3 Year Old Missing After being Left Outside For Not Drinking Milk

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As punishment, 3 year old Sherin Mathews, was left to wait alone in the late hours of the night for refusing to drink her milk and is now missing.

Wesley Mathews, father of Sherin Mathews, admitted to local authorities that he left her near an alley as " punishment " over milk dispute. According to reports he returned 15 minutes later to notice the 3 year old missing and didn't call the police till 5 hours later. Strange isn't it ?

Little Sherin Mathews has developmental issues and limited communication skills according to a release from Richardson Police Department. Due to negligence of the father, the family only goes on to suffer more heartache. On top of the ongoing search, a 4 year old was also taken from the family and placed in foster care. It was stated in the reports that the family has had prior contact with family services but does not go into detail as to why contact was made. 

Wesley Mathews was arrested later that night for child endangerment charges, but he was then released on a $250,000 bond. During questioning, Wesley Mathews also told police he left in an area popular to coyotes. Some argue this was all premeditated and after reviewing details it's hard to argue otherwise. One thing is certain though, a young girl is missing and a family is broken. 

I also read in the article that police have discontinued an Amber Alert due to insufficient evidence. If you live in the Texas area and have any information, contact local police at 972-744-4800.

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Is it worth hiring a True Detective?

This took place from my neck of the woods in Richardson, but I was in San Antonio when the Amber Alert was sent, and everyone's smart phones simultaneously went off in the hotel lobby I was in.

FUCK this, I don't want to know anything anymore. This is a world where nothing is solved. Someone once told me, 'Time is a flat circle.' Everything we've ever done or will do we're gonna do over and over and over again. And that little girl or that little boy or that family, they're gonna be in danger again and again and again forever.


I am not far away either. Each time I receive an amber alert, I immediately go and read it. Truly sad. It doesn't add up... you never ever punish a child in such a way. To top it off she has developmental issues. Parents like this should not be allowed to procreate!


One of my cousins has worked for CPS in the San Antonio area for years. It's beyond heartbreaking to hear some of her stories. I cry for these poor babies.


Check out http://www.operationfoundsafe.org/ and see if there's a volunteer private investigator in the area. I'd help more if I were local, but I'm not.

As a father I can't imagine that anyone in their right mind would put a child of just three years old outside, on her own, unsupervised. Nobody would do that.

Why did the father point out to the police that he lives in an area popular with coyotes? If there were such animals around, there is even more reason not to put her outside late at night!

Perhaps the police were not thinking that the poor little girl had might have been dragged off and eaten, so the father thought it best to give them a clue.

Policeman: "Coyotes? Don't they eat babies? Oh my God, that must be what happened to the poor girl. We never thought of that possibility. Silly us, for suspecting the father all along. Oh well, that's another mystery solved. Case closed".


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It doesn't have to be bots. It could just be people scrolling past it and hitting the vote button without reading it, since they see the post is already doing well and they want in on it.


You are right . Father means responsible,caretaker,fighter and lover for his children.


According to the video it was 3AM when he put her outside. He came back 15 minutes later, but didn’t start looking for her until 8 AM next morning.

I wonder where the mother is?


very true!!!

Its not the right way of disciplining the child that you left her outside for just not drinking the milk? They will just impart hatred to their child and later on she will seek revenge when she grow old.

They should show love to their child and explain why she nees to drink milk and let her understand the benefits of milk to her. In this way, the child will voluntarily drink her milk.

This will serves as an eye openner to those parents who are cruel in their children.

Thanks for this useful article @joseph it somehow open the eyes of the parents who reads your blog.


if she grows up. Such a precious little girl, but remember, we all have our wills and our rebellious natures. Too bad the family lives near coyotes. Otherwise I would have thought maybe the guy just wasn't thinking.


Yeah its true, you have a point sometimes hanger makes us do unreasonable things, probably everyone must have done something similar to a kid, its just sad that a lil girls life is or already at stake here,

"Wesley Mathews also told police he left in an area popular to coyotes."

Pretty much a confession that he was trying to feed her to coyotes .... imho he needs castrated and fed to coyotes ... I hope he gets charged with "Attempted Murder" (Texas Don't Play)


I'm all for hearing all sides of the story, but this seems the most rational and logical train of thought here. This guy is bad news and as long as he's around the house the kids aren't safe.


100% agree


He shouldn't be fed to cayotes lol, he should be castrated and all other kids should be taken away from him, because this is a murder attempt 💯, or even a life jail sentence will serve him right

Nice post :)

Thanks for this useful article it somehow open the eyes of the parents who reads blog.

Sounds Like a Future CSI Episode.

Unfortunately, history shows they'll most likely find a coyote ravaged body. Later, forensics will determine death by blunt force trauma or shaking. Death by another human.

I read your article well. That's a lot of help to me. Thank you.

Thanks for this post hope to find the little girl as soon as possible


there are no reasons to do this type of actions

This is absolutly wrong ... parenting at its worst.

This is awful, any child that is neglected (as she apparently was) has our heartfelt sympathy. Can't comment further as the investigation seems to be ongoing. I hope they find her safe and well. I learn she is adopted as well so that's awful, coming to a new home and they don't take care of you, not good. Will have to follow this story, too many kids go missing!Thanks for sharing, even though it's sad.

I'm speechless! No father should purnished his kid that way. Now the whole family has to go through such agony.I hope the poor girl is safe.

@joseph Thank you for sharing ! This is a terrible! They left their daughter outside at 3am as a punishment?! Something sounds very strange here , who and why would you do that !?Poor girl I hope they find her soon!

My parents didn't kick me out of the house when I didn't eat my broccoli, I kicked them out.


Looooll.. You crazy 😜 😜

This world is crazy, the worst part is that this father probably grew up in some terrible manor with terrible parents. Not to make an excuse for him, but just to add to the conversation. How can these cycles end?

Father of the year!

i didn't see them using any dogs... maybe they could smell something


U have a valid point

Omg that is awful! Poor little girl! This breaks my heart! Bless her I pray she is ok and safe thanks for sharing 💗 xx

This is not a good for girl ,Mother and father is the first teacher of their child ...

For what reason did the father indicate out the police that he lives in a region well known with coyotes? On the off chance that there were such creatures around, there is much more reason not to put her outside late during the evening!

informative post and very helpful for everyone

I cannot express my rage at people like this man that are allowed to parent children. There are so many kind people that would love a child like this. I hope she is found safe and alive. Thank you for this post. 🐓🐓

OMG. it is so unfortunate. An impulsive decision of the father has brought great sorrow for the family and God knows what the poor girl doing elsewhere. Hope that someone will find her and bring back to the family.

this is horrible! hope they find her soon!

If it was up to me, those people who proved to be incapable to take care of their kids would be sterilized. can't take care of one, no more child for you.

visit me @unnun


Haahhhaa, thank God it wasn't up to you then 😉😉😉😉😂😂😂

How can a father allow a girl of that age outside the house at that hour, why would they even give her such punishment for not drinking milk..Is this the right way to punish a child?

Are you serious?! He was arguing with a 3 year old and then made her walk home? ..... Rude.

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Poor girl and Poor family! Really very hurting...

totally negligent, for just refusing drinking the milk he left his daughter out of nowhere for punishment? what the hell is he thinking? there many types on how you admonish your child there's no reason to punish them. This father really a shame!

This is so sad! Praying they find her.

this recklessness of the highest order, its sad that a parent can do this to a child who has development issues really.... that parent needs to be locked up


My cute daughter also don't drink milk ,
She takes only chines foods and some biscutes.

Sherin is a cute and good girl😘😘
Thanks for sharing this moments .


Is she also missing?

Oh my god, i hope for find this girl

@joseph what is wrong with the people poor parenting , once you become a parent you should have patience not punishments !

Not everyone should have kids. It's very sad that such irresponsible individuals are giving birth with the pace of rabbits. What a bunch of idiots. I wonder if they ever heard the word, "Pedagogy". Even the tiniest bit of psychological trauma can affect the poor child's future in every way. And, "MILK" other than a "MOTHER'S MILK" is HARMFUL to humans! A cow's milk is only for another cow.

The hell is wrong with people...

I mever pass judgement on any one but this man is a piece of shit. How can someone leave their daughter alone at night? Both the parents must be sent to mental hospitals and learn how to take care of kids. And they must be bared from producing more kids.

so sad news

he should have never been father because fathers would never do that to their children he could have just let her sit at a corner


Exactly or just scold her

Oh my God !i hope found this

You doing a good job by announcing this on steemit. I pray she will be found as fast as possible

there is a new account here, i read https://steemit.com/@familyprotection that maybe they have some opinion on this also. what would you suggest about the foster care in this situation when the family is really neglecting the child? ...

It seems strange to me. Maybe the "father" himself killed the child and hid the body somewhere?

Aww thats sad, but what an animalistic behavior to leave a child outside because she refused to drink just milk, people like that aren't supposed to be allowed to raise kids

That is truly heart breaking. I didn’t know that they had another child taken away. To leave your kid outside period as punishment? The world we live in. Also, who bailed him out for $250,000??? That blows my mind. I hope wherever that child is, that she ends up in the right hands.

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This story is not believable. It was 3am, and he puts a outside of his yard fence, in an alley, because she wouldn't drink milk? Yeah, right.

I am afraid that we all know his story doesn't add up and that the villian in this piece wasn't the coyote. Praying I'm wrong and they find her.

Disgusting excuse for a "father!" Find that poor baby, and place her with real parents.

Hope they will find the girl safe and sound!

Ohh my godness

The parents murdered the little girl. That's probably what the investigators suspect and why the amber alert was discontinued. They're looking for a body at this point.

Unbelievable :( Poor darling so sad!!!! :'(

Nothing to say... God bless her

This is just sick on so many levels. Including how the media is portraying it.

I cant imagine how they do that to thier own daughter . I feel so sad :(

Great article! Very sad. I wonder what the mother thinks about all of this?