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Would you let me tell you my story of unplugging from The Matrix because I think it will help with discovering what feels like it is wrong inside of us? This is a short story of the world many of us are raised in and then a waking up to the real world which matches more closely with what we can see. I call this journey unplugging from The Matrix because that movie does an amazing job with the analogy. To begin, would you join us in taking a quick look at the story of the world we are programmed with? Let’s call it the story of victory and progress on the outside which leaves us feeling defeated and stuck on the inside.

The World - The Lie - The Machine - The Matrix!

Growing up I was fascinated with the nazis. How could such evil exist on the planet? How fortunate we defeated that evil and were making progress? In this world, I saw myself a citizen of a utopian earth maybe with a few problems like poverty and global warming but mostly doing better every day. The problem was inside I did not feel this to be the truth. Inside I felt the truth about me was that of a disgusting piece of shit which was only made more painful by a world appearing great around me. I thought if I just got more education, money, and a family my view of myself would change to match the world. Nope. With all those things, the feeling persisted because the story was backwards.

Where is the way out?

As far back as a toddler I often felt the greatest service I could do for this world was to kill this body. My parents used to have to sit on me because I would try to smash my head apart on the floor as young as two or three years old. After enough punishment, I became afraid to rebel anymore at home. As soon as I went to college, the crazy started coming out. Many nights during my twenties found me drunk, alone, and contemplating either ending my own life or that of a few others first. I felt like the way I could really be a hero and escape would be to stop me before someone else had to. This view persisted no matter what good or bad happened in my life until I could see I was very close to finally making my escape. Fortunately, my fear of death was great and motivated me to desperately pray to God and anyone that would listen for help. A few people that had already walked down my path showed me the way out of what caused not only my drinking but my entire rebellion towards life. They showed me how to unplug from The Matrix, the story, and the lie.

Why do so many of us feel like something is wrong?

Have you ever wondered what you would do and how you would feel if you were nazi or a communist or whatever you think of as a great evil? What would you do if there were concentration camps next door where people were being killed every day? I really like this Martin Luther King Jr quote which sums up what most of us would probably do.

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” — Martin Luther King Jr

Enter The Uncomfortable Truth.

How do we feel on the inside about life when we stand by quietly in the midst of atrocity out of self-centered fear? We feel like something is wrong. Here is an analogy that I hope shows a story of the world that is more accurate and explains why many of us feel like something is wrong even when we struggle to see what exactly it is. When we wake up from the dream of being the victors and the saviors, the truth seems to be closer to the opposite. We are the nazis that Hitler dreamed of having a thousand year domination of the world. Not just us but everyone around us has their own armband and serving the most evil machine this earth may have ever seen.

Really we are the nazis?

Practically yes. We are all collectively working on the most unimaginable holocaust in all of our observable history. Our propaganda is so good that anyone saying anything outside of the party lines is an idiot, lunatic, or just doesn’t get it. We believe our own lies. It is so effective that the most common form of protest is people killing themselves or using alcohol and drugs or food to do it slowly in record numbers. I know because that is what I did from 2003 to 2014.

Different methods same results.

While the nazis used gas chambers and more direct methods of murder, our progress has allowed us to rationalize what we do today as different because it works slowly rather than quickly. If you had a choice, would you rather be tortured to death for 30 years or take a couple of deep breaths and die fast? I personally would prefer the gas chamber to what most of us are getting instead which is ...

Our holocaust is eating, drinking, prison, drugs, and corporate slavery.

How many of us today are so fat we can barely do basic life tasks like walk? How many millions of us today are sitting in prison? How many of us cannot be talked out of poising ourselves with alcohol and drugs? How many animals are we slaughtering and species are we making extinct every day in the name of progress? This is what our holocaust looks like today. We are so used to it we take it for granted the same way a German or Russian civilian in the 1900s might have taken for granted neighbors being hauled off by the secret police and never seen again. We are so understandably afraid to do anything about it because we would rather not be the next one taken away.

But Jerry we do not actually get taken away ... do we?

The master in The Matrix is money leading back to the saying that money is the root of all evil AND also therefore the way out. What usually happens to those of us causing a minor disturbance is that we get our money taken away if we do not participate in the system. If we fight back, we lose our jobs or face litigation If taking away our money does not work to silence us or if we pose a greater threat, then we will be taken away more directly with an alleged crime which almost no one actually ever sees proof of. In the most extreme cases, a car accident or murder made to look like a suicide shuts us up for good. These methods are the results of great progress in public relations with managing rebellion.

The rebellion is not sexy like Star Wars but ugly.

Almost all of us know an alcoholic, drug addict, inmate, and suicide victim. Some of us are almost completely surrounded by what one might see as a rebels fighting against serving The Matrix by simply refusing to live or show up fit for duty. With being an alcoholic myself sober but for the grace of God and other courageous souls for three years now, I see the front lines every day. What I see are people doing the best they can to put up a fight against the greatest evil on the planet. The Matrix which is consists of US. Our story of the world. Many rebels will not give up the tools of rebellion such as alcohol and drugs because the idea of living with the world as it is creates an unbearable pain. Most of us work full time on hiding from it every day.

How are we hiding?

We hide at our doctor’s office where we manage to get ourselves into such real or imagined pain that we get medication just to get through a normal day. We hide with anger by going around and complaining about everything while doing nothing about it. We hide with work where we try to push our way to the top in a struggle against our coworkers for prestige and the corner office. We hide with relationships expecting one person in the same situation as us to somehow save us from the rest of the world only to discard them when they fail to do the job. We hide in TV shows making us feel better about our relative position by showing how bad it could be through epic violence or drama. We hide with plates so stuffed with food that we are morbidly obese and always trying to diet but somehow end up worse off than before. We work hard to hide from the truth about what we contribute to build The Matrix every day. We hide at all levels from the president to the CEO to the janitor to the unemployed to the corporate slave to the self-employed online teacher.

It is time to stop hiding and face what we are doing.

Honesty is the first step. Are we really living lives we feel good about today? How are our actions impacting those around us and our greater community? Why is a world that appears full of everything we need so unsatisfactory? Where can we see what we are doing more clearly? Which choices are we making today individually that have a high impact? The most challenging part about admitting my own role as an alcoholic was getting honest with the fact that my life sober was unmanageable. I drank less because I liked what alcohol did and more because the world was easier to face after being poisoned just the right amount. While I poisoned myself so much I spent often ten to twenty hours a week in bed with hangovers after epic binges, most of us poison ourselves just the right amount to get through the day without making any real changes or having to stop to look. Thank God for listening to self-help books like this during hangovers or I might be dead by now.

We are like a disease on this planet.

Why do we hate diseases in our bodies much? We hate them because they grow without respect to what is good for our whole body. When the bacteria, virus, or cancer we have starts trying to multiply as fast as it can, we take offense to it ignoring the rest of our body. We don’t mind a little bacteria here or a tiny bit of cancer there or a virus over here so long as it does not disrupt the functioning of the whole. When the cancer becomes big enough to start hurting or our infection becomes so bad it threatens to kills us, then we get upset. Why cannot the cancer just be reasonable and not grow without respect to the rest of our body? Why does it have to spread into every organ and kill us? These are questions worth asking ourselves about our own species. Why do we need to conquer every corner of the planet? Why do we need to keep cutting down trees and digging up the earth and taking fish out of the ocean when we easily could just farm the land around us and live happily ever after? What is causing us to grow and grow without respecting our position as a part of the whole?

See The Matrix - The Machine.

When I used to see construction workers working on new skyscrapers, I used to be proud because that was a symbol of progress. As I was watching a new building being erected in the center of downtown Saint Petersburg last week, it seemed insane because most of the buildings we have already built are empty most of the day. How many square feet of corporate office buildings are almost completely empty 16 hours a day? How many homes are empty during the way while people work? Do we really need a separate building for work and a separate building for living? I do all of my work and living from one building as does my wife. Why do we need separate buildings to go shopping at and relax at and play at? Don’t we have enough to do all of this from home? Why are we living around people that we do not even interact with most of the day? Why are most of us working on things we have no passion for which add no value to the world? Do we really need to send our children off to other buildings to learn during the day? Sending children that do not know each other to learn from teachers we do not know seems insane. Why cannot we just teach our children how to live at home? Probably because we are too busy serving The Matrix ourselves to have time to spend with our children. Maybe because we need them to understand us better by being conditioned into The Matrix at school. Why are we blindly serving the machine and trying to hide from the pain of having forgotten the real reason we came here?

The Matrix always demands more and is never good enough.

Build taller buildings. Stay in school longer. Work more hours. Eat tastier food. Drink endless soda. Exercise harder. Play crazier. Nothing is ever good enough in the machine where there is always the next best thing. Found a food you love? Here is a new improved version with more salt and sugar that we will pitch as having low fat! Enjoyed that last 12 hour endurance race? This new one is 24 hours in the mud! Drink our soda today because life is not good enough without it. Have a beer and maybe the guy or girl across the bar will like you. Work harder and you might get an office with a beautiful view. Borrow more money for graduate school and guarantee a successful career. At what point do we get to just relax and enjoy our lives? When are we good enough to just enjoy what is around us? What does it take for us to see that often the biggest scams are the ones we are more sure of?

We don’t need to fight the machine.

The Matrix has total victory already meaning we cannot win by fighting any more than an alcoholic can win by drinking themselves to death or a nazi speaking out against the leader could win by joining their victims. There is no "they" that are the enemy because they are a part of us. The government agents arresting people for fake crimes and the lawyers filing law suits to shut down bloggers telling the truth are our fellow friends and family members showing up trying to do their jobs and get out of the same trap we are in. We cannot win by fighting but by realizing we already are beaten so bad that we have forgotten when it happened like a kidnapping victim that falls in love with the kidnapper.

There better be some good news this far in.

The good news is that the machine is unconscious like a driver asleep at the wheel. It is moving on its own without any intelligent force greater than us driving it. We are the ones serving it and if we stop, it stops just like in the movie The Matrix. If we adjust what we are doing, the machine will die the way a plant dies without water and sunlight. In its place will make room for a peaceful coexistance with the universe instead of a brutal fight for survival. Welcome to the real world.

This is life's work.

I consciously plug into the machine to be of service in helping as many of us unplug from The Matrix because this is my life’s work … or am I just telling myself that to keep feeding the machine more? Until everyone is freed, there is work for everyone to do. When everyone is freed, then there would be no need to do anything besides farm enough food to eat from the land around us and enjoy life with our families and friends next door. Many of the great buildings we made might fall down from neglect rather than disaster. Many of the things we find essential today would seem unnecessary or uninteresting. Who would need Facebook when we saw everyone we loved every day face to face? Who would need money when everyone had enough to eat? Who would need a car when everything was within walking distance? The world unplugged from The Matrix is a lot like being a child and a lot like “primitive” civilizations we see in history which seemed to live in perfect harmony with the rest of earth.

At two years old, my daughter is not serving The Matrix yet.

She runs around and plays and enjoys every day of her life. She has every reward a company CEO is hoping to get by selling their company and retiring. She has everything any of us are hoping for in salvation. She has all of the simple joys of a life lived in balance with the whole. She teaches me as much as I teach her. I hope to teach her to consciously plug into the machine and be of service and then to unplug to recharge. I hope to keep learning from her how to remember the unplugged eternal life available now. Staying plugged in too long leaves us at risk of falling into unconscious service to The Matrix again. Fortunately for me, I cannot take serving the machine full time anymore. I know I can only stay sober if I have enough time out of The Matrix because getting drunk again is too likely to be a final act of rebellion. Thus, I am grateful I cannot handle serving the machine full time anymore and faced the despair of unplugging into the scary unknown universe outside of the “real world” which is where my daughter spends most of her day happy, joyous, and free.

Am I serving the machine today?

I woke up with the need to share this at 4:30 am and have been writing for three hours. I wonder as I write this who I am serving today. Is this really useful for you in unplugging or am I just trying to keep you plugged in? I hope I am serving you in showing the path that I have walked into a life I enjoy often much like a child. Jesus said we must learn to live like little children and this is what I try to practice today. Plugging into the machine is painful and yet I do it consciously today because like in The Matrix I was helped out by others who did the same. Until every one of us has the choice to stay or go, our work continues. Reading and listening to things like this saved not only my life but my soul which is why I share this here today to pay it forward.

Would you please upvote this because the money I receive helps me continue my work with sharing our message today?

Jerry Banfield


Heavy stuff.

"corporate slavery."

I was so happy to see this listed. I think we might want to also add "fraudulent money/debt system" to that list. Otherwise, that pretty much covers it, since corporate money has mostly overtaken the government.

I'm worried that we are all going through increasing stress, magnified by the realities of lower wages, certain technologies and population density. The result seems to be that we need some sort of chemical just to get through the days. If you add up those who use alcohol, other drugs, as well as prescription drugs it's practically 100%, and that doesn't even cover "drugs of the mind" such as you noted with media above.

I'm concerned that the result will be the Mouse Utopia experiment:

Pansexualism. Random violence. Anti-social and asexualism. Infanticide. Cannibalism. Extinction.

I think Japan's "Herbivore men" put us at about step #4.

Upvote for visibility, very important everyone looks into the Mouse Utopia experiment after reading this great article.

Thanks Jerry. Keep your head up.

@lexiconical thank you very much for your comment here because I have not shared much like this so far and it felt really crazy this morning to do it! I feel validated after reading what you wrote alongside the other comments and have now the courage to share more in future posts!

Your posts are very honest. I don't think courage is something they are lacking at all.

Man, when you start eating mainly fruit... or do an extended "solid food vacation"... you're going to see this matrix even further.

After reading and being inspired with what you have above, I'd say the matrix is a product of humanity's fears. It's the darkest thing that the sum of humanity can render. The more we all acknowledge this matrix, the harder it will be to step out. This is what writers from 100's and 1000's of years ago have attempted to preserve for us and warn us...

You're right Robert I am happy you went so deep into it with your fruitarian diet!

Jesus Jerry! You just blew my mind with this.

AWESOME that is what I was hoping before because as you can tell my mind has been totally smashed apart!

King Solomon wanted out of the Matrix as well! Like he said, "There is nothing new under the Sun." And "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. That everyone may eat and drink and find satisfaction in all his toil- this is the gift of God." Ecclesiastes 3:11-13. I wish you well in your journey.

@denisechips love your quote and thank you for sharing here! I followed!

Thanks Jerry! :)

That is very sweet! Thank you!

An uncomfortable, but powerful post. Thank you for your honesty, and I largely agree. I want to live a life in which I can only focus on my art, friends, and good food, but I feel morally compelled to take a major stand against climate change.

I'm halfway to being a vegetarian, but the truth is that it's high time we stopped putting the burden of morality solely on the consumer.

Soda companies ditch their reusable glass bottles to save a few bucks using cheap plastic, and then invent the "Don't Litter" campaign so that we, the consumer think that we're to blame for the tonnes of plastic entering our ecosystem.

Corporate slavery is destroying our lives and our homes. People need to push back, because buying biodegradable trash bags won't save this world, forcing corporations to act in the best interest of this planet will.

You're right because it seems corporations are one of the greatest quantifiable evils in our world now and they are the closest I can see to clearly showing what The Matrix looks like! That said many companies do a lot of good also which makes it tricky of course to clearly specify. I hope Steemit and cryptocurrencies are helping us to break free from corporate slavery and am grateful for your comment!

it's actually quite simple in some regards, be your own ARCHITECT and design out the life you want to lead, look at the roadblocks, realise that some are financial, time based, mental health defined, put in the hours to get good and something, learn, re-adjust, don't just accept sheep mentality and waiting for something to be a trend, buck trends, ignore them, wander into the hills and build a hut if you like. develop firm but just bs filters (bullshit filters) think of it like a firewall for the human being. again, rememeber, your the architect if you want to redesign yourself at any time you have that ability.

you are the triple threat - neo, the keymaker and the architect, you just need to make sure you use the right skill at the right time to transcend the problems, open the doors and rebuild when required ;)

A true Matrix fan here thank you for the beautiful post!

I really like your videos @jerrybanfield

Hah, Keymaker, man that second movie sure got weird huh? Few awesome scenes and a plot like a rough draft of Inception.

it was never meant to be three movies. that's what made it weird. should have been a god damn four hour spartcus epic! :)

This my favorite post of yours. We have 2 choices: service to self or service to others. Service to self- living as a puppet for the matrix- leads to repeating life on this lost planet until you get it right. Service to others leads to ascension in the here and now and forever after. You must love yourself ( not narcissism as that's totally different) in order to be of service to others. So, always take good care of your physical, emotional and spiritual body.

I quit drinking about 4 years ago. Alcohol had a stranglehold on me. Drinking alcohol is one of those accepted cultural norms. It's encouraged and we are indoctrinated into accepting drinking alcohol as normal from the time we're born. If you drink, you know you're trapped in the matrix.

The fact that you want to quit drinking speaks volumes about you. Your daughter will benefit greatly from your conscious choices. So will you and so will all of humanity. That's how it works. "As within, so without." Best to you always.

@weq love your comment here because I was afraid this might be my worst post and knowing that you liked it the best helps me get a better idea of how to best be of service here going forward! Thank you for sharing your own experience with alcohol because this is a subject I just love given that we seem to be working on a new norm of freedom from the life that to drink is normal and to put drinking in its rightful place alongside smoking and all the other drugs.

Nice Law of One synopsis. The service to self vs service to others aspect is important to keep at the forefront of day-to-day living -- not always so easy though. Thanks for the reminder.

I have to remind myself a lot. We're living on a strange planet.

Not only stranger than we imagine, stranger than we can imagine.

That is the truth. It just keeps getting stranger and stranger, too.

Its funny that you bring this topic up since recently I did some research on this topic. If I understood well your definition of "Matrix", this can lead to the scarcity mindset and abundance mindset.

Scarcity mindset is a mindset where people can't get enough, whether its money, fame, whatever. This will reflect on your actions and thoughts, and its proven that this kind of mentallity consumes mental bandwidth, in other words it focuses your attention on your perception of "lacking" rather than all the good things around you. This kind of mentallity is endorsed by capitalism since, you know, its profitable to make people think that they need other things where in reallity they don't. If we think about it, now we can understand why in crypto we have the fear of missing out.

On the other hand, the abundance mindset allow you to understand that there is more than enough of everything. With this mindset you'll want to give rather than wanting to take, which can be liberating since you won't be worried with lacking something. Imagine a world where people would only want to give and care with other people alike, wouldn't it be awesome?

I hope this can help in some way. Nowadays I'm trying to strengthen my abundance mindset since its hard to "unplug" from this mentallity, and i believe this can be one of the best ways to help other people by changing ourselves first. Keep in mind that I'm no psychologist, I just love these topics and if you want to know more about these topics I'll leave some links of my research.

Anyway, @jerrybanfield thank you for your great post! I'm looking forward to check more content like this in the near future!


The Psychology of Scarcity VS the Psychology of Plenty
From the Scarcity Mindset to the Abundance Mindset
The psychology of scarcity
Develop An Abundance MindSet
How to Create an Abundance Mentality

Thank you for your in depth reply back which motivated me to follow you!

You are very welcome, and thank you for your follow! I'm trying to be as helpful as possible on steemit, so its only natural that I would share my research!

Keep up the great work!

Great stuff. When I coach those with low confidence, developing an abundance mindset out of a scarcity mindset is often critical. This can be in the context of making friends, or romantic relationships, just as two examples. A scarcity mindset will kill you in these areas if the other parties can detect it.


Exactly! The beauty of these concepts is that they apply to anything in life. Its good to know that more people are being aware of this.
Followed back!

Hey Jerry. You eloquently articulated what I am constantly mulling over. An excellent presentation. Such a pity this platform will show it to so few.

Awesome post! Thank you!

I want to be plugged in to VR please, joking aside good points all

Very inspiring and motivating... great post!


have an upvoat :)

the gif...i can't resist it...upvoted

Some people rather live in the Matrix because they fear changes.

right keep posting things like that it helps a lot

wow Jerry now this was a great post!!my favourite choice of all your posts so far!!keep up the good work :)

The illusion of money...a simple solution exists if we change the way we think.

Hi @jerrybanfield . You posts are so thought provoking. You are the main reason i joined steemit. Love your videos on youtube.
All the best...

What a long meaningful post. People generally fear/dislike change that why they remain in the matrix. I love your sense of humor. Thank you for sharing...really shed light on many things...keep steeming :)

@jerrybanfield !!
you are outstanding every time, your thoughts and your work is different from every one. when i read your post , it gives new direction to my thoughts. i really really liked your work. keep it up. waiting for your next post.... see you soon .

really nice sir, you'r amazing Jerry

Great solution i am still thinking will it work for me or not?

Jerry, I like that you mentioned in the last paragraph that we must enter in like little children, just as Jesus said. The fact is, this world that we see and touch and hear is kind of mirage. And I think you know from your Bible reading that it will all burn up one day...and be recreated--perfectly. What is more tangible than this world that is so tactile to us is the word of God. "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away."--Jesus. Keep posting! I heard about Steemit from my brother in law @bluerthangreen, but it was your zany and informative videos on YouTube that convinced me finally to open an account.

up vote me for no reason thanks

Wow this is creepy Jerry! I just rewatched the movie The Matrix, log back in on steem to see that you referred to the movie in your latest post.

Hey You Are Very Funny

Baring your soul for us again Jerry. Its amazing to read your story of transformation. So many dont have that kind of strength

Another quality post @jerrybanfielf. Touching on your mentioning of us being the Nazis, its tricky these days but all in all we now live in a society where our mainstream control is to ignore the real nazis or dictators and this is what keeps us in the "matrix" from when I was young I was allowed to think as I wanted to and listen to the media even though my patents were after war German migrants to Australia. This was a plus as I was able to make up my own mind and now I feel more awake than ever. It's going to be an interesting next few years and for me most important is now to protect my own children and hope they have a safe future.
Keep up your awesome posts, love your crypto vids on YouTube 👍👍

Ps: 430am posts rock 😜

Everything is a matrix

Jerry, you a robot! Are you sleeping at all? :) Keep the great work!

I didn't see the Matrix I removed myself from the movies a long time ago, I hardly watch TV, so I really just think along my own lines, now do you believe the nazis thought they were wrong? I don't think so, they viewed Jews and other people as lesser beings and in fact thought they were doing the world a favor, if what we have been taught is true, and this is horrible. Now in 1980 Ronald Reagan started financing an organization called La Contra who were Nicaraguans fighting the newly propped Sandinista government, hell he even sold weapons to the US enemy Iran (could be treason) to finance the Contra's who actually were a lot of bums who had nothing to do, they didn't fight Sandinistas, but they did pepper the border with mines, hundreds of people were maimed, or even killed because of these mines, and the worst thing is all of this was for nothing, in 1990 the Sandinistas lost the elections and the supposedly democratic forces took over the Nicaraguan government, after thre failed and corrupt governments, the Sanidnistas won again via elections three times, amd right now Nicaragua is better off than the rest of Central America in security, in highways and in freedom for business, so I think in reality history is written by the winners and in this side of the world history is written by the USA. So if the US hadn't meddled in Nicaragua with the Contras maybe a lot of people would be alive, a lot would not be maimed, does this make the US evil?

tldr but I read the headlines and gave it a +1

wow! what a beautiful blog...I really love that you share your life so open and takes great courage..and by you being so open you serve so many..may blessings continue to shower upon you and your strength to stay sober continue* bless*

This was a long read, but I read it. I understand the struggle with depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts, I go through much of them every day. While alcohol is not my poison of choice, I can reflect on how I'm poisoning myself to try to escape the Matrix.

Unplugging is difficult for me much of the time because the Matrix is where conflict exists, and I feed on conflict. I have learned enough through years of therapy and meditation to understand that I feed on that conflict because it's comfortable and familiar. As the movie explained they tried a perfect world but no one believed it and they all started to die.

I thank you for your service to the Matrix, as well as your service to help each of us, however slowly, "unplug" and choose when we want to be part of the connected whole.

Consumerism creates much of the problem. The "have nots" that truly need a hand up are trained by the "have somes" that they need to work hard and go to school and work for the "haves" that compare themselves against the "have somes" as a benchmark to be better or more successful (read to remain connected). In reality the "have nots" and "have somes" often have so much more than the "haves" because they can focus on the real value in life, their relationship with themselves, others, and their higher power.

Relationships and community are the foundation of happiness, and no amount of money can create that.

i haven't been lost here for a long time
funny my husband isnt Steemiting but he found you somewhere utube i guess
i like this post and the way you compare it to the matrix though I'd be honest
i didn't like a few words you used but it doesn't matter the message is positive

The Matrix always demands more and is never good enough.

Build taller buildings. Stay in school longer. Work more hours. Eat tastier food. Drink endless soda. Exercise harder. Play crazier. Nothing is ever good enough in the machine where there is always the next best thing.

i totally agree on this - i grew up in the country side on a third world country and my grandparents were out of the matrix and so was I till I moved to the city the desire for the new stuff ate me up and made me dream - mostly they came true but plenty of hard work though compared to others they'd say it was all easy for me - they don't know what a person really go through to get that and then when we get that we want more - too much of this programming

now am near 40 guess what
nothing that has brands and are very very costly - are ever worthy for me
oh yes i still have those material stuff but .. i'd like to retire in a house in the middle of the farm 10 minutes away from the beach where i could buy freshly caught fish, grow and run after my own chickens, count them at night because though they roam around they also always get back home

and honestly .. having typed all this I wonder.. just like that scene in Cloud Atlas - was I just getting out of the matrix and moving into another one, too?

then ... now.. I feel content
life if good
am blessed :)


Dude you can write! If you were to combine lets say 5 posts you've posted on steemit you would easily have a novel! Like seriously you have a way with words and i admire that congrats @jerrybanfield

Wow Jerry that was deep. I have to say though nothing is really wrong with the world. Everything is exactly where it should be. It's all a reflection of what is inside of us. My parents survived the nazi concentration camps losing everything and barely living on a little water and a piece of bread. Luckily, the war ended and they were saved, but they came out of it with the greatest appreciation for the littlest things in life. We are living like kings compared to most of the population of the world and do not see it. It's all about what you focus on and what story you tell yourself.

Sooo what color pill to take?

Well Jerry, as my family suffered from the Nazi's this is certainly not "a Holocaust". I also do not think this time is any different than the middle ages. We had many more common-folk who wasted their time drinking excessively. I do agree that we are dumbed-down like cattle more than any other age. Wars are used to purge that excess anger over unemployment. The matrix is what it always has been. We had money-lending before; but not as freely given as it is today (which wll have dire consequences). In the past we had to live within our means; today it has been left unchecked and the anger of pulling the free credit will need a war to conter-balance the systems stupidity.

I unplug every now and again myself it helps with information overload and allows me to reconnect with nature.

So am I interpreting this correctly...separate from the machine/matrix (are these synonymous? Do they represent corporate America?) to find your true purpose, but I will continue to plug myself into said machine as a way to pay it forward?

Jerry, I fear that silence will fall on this comment as it does for most, but I need a lot more in order to really understand this message. Either that or you should get a full recharge to the batteries before swimming in the deep end.

Happy to see, you are also unconventional critical thinker and act on policy of "Question Everything"

good point Jerry let's keep plugging away buddy

wow...this is a great post! you are such a great writer! this blew my mind

Heavy decisions. I've made my choice. I'm unplugging.

Thanks for sharing this Jerry. It will make a difference.

I just want to make wrong things right from what I can do.

As always, thanks for sharing your heart. We are all deep waters. The only solid solutions I have found are in consistent prayer and proper application of the Bible. This has forever changed my world!

So true, this is some mind boggling stuff especially the way you explained it so well. I always upvote you, your contents are always helpful and very informative. I follow your YouTube channel too. Cheers

I feel as you do, Jerry. It pains me to leave my family to go serve the Matrix-dwellers. I am working on full time income from home and I know I will realize it someday soon.
I grow a garden in defiance of big box stores. I teach and unteach my poor children who are forced to go to the big box school.
The biggest hurdle I have is my own wife. She is plugged in and every time I get close to pulling that plug, something draws her back in. She works for the demon itself, the public school system. She believes in this system, somehow, as deeply as I believe that we must pull it down.
She is so full of rage sometimes and I try to point out that it is because deep down she knows this is all wrong.
Our diet has a huge bearing on how we feel as well. I tell her that vegetables like watercress can lower her anxiety, but, she is hooked on zanex and ambien.
You are largely correct in saying that this fight starts within ourselves. Once we figure out that is all a scam, then we can game the system to fulfil our needs.
The internet has signalled the death knell for the powers that be and they heard it tolling. They are freaking out trying to figure out how to stop it, but, it is too late for them. We will win!

Outstanding spiel, I enjoyed the truth in it and appreciate your following God's lead. Well done!

Dr. Caroline Leaf has a matrix view of society. Her book "Switch On Your Brain" is a literal mind blower, telling how we can allegedly change our genetic makeup, by focused positive change. For me, this book is the third best book of all time, following "The Holy Bible" in 1st, "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyers for 2nd.

I'm grateful as well, Jerry; that you share your addiction/behaviour issues, because we all have something. The sign of a "REAL MAN" is the courage to speak the truth and stand up for what is right. Jerry, you have those attributes and there is no doubt in my mind, that you are a "REAL MAN".

Keep on Mentoring in Magnificence!

PS: If there is any issues with this post, please excuse me. I've only been a Steemian for about 48 hours and a complete newbie at 'Markdown'.

Everyone needs to take a Red Pill and then their lives can change...................

Operation paperclip

It weird how that comment seems so random and so right on at the same time.

This really serves me, to realize that without the machines today our world would not be the same, I do not know if for better or for worse, but to pretend that they do not exist would be chaos, and I did not do it without the machines a hug and Thanks for those 3 hours of writing a very good article and take your upvote;)

I have to say i am very impressed with this post. Thank you so much for takin the time to write it. I have re-steered this as I believe that everyone should read this. Ive always been self employed because the whole concept of working a "normal" job and trading time for money just seems completely ridiculous to me. I do what I love and what I love is art. However that is only a small part of the puzzle. I'd love to be vegetarian and im working on cutting down my meat consumption. Unfortunately so many in the world are trapped in this matrix. We have been conditioned to eat, behave, sleep and interact in ways that do not fulfill our souls. Prayers for humanity 🙏🏻

Evil is subjective, what the Nazis did, whether they tortured people in concentration camps and domination of other nations was done because they believed it was the right thing for them.
Presently, world powers are following the same course of action. We also have a modern day Nazi engine running the world. Instead of brutal torture, they use proxy networks and pull strings of weaker governments, which in turn cause anarchy. So yea, Hitler was a kid compared to what's happening now. Humanity is a plague, but hey, all of us will be dead and replaced by the next 80 years so does it really matter in the end?

Also Jerry, you're working exactly as intended by this "Matrix" of yours. The Matrix demands more of us in terms of food, leisure and all kinds of materialist products. How are you any different? Your tagline is "Would you follow me because I write new posts for us daily?"
Why should I or anyone care? All of us are satisfied without you broadcasting yourself on Steemit or Facebook for that matter.
So you're literally doing the same thing you're speaking against, hypocrisy at it's finest eh?

We should all rage against the machine!ratmeme.jpg

Wow nice article

Thanks @jerrybanfield, have you read the Grapes of Wrath? It is about these American farmers way back in the 18th or 19th century. They were like really, really poor. It is a sad book.

These guys couldn't make it when industrialization came along. You know, big industrial or commercial farming?

But know it feels to me like the world is kind of returning to a pre-industrial revolution age, where people are once again starting to "farm" on their own.

The reason I say that is because it looks to me like the whole factory idea developed into the corporate idea, where people started working in offices, everyone working in cubicles somewhere, like in that show “The Office” with Steve Carrell.

And now people are going back to working for themselves.... the corporate slavery model is just not working and the house of cards, well, it is not holdin' up no more...

Jerry i dont understand all of these T_______T

I absolutely love this! Thank you for writing this :D

Jerry, I hope you got a lot of followers off of this post. I wasn't the first thing of yours I ever read or watched, but probably the first one that moved me. As others have said, uncomfortable because of the ugly truth in it --- and the hope. Thanks!

OMG Jerry! Great article! But social media has been so helpful in connecting some of us in Africa to great mentors like you Jerry. I first met you on You Tube, then followed you on Twitter. You led me through Twitter to Steem! I fill so connected to you, i cant explain.

Deep stuff but lots of truth. But I think nothing better is coming in the future, at least we experienced the "old world" (those who are old enough) and had great childhood only with Keanu's Matrix :) great post, keep up the good work here :)

Excellent post, Excellent post, Excellent post. I decided years ago to live a life of freedom. This life put me outside of the matrix. Then I decided to take it further; I chose to do things more from a place of love (Truth) and less from fear (illusion). Most humans you meet live in an illusion. Fear-based appearances, total opposite of love and fun. The best you can do is to act from love, to dive into your fears and to help folks, serve folks, lift folks up and render service all day long.

This struck a chord in me that vibrates strongly. What you have wrote about is an inner struggle I experience daily. I am conscious enough to already have the realization of the truth you present, yet I am stuck in the system, dealing with the ever gnawing frustration of knowing it. I teeter between madness and searching for a way to tap out of the endless grind required to live in this construct. I wrestle with despair and hope daily; hope that I, in my seeking will find a path to true freedom to live as a free resident of this earth, and despair, when the next possible road to escape and empowerment dead-ends and this dream slips through my fingers like sand. I believe in Steemit and this community, however and it gives me hope like a ray of light in the ever present darkness. It's here to stay and so am I. Thank you for sharing, you have given me encouragement and hope simultaneously to keep on the journey :)

Hi @jerrybanfield would you mind if i translated this into Afrikaans?

Wow, Matrix is an awesome movie, take the red pill and wake up and take the blue pill and see how deep the rabbit hole is. Guess all of took the blue pill. Now we will see how deep the hole is.

Certainly a long post, but I took time to read all. Writing down your thoughts is therapeutic, so my teacher used to tell me.

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