Going LIVE on YouTube For A Birthday Q&A!

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Hey everyone! It's my birthday and I couldn't figure out a better way to spend it than talking with my viewers! I'll be taking questions on YouTube.

You can find the live stream below! Sign in to join the live chat!



Happy Birthday Boss Man! I need to get you some drinks! :)

*statist politics are BS... 100% anarcho capitalism... still would like to know your answer to this:Earth is flat 100%, do you know that Josh or are you still a globehead??

Thanks for all the support you have shown me with upvotes... (JOKE..)... no seriously, why you dont support me, it would be interesting to know??? Now that you call yourself an anarchist/voluntarism but think it is 100% ok to spend time and energy on promoting crony capitalists, like Robert K...

happy birthday man God bless you.

Happy Birthday, joshsigurdson what detail of your part take your time to share with your followers, that you continue to enjoy with yours ...

Happy birthday!! Many more!!
Enjoy yourself!

Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for your tireless reporting!!

Anyway, globehead or not... I still think that spending time and energy on crony capitalism, does not align with being an anarchist. Would you care to explain why you called this believe stupid?

I have to work. but are back later.. thanks for a great live stream and happy birthday.

I'm sorry I'm late to ask questions now... But most importantly, happy birthday! I wish you long life and prosperity. Enjoy @joshsigurdson!

I missed out on the q and a, but I just wanted to ask.... what do you and your colleague, John, think the chances are that President Trump can poach our auto industry away from our groper PM, and incompetent federal government?

Happy Birthday Josh!

If I had a huge following of cool people I would do the exact same thing on my birthday as well!

Happy Birthday Josh. Looking forward to catching up with you soon. Stephen

Happy birthday, god bless!

hi @joshsigurdson , Happy birthday!! if you like the bizarre politics, i have a gift for you. - our second fake news