Why do not we talk about ... Sexual Dysfunctions

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Every couple, with time, goes knowing or engaging their own body language and their own way of feeding their sexual desire. When either of the two loses interest or is absent from sexual "pranks" before intercourse; you should study where the problem is. Understanding, that we must be attentive to all these signals that may arise, because it is not up to one of the individuals the satisfaction that we can achieve but of the two members of the couple. When this type of problem occurs we must recognize that sexual dysfunction may be present.

Which is defined, as the alterations in the sexual responses that a person can have in front of a given stimulus in the sexual relation; being able to understand that said sexual act is conformed by the seduction, the words, the caresses, everything that forms part of the excitement and that therefore helps the satisfaction of the couple.

In the same order of ideas, we will be analyzing various sexual dysfunctions present in men and women; which can be corrected with the help of medical specialists.

Among the male dysfunctions we can mention:

It is the most recurrent sexual dysfunction in men, it consists, as its name implies, because man has an ejaculation even before intercourse. Commonly suffer men with anxiety, with fear of penetration or who have assumed certain customs during their initiation to sex. As for some physiological reason, it has been possible to detect, according to medical studies, that alcohol addiction and circulatory problems may be, in some cases, a reason for said dysfunction.

It is the inability in man to achieve an erection, which can occur in a primary way, when he has never had an erection; secondary, when the man has already experienced an erection and for reasons of disease, drug use among other causes no longer experience it.

In the female sex we can appreciate the following dysfunctions:

It is the existing impossibility in the woman, to get to have an orgasm, either in an adequate sexual relation as far as quality of time and excitement. This problem of dysfunction is often not accepted by the woman, who becomes guilty and fakes an orgasm.
This anorgasmia may be caused by a problem of dysfunction in your partner being this reason for not achieving the orgasmic phase. Another serious cause, problems of violence or sexual abuse in their childhood and in any age of the woman, leaving this sequel in intimate relationships.

It consists of the involuntary contraction of the vagina, before any attempt of penetration, which will make it painful. It can be presented by preconceived ideas of the sexual act, which "sow" phobias and fears in our minds; helping so that such dysfunction occurs.

It consists in the total or partial absence of the sexual response, being that physical or mental response, to an existing erotic stimulus. This dysfunction usually presents an anorgasmia; It can be observed in a primary way, when there has never been an excitement, secondary, when due to some traumatic episode this arousal is not achieved.

It is the persistent pain that the woman feels at the moment of penetration and has its physical and psychological causes; having as physical causes the infectious diseases, vaginal inflammations, of the uterus which help to generate pain during sexual intercourse.

It is a sexual dysfunction, characterized by the manifestation of an insatiable and uncontrollable sexual desire, also known as hypersexuality. Having as a result, that the woman obtains less amount of orgasm in relation to the numbers of sexual encounters that she maintains; This dysfunction is associated with psychiatric illnesses and neurological alterations due to the production of high levels of dopamine and serotonin (pleasure hormones).

To conclude, we must take into account that many sexual dysfunctions will be present in the individual, caused on many occasions by the social groups to which they belong; which will influence the culture, religion and the environment where they are developed. Likewise, as a society we must understand that these disorders must be treated in time, thus ensuring a healthy sexual relationship.

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