Hots Or Shots Season Finale!!

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Hello You Fine Steemians!

Welcome back to another episode of

Hots or Shots!

Today's episode marks the end of Season 1.

I've had an absolute blast making this show for all of you.
I truly hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.

Before we get into it though....I want to thank the following......

The Guests

@freedompoint and @mattdamon

You are some of the coolest people I've ever hung out with.
It's been an honor meeting all of you!

The Sponsors


You guys helped make this show a possibility and I can never thank you enough!

All Of You!

If it weren't for all of you fine citizens of steem....this show wouldn't exist at all.
This show is made for all of you and your support is insurmountable.
Hots or Shots is 100% funded by the income generated right here on the steem blockchain...
That's only possible due to everyone in the community that has taken the time to watch it.
Your upvotes and resteems have been humbling to say the least.
So from the bottom of my heart...


Like Minds

Although season one of Hots or Shots has come to an end...there's still more to come.
I have a new show launching in the next couple of weeks.

It's a podcast styled show...with myself and @giftedgaia as co-hosts.
I don't want to give to much away just yet...but I will say there are going to be some very cool segments in the show created by other steemians as well.

We will utilize the @vimm platform to streem all recordings of the episodes,
at which point we will then release edited versions of the content here.

Once that show is up and running I'll start planning Season 2 of Hots or Shots.
So stay tuned!


It has come to my attention that steemit inc is giving away some exclusive trips to SteemFest.
It would be a true honor to represent this community there and I would absolutely love to film/perform some new episodes live at the event.

If any of you want to help make this a reality, you can nominate me at the following link...

Even if you don't think I should go...I urge you to go nominate your favorite creators.
Of course I hope you consider me as well, but yeah.....
go do that...

Then, hurry back and watch this...

I proudly present to you...

Hots or Shots
Episode 28
The Season Finale

Let's Get Sauced!

Thanks For Watching!


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I loved seeing the whole season highlight reel. It was a fun time!


Oh I’m gonna have to check that out later!


I agree, that was very cool!


good job bro

Folks, if this isn't proof the Steem blockchain can give creators a fair shot making a living then I don't know what is. This is history making. The first real , sustainable show on a blockchain!

Awesome job @Jonny-clearwater, looking forward to next season already!

Nice looking shirts in these episodes ;-)


If only there was a place people could buy them


Yeah, i think you have a good point there!!

Lots of fun!

I LOVED doing this show!! Thank you so much for having me on :D

Great last show. I saw it when you did it live and laughed LOLL

Mom says Hi!! :D

Oh man! These are all amazing. I really appreciate my opportunity to try to defeat those flaming green beans haha. Well done!


Thanks so much for being a guest!

This is awesome, keep creating quality content around Steem

I had so much fun on mine. My mouth hated me for a while, but the brain had fun!


Oh were the only episode that didn't get a slice in the intro.
Your episode was the only episode that was loaded up to DLive exclusively.....and when they left, it left...we apologized in the intro to you though

I had a grand time being on your show, man. Absolutely loved it, and would love to do it again in the future. Keep up the amazing work!


Congrats! You guys did a great job! It would be good if there is still another season...


It was a blast hanging with you man!

The greatest show on blockchain! <3 I had so many laughs :D :D


Thanks so much

Damn @jonny-clearwater get around! Congrats on an awesome season homie!

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Congratulations on your season finale! Great Show!!


You were a big part in making it happen, thank you so much for the support


It's a cool show!

Nice recap, I missed a few but your show rocks!

Soy de Venezuela un saludo

Thanks so much

hot-shot is clearer to everyone mind set

That's is an awesome post. It's seems like a... Something different. Success! 👍🏽

i love this show! it's so fun! :)

ohhh loved it

Great show! and it was a great success! Looking forward for the season 2!


It was extremely awesome I really enjoyed it very much. Thank you, sir, it is a great show. I love it. :)

It's a great format of interview, but it reminds me a lot of the Youtube channel First we Feast


Yeah I was directly inspired by Hot Ones, have given them multiple shoutouts throughout the season
I highly recommend anyone that's never watched it to check it out

oH its very wonderful

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i love you friend thank for sharing this post imformative

Lmfao 'Matt Damon'

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