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RE: Moving Home: Story of the makeshift desk

in #life3 years ago (edited)

I never really minded walking up the stairs multiple times every day. My friends hated it but I always kind of enjoyed the little bit of exercise. It was only ever bad when I had a ton of super heavy stuff to bring up or down and besides moving in and moving out, that pretty much never happened. Moving out though was horrible having to haul soo much stuff downstairs but all the moving companies I looked at added a lot of extra money for having to go up stairs and if it was more than 6 flights of stairs then there was an even higher charge lol.


I hate you had to do all of that on your own. I can understand why they would require more money for going up more than 6 flights of stairs though. That sounds like hard work.

Well my friends did help me with one of the trips and we brought over most of the big appliances and stuff so that was pretty helpful. I just didn't realize I had so much stuff haha

It is ridiculous how much stuff we can accumulate over time lol. I watched a minimalist video yesterday and I am thinking about starting to purge items from my life.