This mad addiction

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When you have an idea for a steem post

So I have been engrossed in steem for the last week. My normal routines have suffered. See, usually I have my Pilates class MWF at 8:30. Last week I was off since I had to take my son to summer school. In that time, I was blissfully creating, posting illustrations and other life musings with reckless abandon.

Today I went back. Normally I might suffer a minor setback from being gone. That was the case today, but throw in idea overload while trying to participate and I was lost. I mean, give me 50 frickin' minutes to take care of myself free from distraction. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is. The fatigue and misery set in quickly. I was out of touch with everything around me, held captive by new projects swirling in my head. I felt that queasy feeling take over - the kind that sets in when you know you should stop. Jesus. Am I that much of a loser that I can't focus on self care? I don't know what happened. I thought I was going to vomit. For the first time ever I had to leave class 10 minutes early due to mental energy that plagued me from remaining in the moment. It's like I couldn't stand to be away from my creative hub for an hour. That is messed up.

A total reverse of artist's block and I'm not sure how to handle it. It's a first for me.

I'm sure I'm not the only one. Anyone else feel like sharing how their routine has been shaken to the core?

It's utter madness.

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I agree! I have come to find this site on my mind 24/7. Its stuffing up my schedule so bad.


hahaahahahahaha, OMG


Ahaha!)))) Don't you mind if I save it to post in comments sometimes? ))


of course not


Hahahahah omg

The reverse of artist's block. This is great.
I just wrote a post about "the conversation" I had with my wife about Steemit.

that is so funnnnnnnnny

Im also hard adicted :o cant stop steeming lol.
Hope it dont take over my family life as a parents :p

-Kind Regards


I'm a parent too - it's a tough one. Luckily my kids are teenagers, and three of my four are abroad at the moment. When they come back? God help us all.


Hehe, see your point. my doughter is 1 month old, so she take alot of time :p Hehe, use your time good now, as they are away hehe ^^


Haha it already has mine, awesome patform, awesome!!

See you aren't alone and you just added to the madness :) and since your post generated a lot in 30 min...congrats you are now a full blown addict.

I kind of have an addiction too. Lol

When I'm surfing the web or reading other things. I take a screen shot with my phone. THEN, in my notepad, I write my idea or thought and put a time and date I took the screen shot. That way I can always go back to what made me think of it. Lol

Just my way to remember things. If I don't write it down, it would be gone in a hour or two.

Great post. Good luck.


i agree with you i just upvote you

I have to fully agree with you. I got out of bed early Saturday morning to see if Steemit was up again and it was. Next thing you know I'm blogging for an hour earlier than I planned to get up. But it was a great thing because it was my first big post that earned over pennies.

Best of luck to you.

I wake up every morning at 4am to take my meds and get ready for the day.
Adderal, lamotragine and Steemit...
I'm a Steemit Addict

I know the feeling. . . I actualy started a dedicated list in Evernote of all the things I would eventually like to post on steemit. I've managed to post one a day, but find that the list just keeps growing. But it's a good problem to have ;-P Looking forward to hearing more of your stories!

hahaha - my mum is the same!!!

I am addicted too! In fact I was on a flight earlier and missed steemit so much that I purchased wifi on the plane just so I could post about my addiction LOL!

Couldn't agree more, it's infectious!!

It's useful to get an voice recorder app on your mobile device to whip out and record these ideas so you can visit them later. Don't feel pressed to express. Your ideas will be waiting for you when you get home. ;-)

my problem is it's eating up all my mobile data :P

I agree with you,It's utter madness.

bro, i am so addicted lol, i talk to everyone i meet about steemit, my hairdressers, the gas station guy, some guy i knew from high school who i flag down on the road....and they say crack is addicting eh?

steem be with you mate 8]

I just discovered Steemit today, but I see this as my future very, very soon!

Maybe you should focus more on distraction free time on steem, sounds like life is getting in the way..

Why the addiction? Sorry if I don't see what the fuss is all about yet.

In the future there will be a lot of recovery from steem addiction clinics.

Some days, I find myself starting 4 or 5 articles, each one I feel is better than the last.

Then I wail and concentrate on one!


Sounds familiar - doesnt take long to become immersed.....

enjoyed :D

I'm still not addicted but very soon will be ready

Haha worse than a drug addict wirhout his goods lol :p

I've also absorbed, and there is a new idea. What do you think about vending Steemit?

I sleep less than usual.

I've only just discovered Steemit, but maybe this is a sign of things to come!

Well it looks like by the response to this post, it's going to be time to cash out soon ;-) Congrats on making front page!

I am at work right now...looks right stack of files looks left stack of files...and just as i write this comment the phone is ringing. Yup....i need help..actually i think i need to accept this addiction and steem on!! So yeah i should be doing some work right now but i am stuck here, reading comments...cant wait to get home and read some more lol.

Good point. I shall not come back to this site for another 22 hours.

I was a Reddit addict, now I'm a steemit addict, I guess that's a good thing, sort of.

Thank you for advise, great post!

It's true! Madness I say!

I think you should deal with it like any other addiction. Face reality, talk to others about it, get some help.

I have an LSAT test coming up in September. My studying has suffered and I find myself hanging out in Slack for hours at a time.

Love the Seinfeld image, is this the episode when George crossed the line between man and bum and ate out of the garbage? Ha

Positive Addiction is always awesome! It's ok to be addicted to something if it benefits you and makes your life better!

Funny what a little financial incentive will do to us :)

It's a thing. Can confirm.

Rofl, thats why we got steemit Smile

I am tired all the time from staying up too late at night and my performance at work is suffering because I am tired and can't focus on anything else other than Steemit... so... yeah. AND I am getting on my wife's nerves because I want to spend so much time here. Got to keep the balance. But I love it.

I understand very well the situation! And now I cannot stop to made post in this app.

Full steem ahead

I wish that was the case! Little stumbles as I start out with steem. but leaving tomorrow on a vacation so maybe come back with content to share

Totally agree! The absolute worst part is being away from my laptop. Posting anything from my phone is impossible! The text jumbles, i can't post pictures or paste links. I have to pray i can keep my thoughts organized until i get home. Then i have to remember to stay motivated and not watch netflix. My guitar paractice is suffering too!

I'm new to steemit too! I just opened my eyes to all the possibilities. I don't know how im going to sleep!

This is gonna be me tonight

I'd be addicted too if I was pulling in the amount of cash you are. Well done.

I've woken up already a few times in the middle of the night feeling like I need to STEEM and thinking of ideas keeping me awake.