Why Do Women Fail in Love?

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I'm going to give you the Reasons Why Women Fail in Love. It's not that they have a low self-image, they have no idea what to do with their lives, or they don't care. It's really that simple. These are the reasons why love doesn't happen. They fall into the same trap as all other women, they start to dream about their relationship and then they get too caught up in that fantasy and they don't do any work. You need to make a complete overhaul of your life.


The first reason that women fail in love is that they give themselves away too easily. They let their outward beauty define who they are. Unfortunately, beautiful people can end up being very sad, or very happy depending on how they act and how they carry themselves. Most women are quite good at the exterior aspects of their life but they suck at the internal aspects. You need to figure out what you love to do and then act on it.

The second reason that women fail in love is that they take too much credit for the relationship outcome. When a man gives them validation they feel great. However, when they don't receive any validation they tend to take it upon themselves to bring the relationship to an end. They feel that if they aren't attracting the kind of attention that they feel they deserve then it is their fault. They will blame themselves and point the finger of blame at their man. Men are rarely able to say 'I was wrong' because they don't know what to say.

The third reason that women fail in love is that they simply don't want to change. This one I learned early on in my life. I had women texting me all the time telling me how bad I was doing in the relationship. So I would reply back almost never. Even after getting back a couple of times I just didn't feel like I could change the way I treated her.


Finally, the fourth reason that most women simply don't want to change is that they simply can't. You see, once a woman falls in love with you she will always be there. She will always be there no matter what. If she wants to leave you it is because she feels that the relationship has moved too far away from what she feels is love.

If these reasons ring a bell and ring true for you then it may be very likely that you have some difficulty getting women into bed with you. In fact, statistics show that around 80% of all men will actually have trouble getting women to sleep with them. If this is the case with you then you should really re-think your strategy and approach to the dating scene. I wish you the best of luck in your quest of love.


lol in others words women are stubborn.

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