thompson oyinbo @oredebby, @longming, my friend with the white skin, @mhizsophie, and everyone else i forgot to mention.


Some of you i learnt a thing or two from, some others taught me some lessons, from some i drew inspiration. Above all, you all made this 365days worthwhile and fun. This journey would be incomplete if i fail to mention @musing. This question and answer platform gave me something to look forward to everyday, teaching and learning from others. There i met a friend @alaisguineasis. Thanks for being a big part of my last one year on steemit.

We came, we saw, and more importantly, we conquered. No New Year resolutions. I'll just keep being a better me, keep growing. More opportunities to take advantage of, higher bull run for my sake and for your sakes. Happy anniversary to everyone on the steem blockchain who has clocked a year. A toast to a greater year ahead.


Congratulations dear.. Greater heights I pray..

happy steemversary dear. we always winning

Yes dear. Winning is a goal. Thank you @citimillz.

Keep shining dear.. The sky is your starting point.. 😊😊😊😊😊

Amen darling. Thanks for the resteem.

Congratulations dear, forward we go.

Thanks very much @steemjet.

how are you my brother far away.
I hope you are in a good condition.
yes it's been a year in steemit.
steemit unites us.
different countries, religions, languages.
hopefully you can be friends all the time

Thanks my Dear. Steemit is a global platform that brings People from different walks of life. Thank God it brought us together my friend @longming.

Congratulations Mama

Thanks baby.

Having you in the Steemjet HR team was a blessing. You're very resourceful, your entrepreneurial and innovative qualities are highly commendable.
You've stayed on here.

Your spirit is not broken. You've witnessed the bull run and the bear. It didn't break you, it made you. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Steem on!

Thank you boss @joshuaetim. Tough Times never last but tough People do. Whether bull or bear, we're tough and we won't quit.

Keep winning dear @joyce-okpobo, more success more wins IJN

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Thanks my cutie pie.

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Thank you @esteemapp. You rock.

2018 came with a whole lot, blessings and ofcourse despair, but you, were a blessing to me. I am glad to have found someone i could bodly say i love even though i've not had the chance to meet with you yet. You are one of the few stalwart individuals the earth has come to know.. I am really delighted by your achievements here, you really did fight in the frontline and you're not retreating either.. I Pray God grants your hearth desires as you continue to remain a blessing to the world...

Thank you dearest @essiential. God bless you.

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