The most difficult personalities and how to deal with them

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This publication aims to make a classification of psychological profiles of people who take us out of our tranquility and offer some recommendations to deal with them, I will reward your answers through my vote supported by the program @steem-bounty.

Difficult personalities

People who have a harsh personality in some sense are not usually aware of how annoying they are to others, and tend to blame other people for not knowing how to treat them. Some of them resemble the classic "toxic friend". They are a series of well-profiled prototypes of personalities.

1. The hostile friend

He is an uncouth person, and often reacts badly to criticism and offenses, is highly susceptible. We must try to communicate with prudence with this profile of people. They usually react disproportionately if they feel unfairly treated, they must be careful with the words and the themes that they choose to communicate with this person.

2. The one who complains about everything

This profile corresponds to the person who always finds the other negative side of things, who always has the other characteristics of everything that happens, who is always right about everything he has to do or not do. Sometimes they are people who may be right in many things, but the strategy they use to walk complaining about everything does not bring them any benefit or solve any problem.

3. The one who always agrees with you

Always according to your opinions Of course, when that set of ideas involves the performance of actions, do not count on that person. They are those kinds of people who always have good humor, who are very sociable, who seem to be unconditional friends, but when they need them, they disappear without a trace. They are subjects who seek external approval, but much more than they can be, but with their way of achieving friendship and acceptance of others.

4. The know-it-all

In this profile we can find two differentiated categories: the one that really knows everything, and the one that does not have much idea of anything but pretends to be very clever. In the second case, the strategy to follow is simply to argue and make them see their mistakes. These people are often unaware of their ignorance. Anyway, it is convenient not to leave them in evidence in public, and offer them some way out so they can preserve their self-image. Normally, they only seek external approval.

5. The pessimist

They only realize the obstacles, complications and negative effects of things. They are people who seem to be continually angry with the world. They can become contagious to others since they are in charge of raising to a state matter the small doubts that you can harbor, dragging you towards inaction.

6. The soft and indecisive

It differs from the one that always gives you the right in everything in which the soft wants to help you in an authentic way. They tend to be very reflective and have a hard time making decisions out of sheer fear. It is important to facilitate communication so that they can express their doubts. Help them to scrutinize the matter so that they can look for other ways or acquire commitment with the projects. When they make a decision, give them a lift and value their determination.

To opt for the prize I require you to classify in order according to your criteria which person you would have to have by your side (From 1 to 6, being the first that most favors you and the last one that least favors you), also justifying why they chose the first personal profile as the one you would most like to have by your side.

I will use the @steem-bounty system to reward your answers.

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Nice summary mate!

In my opinion staying calm in conversations is the best way to talk to people with "difficult personalities" (I do not really like this term at all. Just because it's not the norm doesn't automatically means it's difficult. Often people express there feelings in a certain way and that is fine).

In such conversations I always try to see it in the other guys perspective and as I said staying calm. In the worst case (often they are just searching for someone to verbally fight with) just walk away.

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I think I can fit in 3 of those, is that why I don't have friends?

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Every day, we discover new personalities that we have to deal with even if we do not want at times, the people in our surroundings are toxic and we must decide between separating ourselves or, failing that, being strong and not letting ourselves be affected by them and nowadays we discovered more difficult personalities, with whom we find it difficult to empathize @jmhb85.

i was the hostile friend.

but i learned when one of my friends became hostile friend aswell.
from that i learned and now i think I am not an hostile friend

Great article

  1. The know-it-all

  2. The hostile friend

  3. The one who always agrees with you

  4. The soft and indecisive

  5. The pessimist

  6. The one who complains about everything

sí tuviese que enumerar o clasificar los rasgos de cada persona creo q estos serían los que preferiría porque en primer lugar, aunque sea tedioso trabajar y compartir con alguién que crea saberlo todo, en oportunidades sí tienen un punto de vista distinto y acertado y en su afán de impresionar muchas investigan cosas que nosotros ignoramos, en su afán por buscar la aceptación social, y la huida de quedar en ridiculo se vuelve un poco obsesivo sobre el trabajo que significa aparentar saberlo todo. Cosa que aunque sea díficil de llevar creo que es mejor, que aquél que tiende a quejarse por todo, ya que él es alguién que normalmente no tienen las intenciones de hacerlo, aunque puede que cuente con las capacidades de hacerlo. Su poca acción lo pone en el polo opuesto de lo que debería hacer una persona para el progreso!! Gracias, saludos!!

There are so many personalities are found on surrounding place. We have to keep calm. We should handle every personality in different way.

I agree with you totally especially that number 2...especially when you are with a nagging partner..