Yesterday, Today & Tommorrow

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  • Is gone, past, finished and cannot be modified.
  • shouldn’t be forgotten, but however learned from.....considering what went right or wrong.
  • Was composed of all the choices and decisions you’ve made in the past.
  • might have been the most chaotic day of your life nevertheless don’t board the past; move on.
  • might have been a memorable day, be grateful.

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  • Is the primary day of your life, make the most of it.
  • Is a chance to determine which direction you take, choose wisely.
  • Is an opportunity to start building healthy habits; changing the you of yesterday.
  • Is a chance to make better decisions than you did yesterday; new experiences bring growth.
  • Is the sole factor you can truly manage; proceed consequently.

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  • Hasn’t happened yet. Stop worrying excessively.
  • Is full of hope; lookout for the best.
  • Will be an opportunity to attain greater heights than you did today.
  • Can be planned for; however plans change... If today sucks, make tomorrow better.
  • Isn’t guaranteed; shit happens... however, it's okay to feel sore, not sorry.

life's a journey, every single step counts
Thanks for reading, much love;


This is really inspiring..... Thanks for sharing

You're welcome dear and thanks

Nice one.
Keep the nice posts rolling.

Thanks friend; sure

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