Judge Grants Rapist Custody To Victims Child

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A judge in Sanilac County, Michigan grants joint custody to paedophile without either offender or victim knowing. What is happening in the world ?

When I first read this story I was shocked. But then again, in our time, anything is possible. Even though a judge ruled for joint custody, the ruling has recently been revoked.

Probate Judge Gregory Ross, passed the ruling back in September without having any knowledge to the background of the case. So, let us not be too harsh on him. The victim who is now 21, filed a motion for child support, which brought our said judge to grant custody. In doing so, the offender was able to receive information of the victim and of the child birthed from the sexual assault that happened in 2008 when the victim was only 12.

Christopher Mirasolo, the attacker has stated through attorneys that he wishes to have all rights waived and agrees to pay said amount a month in child support.

An internal review will be conducted on policies and procedures on cases similar to this one said County Prosecutor James V Young.

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The judge didn't know the background ? Seriously ? I know the system is swamped and they need to do everything fast, but isn't it just the basis of everything to look into a person't file before granting him the custody of a child ?? I am baffled ...

Hopefully your post will help raise awareness of future Juries and judges

The saddest part is the mother probably only filed for child support because the government forced her too in order to get medical insurance. In my state, Oklahoma, you have to sue for child support if you sign up for government assisted healthcare. It has been an issue for me since my son was born in 2009. I can remember times where I literally struggled to feed him a healthy diet and obtain medical care for him because I refused to sue his biological father for child support, for very good reason. They would not approve me for food stamps or free healthcare or any assistance. I finally just gave them a fake name for the father and luckily no other man's birthday name etc matched up to the fake one I gave. The determined "presumed biological father must have lied about his birthday to biological mother" and.dropped the search for him and approved benefits for my child. It was rough keeping a baby completely on my own at a young age and even rougher for the first 18months when I didn't receive assistance from the government, his father, and made minimum wage. A young mother can not make it in America on minimum wage. I don't know how I did but I think it did lead to poor health in my son compared to my daughter who I had later in life. She was born into upper middle class, after I finished school and obtained a decent job and married similar. She has a lot less acute infection and.no chronic conditions yet my son still struggles with acute throat infections, chronic lung issues, and respiratory problems from I think damage done when he was developing as a baby/toddler and not receiving proper healthcare and dietary nutrients. I did the best I could with what I had, but these programs for government assistance are not set up for women who truly need the help. Women who truly have no one else or any other options are denied routinely as punishment for being young unwed and a mom.

A rapist is always a rapist and cant be forgiven.
Unfortunately these people cause a lot of pain for others and many of them are still outside because nobody could identify them.
Hope that we can live in peace one day.

So glad this got remedied I can only imagine what this poor girl was going through at the time of the assault then having to relive it during this time


Yeah, glad it was already overturned

I cant believe people arent even giving proper background checks, especially for something like joint custody. If people arent doing their job and not checking someones background horrible crap like this will keep on happening.

So wrong...

Jesus . . . I live a couple hours from there.

The world is slowly going mad. Cheers mike

Good post my friends

This is so interesting @ joseph. I get to learn more about judge Gregory Ross. Looking forward to next edition. Thank you for this.

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That guy looks like me, and I don't like it!

What has happened.
the child is taken care of by the wrong person.
there are still many people like this out there. Take care of our children.

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judges be like


Bow down to your overlords' judge... Or else.. ;)

So glad this got remedied👌👌👌 I can only imagine what this poor👌👌👌 girl was going 💐💐💐through at the time of the 👌👌👌assault then having to relive it during this time.Thank👌👌👌 you for this.💐💐💐

Amazing that something like this could happen!!

The world is not safe at all

This is utterly ridiculous. Everybody know s that Pedophiles cannot be cured of their desires. How could a judge make such a ludicrous decision to start of with.

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That's horrible. Statistically speaking those kids are... Harsh reality, they should kill their daddy before they reach 17. 😳 I hate shoulding people.


Yeah, good news in the end. Sounds much better than killing yer dad for defense. 🤢

heard this story too...i was devastated by that...i dont know where this world is going...its just too much happening to call it safe for humans anymore....with Hollywood...Las Vegas shooting....hillary crying...protests everywhere...people anti-america which i call them complete pieces of shit...we are gettin tired of that...what solution could we have to solve it?...its almost impossible to imagine this shit

Thanks for sharing.

...And some time the justice system works!

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This must have been so hard for the rape victim. I pray for her and her child. Fortunately, the ruling was overturned or it will definitely devastate the life of the victim.

he has that guilty haircut

So happy this got helped I can just envision what this poor young lady was experiencing at the season of the attack at that point reliving it amid this time

Great post! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward for more!

God save us all. The world is becoming something else

well this is the reality of the world nowadays... we dont knw whats happening around us.. we just keep on following the majority around us

Society is crazy! This is unbelievable, I assumed that judges are intelligent people with an ability to exam evidence and make a just decision, I think that is pretty much the job description, but you know what they say "when you assume you make an ass out of u and me, this judge lacks the ability to make a just decision, and I would go so far as to say lacks empathy or emotional intelligence. The poor girl who had endure this because of a bad judge


You have to re-asume your prejudgements.
And you are right, he lackes all kinds of intelligence.

This is a absolutely disgusting example of injustice. Furthermore, this piece really infuriates me because the girl in question was only 12 when this event took place.

The judge is unqualified to even have kids let alone decide to judge who gets custody for a child.

Such a shame for our society. Everyone depends on Laws to stay safe. But this is the best example what happens when the law itself is not worth of being trusted. But glad that everything turned fine in the end

It is the same here in Malaysia - a rapist was recently 'awarded' the custody of a child after raping a young 12 year-old girl just because, well, she is too young to take care of the child. Outrageous!

In my opinion that judge is insane, his outof his mind.😈

If you read the article carefully, you'll see that this judge did not knowingly do this.

Shame on his staff and shame on the legal teams involved for not submitting evidence that would have prevented such a terrible thing from happening!



The duty of a judge is to judge with full knowledge! No exuses there! He, his staff and his team should be fired! But the main problem is somewhere else, why don't the hang such as...les on the highest trees? If they did, no judge could make a mistake and many of this as...les wouldn't attack children!

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How sick are you?? What's amazing about this post?

That's what happens when decisions are made on laws and not logic, thanks capitalism.

This is a typical case where a judge who sits at a bench and decides a single persons fate. without looking into his background? wth? I am a sovereign freemen on public record in my county and i believe that this is an outlandish example of the judicial system being unfair. Without a jury there can be no fair decision. Unfortunately in custody hearings there is no option for jury. Sometimes going into the hands of a mediator. without proper evidence being presented, also is a huge mistake on someones part.We put our lives in the hands of Judges and they play us like puppets. For the benefit of the ones with money. great outcome... lets join together with a great organization called Earth Nation. More info can be found at https://asc.ai/?affid=doug-davis ASC or Earth Nation is an autonomous tribe of like minded individuals creating a new way of life thru cryptocurrency called quality keys and also forming Earth Nation, currently pre beta. keys are currently at $4.00 each

different story. nice story article

Okay, like WTH? This is a sure fire indicator that we are living in a realm where everything is turned upside down and reversed. And this is just not right. How could this Judge actually proceed with a verdict in this case without a speck of research?

C'Mon Judge... due diligence! WoW!

This is a SMFH moment if there ever was one.

were is ourworld going .in many country there is rapist have living there life like a freebird . put a strong rules to rapist and crime .And importanly protect,secure,Respect women.then only you can achive

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How can this even exist?(

I felt very bad that your writing will help in increasing the awareness of the jury and judges in the future.

Whoa! This is horrible. What's going on

Such cases, especially sexual abuse of children, should be reconsidered. This is a crime that we all condemn

Where the fuck is this world going!?!?

Thanks to post

good story

A mistake in judgment isn't fatal, but too much anxiety about judgment is.

I hope he learns from his mistakes:

Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment

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peado's are in high places of societies or do you think you get justice in court?

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So sad, Whats going on in this world!

Many times Im think why to god creat. Human.....?
Shame on man .

Wow, this is so shocking in so many ways.
12 child girl raped and the rapist only gets 1 year and is let off early? The rapes again and is convicted again and then is given child custody of the baby from the first rape because the judge didn't know the background of the case?

Ins't that a judge's primary job, to know all previous offences before giving a sentence??

Smells of secret society and 'eyes wide shut'.

I hope the girl is being well looked after for all that trauma.

Very appealing and informative post shared followed . @joseph Wish you the best with all your future endeavors.

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This is so friggin messed up. How can ANYONE justify this?