Does Jerry Banfield Still have Student Loan Debt?

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Does Jerry Banfield Still have Student Loan Debt?

How is it possible for me to still have, on a family level, including my wife and my student loans combined, over $200,000 still in student loans, even though I've earned somewhere over a million dollars when you combine all the earnings from my business and I've made close to half a million in profit in the last several years of my business?

Does Jerry Banfield Still have Student Loan Debt?

How is it possible still to have student loans?

Well, first, my wife went to law school and I went and got a master's degree. Between the two of us, at one point, we had close to $300,000 in student loans.

So, we have paid down almost a hundred thousand on the principle of our loans in the last few years and we have probably paid fifty to a hundred thousand more in interest.

Student loans are absolutely the devil.

Does Jerry Banfield Still have Student Loan Debt?

Do not borrow money to go to school, because even with all the money I've made, we still have student loans.

My wife and I still have student loans even though we have paid so much on them and when you look at the millions of dollars I've made in my business online, I've also spent a lot in order to make that and I've helped a lot of my friends start their own businesses.

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Jerry Banfield

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So, Nice


Very nice indeed!!!

It is so obvious that colleges focus more on profit than teaching.

Good for you on the determination and hard work paying down your student loans. Hope you are free from those student loans soon.

Refinancing with SOFI is the stupidest thing you could ever do.
Never turn a federal student loan into a private loan ever!!
I'm one of the leading experts in the country on this subject. Please for the love of God reach out before you do anything or give any more advice

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I am also a future college student and I’m planning on taking loans, cuz besides loans I don’t know any other way to afford my college tuition. Even with financial aid, the tuition fee is still way too hefty for my family’s financial capability. I’m planning on going to UCLA, and it has been my dream school ever since I was in elementary, and your post is very relatable. The loan I’m planning to take is from Sallie Mae, with an interest rate about 8-9%! Which is outrageous. But that’s practically the best loan I can take that can adapt to all my requirements. Student loans are scary, like, what do you do if you can’t pay them off on the due date? Conclusion: I agree with what you said, where no one should ever take loans if you they can afford tuition.

why you not paid full you earn a million in your business online

Wooooo Jerry banfield you just killed it , I just love it..

I'm only my second year into college, but I've managed to not have any student loan debts.. ahh, for those who don't want to take out loans, it pays to go to community college.
I go to a local community college near Tampa Bay, it's little over $2,000 a semester, and offers a 4 month (interest free) payment plan.

I agree with you, loans generally are not advisable. Where I come from, when you take loans from banks, they give you several conditions and when these conditions are met. They will now add outrageous interests on the loan, such that if one is not careful, he will continue to pay the throughout his lifetime. But you go to save or fix money with them, your money will not grow instead they will be deducting from it telling you the money deducted is for a particular charges. I strongly concur with your argument that loans are bad.

If you earned that much the question is indeed why didn't you fully repay the student loans?

Do you want me to explain the definition of saving money? And how to spend less?

Ver Nice and So sweet indeed

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Without a doubt

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Hi @jerrybanfield, i think it is not that only you are earning good money and still you have loan. I have the same situation although, I have done my graduation already four years still I have student loan. It is just after study I have enterd to real life(wife-kids-family) and expending most but saving nill so, loan is still loan for me. Paying a little each month....

I will provide the same suggestion to all, if possible to do something without loan is the best option as loan is like never ending story.

Just chill. We are all sailing in the same boat.let us help each other grow.

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Wow Jerry, good post. I know it is promoting an affiliate link but I consider it interesting that you guys still have that much student loan debt. I was fortunate enough to not have student loans. If I would have been forced to get them I probably wouldn't have went to the University I went to. I probably would have tried to go to community college the first two years and then tried to commute to a regional campus or something


Yes You are all right that but your reputation was in 2017 was Greater but now nothing get benefit as a whole.