Come and read this story, you will not lose anything and you will learn from my mistake ... I wish that what happened to you never happened to me

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It all started a month ago. I have a car, brand Chevrolet Corsa model, Year 1998. This vehicle is given to me by my mother.

One weekend I decided to go to the beach with my friends and my whole story starts here ...

I went to the beach and had a good time, the bad thing was when I returned to my house, the vehicle began to reheat, so overheated that I arrived at my house and did not want to ignite any more.

After that, I have a friend who has a mechanic's workshop, I told him what happened to me and he kindly told me: "Come to my workshop, I'll lend you all my tools and you'll learn"

You will think my answer: "I will be there tomorrow"

So it was ... The next day I went to the workshop and started to repair my car, I learned a lot from this, the truth was two weeks of great work. The car had a lot of damage: water pump, engine packing, hoses, radiator ... Anyway, there were many things and I learned a lot, I actually dismantled the engine in half, I was very proud of what I had done.

Those two weeks were difficult, until the last day arrived, when to turn on and test the vehicle, I was afraid because I did not know if something had gone wrong.

It was a moment of fear and at the same time of emotion, but I lit it and the emotion was very great, because everything had been very well. The car did not fail at all. I think that everything that is done with love is good.

So much was the excitement that my friends started buying alcoholic drinks to "Celebrate".

Between laughs and drinks were passing the hours and I admit, the alcohol had made its effect. But, I thought it was fine (at that time). So at dawn I decided to go to a party somewhere else. As the car was very good, I went to the party alone. This was the worst decision I ever made in my life.

The truth I remember when I started and from there the route I drove I do not remember until I crashed. Yes my friends Shock. I woke up with the blow, I jumped a wall, which caused me to wake up and now I only replay when I started from the site and then when I crashed.

This shock caused that 3 rubbers were exploded and the chassis doubled and broke two glasses, plus some mechanical parts.

Not only did this happen, but now I was alone, drunk and could not solve anything at that time of night. I did not think anything else but just call those who are always there when you need it most, to my parents.

They were very frightened when they received that call at that hour. Quickly dressed, went to the place and found me there.

My greatest pain is that he had just fixed it and had lasted for two weeks fixing up and now he had hit the car. It only lasted a few hours. I felt very bad.

I thought and thought and thought and I realized if it had not been so? If the crash had been against another car? Would it have caused death?

The truth, this is very serious, quite serious. In fact I felt sorry for writing this, because it was irresponsible of me to drive drunk.

But, if it has already happened, why not share it with you?

I know that everyone learns from their own mistakes, but I would like you to learn from this, do not drive under the influence of alcohol. You never know what might happen, I'm not telling you not to drink alcohol, no. But if you do stay in a place where you are safe and do not go somewhere drunk. Later you can repent of this.

Yes, just as I repent. My car is currently being repaired in the workshop, ah! And thanks to steemit is that I have been able to cover with the expenses. Without this, I did not even have to buy rubber.

Here I show some photos of the process while painting and fixing my vehicle

The truth was I would have liked to show the photos of the damage that he suffered. But, I lasted a very sad week and the potter started to fix it, I just told him to fix it and I left the vehicle there. Right now they are still in the painting process.

What really makes me think is that if I had not decided to go drunk from that place, everything was different ...

So my steemit friends, take this as a reflection for future occasions. Do not drive when my friends are drunk, it's the worst thing they can do. Nowadays neither because they pay me I am able to handle drunk.

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I'm glad you survived to tell us this story. Good luck to you!

thank you my friend. I hope not to go through that again. Thanks for comment, I appreciate this. Regards!!

The good thing is that nothing else than material damage was the result. Another good think is that you learn from your mistakes Great you told the story here at Steemit. Other can learn from your story as well. I agree, don't drive while being drunk.

Yes my friend, Thanks for commenting, I appreciate this! Yes it is. Do not drive drunk. Thank God it was only material. I hope not to go through this again. See you soon friend. regards

this is a sad story :( but you are alive and this is important, .. it is a good thing you share your mistake with others, thoughtful post , pls never do it again :(

Yes, it happened to me and for such a bad experience I share it with the community. No, never happen again. I really do not thank you for commenting, I appreciate this. regards

Glad you are safe! That is scary!

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