The NEW Silkroad, how will this affect the world??

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I've had concerns about how the new silkroad, or technically known as "The Belt And Road Initiative" would affect the entire world. This new trade system proposed by the Chinese Leader Xi Jinping of the Chinese Communist Party does have it's pros and cons.

I see positive influence on this new system because of how well the trade routes are designed and the potential it has to prevent wars that we are encountering now. The new railways systems that are being developed in the current countries that are struggling economically, are benefitting the "Poorer Country" by introducing more jobs and modern infrastructure to it's citizens.

This initiative's goal is to advance over 3 billion more people to middle class status and to become 80% of GDP growth according to:

Railways like the Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway (Constructed by the Chinese Government), Paves a way for quicker transport of people, food, and many other items for the future of these two countries.

But there are fears of downfalls to these modernization projects. The citizens from countries like Kenya and Jamaica are in fear that these modernization projects is just another way for more economic control of these countries. This can be seen as a con depending on China's true motive of this next generation trade system.

What do you think this would conclude for the world, after thorough research, the possibilities of this system are endless. Needless to say, me living in the U.S. I wouldn't mind and underwater tunnel connecting from Alaska to Russia.

P.S. Do you feel that the U.S. should tag along with this system as well? How do you think it would impact the world if the U.S. hopped aboard with this system?

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Hey @jjnoriega14, thanks for the post.

Before people start to conclude the intention of China, it's important to get a context of the current powers that be.

Firstly the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) is not China's idea, but China is the first country to adopt the idea and start to be a leader of the project. Actually it was Kennedy that proposed to the Chinese to start such a project, we all know how that ended.

So China is actually doing a USA thing, what is USA doing? Well it seems that Trump is interested in the project despite all the media.

I have been inspired with an idea to build a Blockchain system along the BRI or the larger project called Continental Land Bridge. I call the idea the Blockchain Belt and Road Initiative (BCBRI).

If you are interested in this, lets keep in-touch my email is [email protected]

Thanks, I am definately interested, I feel that the blockchain system can definitely be an efficient system along with the BRI. I thought I was the only one thinking of this!