Being in a hurry kills more of us than war!

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Is our greatest opportunity to fight evil found in slowing down our lives? Haste kills more than hate according to the data! Will you read more about this shocking discovery I made recently which has helped me slow down my driving and relax my "I am so busy and important" lifestyle? By being in a hurry or haste, I mean from pushing one place to another, shoving, rushing, speeding, asking people to "Get out of my way," rushing and slamming out the door, not taking the time to love and pay attention to the world around us, and generally any activity where the future is more important than what we are doing now.

After researching the number of deaths in war, I've discovered that more of us actually die from actions resulting from some kind of being in a hurry than from all the hate combined. For example, nearly all car accidents are avoidable if at least one driver involved had slowed down before the accident happened. How many of our suicides and poisoning deaths from drugs and alcohol would be averted if everyone involved had time to just sit down and have honest conversations? This is a tough subject for many of us including me because as soon as we see another way to live is possible, then we have to forgive ourselves for how we lived before which is why I take the time to share about it here and in the YouTube video below.

The crazy thing is that most of us get away with being in a hurry on a daily basis and see no evil in actions like doing 10 mph or 15 km/h over the speed limit. How many of us blast through each day stressed out at work only to get home and self medicate with alcohol, food, or medication and become oblivious to our families watching TV, using social media (except Steemit), and playing video games most nights? While we are so busy talking about war crimes committed 70 years ago and serial killers old enough to be our parents, how easy is it to dismiss how many near misses we have had driving where we almost killed a pedestrian or a bike rider?

I'll show you the data and I'll explain the story more and share experience of my own life.

Read this post or watch the original video from YouTube of this 129th episode of Happier People Podcast to find out more!

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Hurrying vs. World War Two

I googled the number of deaths in World War Two, which is the greatest military conflict in human history. Over 60 million people were killed by all the countries participating and all the atrocities committed within the war, including things like the Holocaust and dropping bombs all over cities to hit factories, but then which also ends up killing tons of civilians.

The US, the country I'm from and live in, dropped all kinds of fire bombs, nuclear bombs and killed lots of the people that died in World War Two along with all the other participants.

I've studied World War Two a lot in my life, in history classes, and I've heard so many things about war. What I've never heard was this little statistic, 1.3 million people die in car crashes every single year.

That has been a trend since World War Two ended, as we have continued to get more and more cars.

On average, thousands of people die every single day in car accidents with millions more every year injured or disabled. It doesn't care if you are old or young, there is no discrimination in car accidents except whether you are on the road or not. This happens to little babies, a grandma and grandpa, or teenagers.

There was a girl I went to high school with, and she died running into a tree right next to where I lived. She was only 16 years old. I would suggest that nearly every car crash happens because at least one, if not multiple drivers are all in a hurry. I've never seen a car crash before where people were peacefully driving slowly or in the speed limit, paying attention, and then someone wrecked.

It requires someone to be in a hurry, or not paying attention as the result of being in a hurry, like trying to do too many things at once. Looking down at a phone while driving is being in a hurry, it is haste, it is running too fast. You could simply do the phone when you were stopped or at another time.

In the case of the girl that died by my house, she was changing a CD in her car apparently, which could not wait until she stopped at a traffic light. She went to change that CD in her car, drove over the median, ran into a tree and died.

Aren't people who have died in war just as dead as those who have died in a car accident?

Why is it we're in such a hurry?

Where are we going?

It's not like this is something I'm immune to because I've been one of those drivers who has been in a hurry most of the time I've driven.

I was worst when I was a police officer because I actually got given permission, under certain circumstances at work, to be in a hurry going somewhere. In certain situations, when there was a call, I could throw my lights on and siren on, and I could drive however fast I thought I could make it there safe. If that meant going 100 or 120 miles an hour sometimes, which is around 200 kilometers an hour, then why not?

Where are so many of us hoping to go in a hurry?

I used to be driving like this, you would find me going over the speed limit, in this big hurry. You'd ask, "Where is this guy in his Toyota Corolla going? As he's blasting in and out of traffic, exceeding the speed limit, tailgating other people, slamming on his brakes, flooring the gas when a green light comes on. Where is he going?"

Have you had someone you've seen driving who was in this huge hurry?

Yesterday, a car nearly killed my whole family as it was in a hurry blasting through a yield sign, cutting in and out of traffic. The car swerved and pulled over in the median and stopped, nearly hitting us again after it had almost hit us at a yield sign. The glamorous thing, sarcastically, is to find out where people are going when they're in such a hurry.

If you followed me when I was in a hurry, you'd find me getting out of my car at places that you couldn't imagine I needed to be in a hurry to. I used to be in a hurry to go to the gym. I'd go to LA Fitness tearing down the street, in and out of cars and what was I in a hurry for?

I didn't want to be late for my personal training session.

That's right, I risked other people's lives driving in this huge hurry so that I could do what?

Go to my personal training session.

I used to get off work as a police officer, seven or so years ago, at 6:30 and occasionally, I wouldn't have bought any liquor to have at home so I could go relax and stop being in a hurry. Man, you want to see someone drive crazy? I'd get going 30 or 40 miles an hour over the speed limit to try to make it to the liquor store before it closed just minutes after I'd get off my shift.

I would drive on long road trips and I'd speed the whole time. I'd get pulled over going 20 plus miles an hour over the speed limit. I'd show my badge and even some of the officers would said, "You're going so fast that I was about to arrest you if you were going even a mile faster than you were."

I was in a hurry before becoming a police officer and after becoming a police officer. When I was a young man, I would frequently drive as fast as I could get away with.

I drove once from Virginia to South Carolina and I found a car that was going as fast as it could get away with. I followed that car the whole time, often going over 100 miles an hour, cutting in and out of traffic, knowing or thinking that if that car tripped some police officer up ahead, then I could simply slow down and I'd get away with speeding the whole time.

My first traffic stop, I was on my way to Blockbuster to rent a DVD for the night, which I ended up being able to do even after getting stopped by a police officer going 15 miles an hour over the speed limit when I barely knew how to drive to go rent a DVD before the store closed.

Why are we in such a hurry to get somewhere?

Why don't we just leave earlier instead of rushing and hurrying?

Why don't we just do a few less things during the day?

The Disney race

One of the most insane places I've seen this, is going to Disney. I went to Disney World yesterday and the day before with my family. You might think, "Okay, everyone is on vacation here, right?" If you've been there several times, you're probably snickering right now.

If you've never been there before, you might think, "Okay, this is a vacation spot. Everything is purely for fun." In other words, there's no money, you don't get anything out of riding one more ride or any purpose for being in a hurry. If you've never been to Disney World or a theme park or some vacation place, you might imagine there's absolutely no reason you'd want to be in a hurry, right?

You're going somewhere just to relax. You've spent thousands of dollars to take your family to Disney. It must just purely be relaxing, right?

Why is it that when I go to Disney at least, I see people in some of the biggest hurries of their lives?

If you want to see some bad driving, some people in a hurry going 20, 30, 40 miles over the speed limit just like I've driven lots of my life, just get off the interstate and drive on into Disney.

There are cars tailgating you, passing on the road, honking and cutting you off. That's the same thing when you get in the parking lot, people pull in there, they're pushing, shoving, cutting in front of you, trying to get on the tram to take you in. Then there are really long lines to get in. Everyone is annoyed standing there waiting to get through, eyes rolling, people sweating, and then you get in the park.

Then, people are like off, it's like they just shot a gun in the air and there's a race that started.

"Oh my God, we got to go over. We got to get to this ride. Then we've got a reservation for lunch. Then we got to get over to this store, we'll get a look around the gift shops. Then we have six more rides to go on. Then it's time for dinner, and then we need to get back to our hotel."

"Then, we need to get in bed because we have to get up at six o'clock in the morning the next day and hurry over. Then, we're going to see Star Wars and we're going to go do the Stars Wars thing and see Darth Vader."

Oh my God, the stress level at Disney is insane. I'm not immune because I've been one of those people lots of times, all stressed out at Disney.

"Get-get the hell on my way. Come on, I have a fast pass. I got to get here or I'm going to have to wait in line for this ride. I drove an hour and a half here just so I can ride this ride."

I've been that person.

A lady ran into my ankle with a stroller at Hollywood Studios a few years ago and this is the whole Disney experience. Now, yes, I realize not every single person is in a hurry at Disney.

The whole crowds of people though are aggravated, frustrated, and trying to get somewhere in a hurry. Then waiting in line, some can't wait for the line to get over. God forbid, you cut in front of someone. I've seen a shouting match in line at a ride, two women screaming at each other, "You F and B" as all these kids are around. What did they do? I never even saw anything, I don't think they knew each other.

There was some issue of perhaps someone cutting or getting ahead a little bit in the line. It's insane and this is on vacation. How do you have any hope of not being in a hurry, when you have to go work? When you have to do things like drop the kids off at school. If you're five minutes late, you get a nasty note from the teacher, "Your child was tardy."

You get to work late and your boss says, "What were you doing this morning? Where are you at? I'm docking your pay."

I know because I used to race to work, to any job I had. I would race to work to get in time rather than being late. When I was a police officer, they were pretty nasty if you got into work late for that. They demanded you be in 30 minutes early before you even started getting paid and often you had to stay late without pay either.

I would hurry into that job, but other jobs, they weren't nasty at all. If I came in 10 or 20 minutes, an hour late, no one would often say anything at all. Yet, I'd still rush in.

Being stopped by the police on my way to an AA meeting

The last time I got stopped, I was on the way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. I ran a stop sign and I was driving at 10 or so over the speed limit. I got stopped at least for the 12th or 15th time, at 29 or 30 years old.

The police officer asked, "Where were you going?"

It finally hit me how stupid what I was doing was. I told him the truth, I said that I was going to my Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and I realized that it sounded really stupid. It made no difference at all when I showed up for that, no one cared if I walked in five minutes late or five minutes early because it was a volunteer thing.

It's completely stupid to be in a hurry doing something like that, where you're trying to become a better person. Here you are, spinning and getting pulled over on the way there.

Finally, that's when I started slowing down after that, when I realized that if I could be on the way to something as completely pointless as trying to hurry to be on time for a recovery meeting, where either I should have left earlier or I might as well have just accepted, "Look you're going to be a few minutes late, just drive the speed limits. Stop at stop signs and red lights. Just don't risk anyone's life, so that you might get to a meeting a minute or two earlier, where it makes no difference if you do or not."

The whole point of these meetings is that people won't judge you. We're trying to be better and not judge each other, if we get in a minute or two late. Yet, I've found even in realizing consciously how much of a hurry I'm in driving usually, that doesn't disappear in the rest of my life.

I've done really good over the last couple years since I've got stopped on my way to "something really important," then only to fess up that it was completely stupid to run a stop sign on the way there. I've done much better at slowing down my driving. I remember like 10 years ago, one of my classmates said he'd started slowing down his driving. I thought that was the most insane thing in the world.

Why would you slow down?

Why spend an extra minute on the road than you have to be?

What a complete waste of time driving, right?

Hurrying through the day

I found it's much more challenging in other areas of my life where there aren't overt consequences. If I go on the road and speed, I can very well kill someone. Speeding on the highway or running a stop sign, I could literally kill anyone. It doesn't matter if the person is old, young, of any gender or race, it is completely indiscriminate. If you're in a car and I'm racing along, I could easily run into you and kill you driving.

What about for things where it's not so obvious?

What about for things I'm hurrying like through my business?

I teach classes, make videos and blog posts, and this is my business.

Why am I hurrying my way through it?

I've noticed lots of days where I'm stressed out at the end of the day because I'm trying to cram every single activity I can in during the day. There are days where I've filmed an hour to two hours of HD video. I've uploaded all of them. I've done all kinds of other things throughout the day related to it like answering questions, checking on various things like the price of DASH online. I rush through the whole day. I "accomplish" all these things.

Then, I try to do it again the next day. I'm racing through my business as if I'm going to get somewhere.

Where am I trying to go?

Where are we collectively trying to go by being in such a hurry all the time?

Why is it worth getting into all these nasty fights?

You might say, "Okay. Well, it's just car crashes."

Maybe not if you don't believe the car crash saying specifically.

What about all the people who died from heart attacks, from strokes, who overeat?

People who poisoned themselves to death with alcohol and drugs, who get all these stress related problems?

If you would get down to the core of it, it all comes from being in a hurry.

After all, why do you need to use things like alcohol and drugs?

Why do you need to get into a state of depression to start with?

As an alcoholic, I liked to drink because it forced me to slow down for a little while, although that was mostly initially. After years of drinking my body started to adjust and was able to essentially function fairly normally, even after having a large amounts of alcohol.

Why is it that I needed to use something to slow down?

Why is it that I couldn't seem for most of my adult life to slow down without essentially cheating by using some substance like alcohol?

I would be doing things like working out so hard that my body could not stand any more of it. I would be working out fat as hell, I'd get on the elliptical and just get my heart rate at 180 or 190 beats per minute. For what purpose? I was not trying to get in the Olympics. I would get on the elliptical and absolutely work my whole body out. Now, if I was not drinking, that was one of my other strategies to relax.

I'd work my body so hard physically, that then I would have very little energy to even think or be in a hurry after that. Now, that didn't stop me from trying as I often would get into some argument with someone on the way home. I ran a guy off the road one day driving home from the gym because he was in a hurry and I was in a hurry. I played a little game of chicken with him.

I went to change lanes and he wouldn't move. I just changed right into his lane, I was willing to wreck my car right there if he didn't get out of the way and he knew that. I've been sick with being in a hurry as bad as anyone for most of my life.

Life is not worth living in a hurry

Today, I realize that life's not worth living in a hurry. If I'm rushing around through my life, it's worth looking at where I am going. If you've seen the movie "Blink" with Adam Sandler, this does a great job of highlighting how we rush through our lives and highlighting where we're going.

He has a remote control that allows him to essentially fast forward things in the movie. He ends up fast forwarding almost all the things in his life like driving to work and even eventually fast forwarding things like sex. As soon as he starts getting interested, he fast forwards and it is over already like two minutes later.

He's fast forwarded through some of the best things in his life and all of a sudden he just keeps fast-forwarding. Before he knows what's happened, he's on his deathbed wondering where his whole life went.

"Where did my life go? Here I am on my deathbed and I hurried through the whole damn thing."

Then, he wishes to have a chance again to not hurry through each part of his life.

I'm amazed today how powerful the habit is of being in a hurry.

What do I have to believe in order to be in a hurry?

I have to believe that what I'm doing is important. Therefore, if what I'm doing is important, it's probably more important than what other people have to do. Therefore, when I'm driving, why not speed? Whatever I'm doing is more important than other people, even when this is a completely insane belief. Yet, I do the same thing today. I hurry through a lot of what you might call the mundane tasks in life.

As soon as I walk in the bathroom I'm in a hurry, "Let's get this over with. Can't wait to get out of the bathroom and get on to something that's actually important."

I hurry by things like my dogs. My dogs throw themselves on the ground and ask to be petted and I walk by like, "I don't have time for that. I have important stuff to do. I've got to film a podcast, that's so important." I hurry right by that.

It's easy to get in a hurry. I often hurry through my whole day, then I get to the end of the day and wonder, "Where did it go?" Here's another beautiful day with my wife and daughter, my family, my friends and my work online, and I rushed to the end of it.

I have a spreadsheet listing over 3,000 videos I've made in the last two and a half years. That's something someone in a hurry accomplishes. Often, I'm in such a hurry that I don't stop to slow down and think, "Do I even need to do what I'm doing?"

I've made lots of video classes that were just completely filmed in a hurry, then no one even liked watching them.

Did I even need to make that?

The worst things to do is to be in a hurry doing something that doesn't need to be done.

It seems that the majority of things we do in a hurry, in terms of our work and our lives, are things that we don't even need to do to start with.

We rush to get to a job that we hate.

Then, we hurry through the day to get back home to families we complain about all day at our jobs.

Then, we hurry to get in bed and get to sleep at night.

Finally, we're in bed and we hurry to fall asleep to get to the next day and do it all over again.

We wake up and we are in a hurry to get out of bed and get ready for the day. We're in a hurry to get the kids to school, lest they get there a little bit late and we get scorned, "Oh God, your kids are tardy again."

Then, we hurry to get to work and we do the same thing. We hurry to get to the weekend, "Oh my God, it's Monday. I need to get on with it. I wish it'd be Friday already."

We hurry to get to the weekend, and then when it's the weekend, we hurry to get to the next thing.

We hurry to get to the next place to hang out, the next restaurant.

We hurry to get the meal that's in front of us down into our stomach, so we can be full.

Then we hurry to leave the scene after we've stuffed our faces so much we're disgusting.

We hurry to get out of there, so no one can take a look at us and see how nasty we feel after that.

We hurry to get back home and watch some TV show where we can just zone out and look at how messed up other people's lives are, and not think about how messed up our own life is.

Then we hurry to find someone to make a life with.

We hurry to find someone to get married to.

We hurry to have children, and then we hurry to raise those children.

"Come on, you got to learn how to do this. Come on, you've got to get to school. Come on, you need to learn, learn, learn. You got to do better than this. Quick, learn how to put your shoes on. Learn how to say this. No, that's not how you say it."

We hurry to raise our children, and then we hurry to get our lives occupied and have some meaning after our children are left.

Then, we hurry to get to retirement.

Then, when we're retired, we're in a hurry to find something to make our life meaningful again.

Then, we're on our deathbeds thinking, "You know what? Maybe I shouldn't have hurried through this whole life. Well, fine, let's just hurry through this too. I wish I just get into the hospice and get this over with and die."

What I've discovered is that it is the real place I'm hurrying to. I'm hurrying towards death. It is the real destination for my hurrying, that's where I really am trying to go with my hurrying. I'm trying to get in a hurry to be on my deathbed and die, and move on.

Now, that's a bit crazy, isn't it?

That defeats the whole purpose of why I'm here. The purpose of me being here is to help, to do something useful, to learn how to love, to learn a lesson and to be of service.

Now, if I hurry through all of that, guess what?

I get to do it again and again.

You could almost look at it like it's this horrible prison sentence.

You hurry through one life, only to get another one just like it.

You hurry to get to your deathbed.

Then, you get 9 months off, hopefully, in the womb, and you hurry to be born and do it all over again.

Maybe as a child you get a few years where you don't have to hurry, where the adults around you are so crazy that you don't quite understand what they're doing or what's going on.

They rush from one place to another.

They hurry you in from one outfit to another, from one place to another.

If I want to make a contribution to this world, I have to simply stop being in such a hurry.

I'm working on this and the first step is to realize that I am in a hurry, that most everything I do in my life is with this intent to rush through it, to blast through it, to get to the end.

How many people do you see with businesses online?

You can feel that they're in a hurry.

"Come on, I want to get your email. I want to sell you something. I want to make some money, and then get rid of you. Go on, I don't want you anymore. Let's make room for the next person."

They're in a hurry to get the money out of their business.

Then, to go hurry and do something else.

My motivation to make this podcast

I'm grateful today that I had a little more patience than usual in setting this podcast up and thinking about what might be worth saying.

I did this in a little bit less of a hurry than I usually do, which might have motivated you, "God, let me turn this up to one and a half or two speed. Jerry's talking a whole lot faster because I'm in a hurry to get to the end of this podcast." 😀

I know because I've turned books on to like two speed, I even tried three speed on some books. I want to hurry up and get to the end of the class and learn it, and then be able to use it.

I was inspired to make this because I was listening to I think it was "The Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible" and from many indigenous people's point of view our hurrying as a western culture, US and anywhere else that's been infected with the western culture, looks bizarre.

Often, these indigenous people look at us and wonder, "Where are all these white people in such a hurry to go? They want something, they want something. What do they want? They always want something. They're always in a hurry to do something."

I heard stories of Native Americans who would be put in lines to wait somewhere. Now, if you look at a line at Disney, there are often a lot of people that are uncomfortable, who are annoyed and who want the line to be over with. Apparently, you put a bunch of Native Americans in line and they just stand there just as happy as they would be doing anything else.

Of course, that's a generalization and it's for the purpose of illustrating. I'm sure there are Native Americans who get in a hurry and also that there are white people, like me, who are trying to be patient and just learn how to peacefully exist somewhere without trying to get to the next moment.

Even all this goes into being concerned about an afterlife. The afterlife is a big concern when you're in a hurry to get through this life. When I'm not in a hurry to get through this life, then I'm not so concerned about an afterlife either.

When I enjoy and peacefully exist in this life, I don't need to know or have a specific definition of what the afterlife's going to be like because then the life I'm in is enough.

Thank you very much for enjoying this 129th episode today of Happier People Podcast where I've tried to share my experiences and this shocking revelation I've got on the fact or my opinion at least, that hurrying actually kills more people than World War Two.

Especially, if you include all the different symptoms of hurrying: driving, car accidents, stress and heart attacks.

I'm grateful I've had this to share with you today.

I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope to see you again soon.

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Jerry Banfield


It's nice to hear your perspective as an ex-police officer. Staying off the road completely, when you can, is a great way to increase survival odds.

Also, I really appreciate you making your videos readable. I can consume your content much quicker this way, and more conveniently.

Very good post, i love when you said in a yt video, Jerry none of these posts are short-_-
Love, from sweden

This is so incredibly true and wise. A friend posted a beautiful piece on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and it put the "hurry effect" on my radar. That read literally made me aware I was rushing through my life. Talk about toxic... letting hurry go has made my new time here at Steemit good. Instead of trying to rush to success I'm enjoying the process and I get that I will reach "success at Steemit" when I get there. I'm so glad you wrote this. You drove the point home for me harder and it's going to be resteemed so it's sitting on my wall as a reminder. Your work is making a difference here and I appreciate it. No more frantic hurry for me... Thank you!!

That gif is on point! It was me for many years.

It was me too... glad I stopped it. :)

Like I said, A Magic Making Green Room!!

The Outside world will know who you are very soon my man. I know you have tons of followers on all the main social media sites, but you are destined for the "A Listers" list!!

The is why you have so many followers and "Students".

Thank you again Sir!!

Yeah it is pretty

I just gotta say . . . WOW. The amount of wisdom in this post is immense. I could relate to a whole ton of it.

Being in a hurry to get, where? And when I get there, I immediately want to get somewhere else. Then somewhere else. I wasn't looking at the JOURNEY, only the DESTINATION. Recovery totally changed that for me.

The same thing happened to me lmao . . getting pulled over on the way to an AA meeting. And it was one of the first times in my life that I wasn't nervous in front of a police officer . . I wasn't doing anything wrong this time. Finally!

But in the last couple years, I have been learning how to slow down and enjoy the process. Such a different type of life. But so much more rewarding. It's almost like I wasn't even looking at things, enjoying things, just blasting by to get to the next thing to blast by, to get to the next thing to blast by . . . etc.

Your posts get me to think A LOT. And this isn't an easy task. So thanks for your insight.

Yeh we live in a world today that is designed to hurry to make the rich richer! Youre so right we need to slow down, meditate, relax and be out in nature as much as possible.

I'm sorry Jerry, I kinda rushed through the article so that I would be able to reply quickly.

I'm going to go back and read it properly :D

I was overwhelmed by the amount of content in this post @jerrybanfield
Will have to come back to read the parts I have missed!
Thanks for putting in so much time and effort and heart into this post! your point, just saw this video on your Facebook feed. You got 7 likes and 1 comment on Facebook. You got 165 votes and $190 in 25 minutes on Steemit! Boom

Screw facebook its steemit all the way.

Especially living in Los Angeles! That grind...killing us slowly minute by minute, day to day. Summary....stop and smell the roses! Great reminder...hard to implement in life, but necessary

I used to live in Los Angeles, so I definitely know how that "grind" is killing us day by day. That is why I love to hike, and in that literal sense of smelling the roses is most fitting. Nice cup a tea helps too, relaxing affect.

Definitely agree on it every chance I get...only way to live in LA and feel like you're not in LA!

Yep! Followed, please follow back :D :3

I kind of miss blockbuster! but not there Crazy late fees!

You are so right @jerrybanfield - it seems to be the pace of the world. To be in a hurry everywhere... and for what purpose? We need to take the time to enjoy our life. Time is a precious commodity... let us not waste it. You are as they say, a long time dead.

Very good points, I never realized how often our busy lives can put us in physical danger and yea the vacation thing is so true. We need to learn to relax more.

I always feel and tell people there is no need to rush worse things happen when your rushed and just chill out go with it. As they say no need to speed to the same red light

Time is like river. You can't touch the same water twice, coz the flow that has passed will never pass again .
Be grateful what u have and enjoy the moments of the life . that is really touching post btw Jerry👏🏼

I'm upvoting due to the sheer effort you have put into this post. Technology was supposed
to give us more time. It has done just the opposite; or at least it's created the rush to get something else done. Some anxiety is created because we were distracted or by our do-dads. By that time we are rushed to get the "other" thing done.
Thanks for the post.

Oh Jerry... your posts are so deep, I just love them.

I wish I could have your talent to chase the masses as you do and so give something back to the community. You are an inspiration!

I would love if you could just follow my work, I bet that the illustrations and designs I do may be both interesting and useful for you. If you need anything, just drop me a line =)

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Hi Jerry, this video has been on my mind since you first posted it on YouTube. The saying "more people die in a hurry than in war" is something I've been quoting to the people I care about ever since. I tell them about your video, and as a reminder to be careful on the roads. I live in New Jersey which is the most densely-populated state in the U.S. and has just a ridiculous amount of traffic and foolish drivers. People forget how fragile the human body is, especially the brain. I run a music program for people with disabilities, including those with traumatic brain injuries. I'm glad to be using music to help people, but it's a constant reminder of how our internal computers are delicate devices. So please, good people, drive carefully, defensively, and please SLOW DOWN!

Really extensive! Thanks Jerry, being in a hurry and Stressing...killers!

Thought provoking post, thanks Jerry!

I like your passion Jerry. Subscribed :o)

Lovely post,rich post,amazing post and no doubt as usual your hard work and great intention towards steemit. thanks alot.

I really enjoy your content, it really is one of the best. Thank you by the way! I also watched your video on how steemit works, that really helped me understand what this platform is capable of. You are awesome!

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Wow this article was a real eye-opener, I'll definitely consider driving less often due to my own and others safety.
The fact that people are getting more vulnerable is something i can personally relate to, tough i experiences it quite often. It happens that i find myself being in a hurry while driving or so even though theres noting to hurry for.
Great article anyway!

Great post for something that deserves so much more attention than it gets! Thanks for sharing and shedding light, well done!

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True, my sister's father-in-law died from a heart attack, while rushing to go shopping.
Relax, enjoy life, wait ... times up...

It really is, its like texting and driving your trying to send that text as fast as your trying to get to where your going !!!

Informative and interesting post yet againJerry...Keep it up

Hey Jerry, interesting post. After visiting Auschwitz last month, this post really resonated with me. Thank you for being of service like you say in your video. Apologies I'm late in introducing myself. So glad you are here now :) Post resteemed.

Just this morning I was honked for driving at 40 mph at 40 mph zone. I was thinking to myself what is wrong with these people. This came at the right time. I am proud of myself now. I wont be "hurried" into speeding when there is no need. I give myself enough time and get up at 4am so i am not hurrying to get out of the house to work. Wonderful article Jerry.

I can confirm what you said.
I'm a retired long haul trucker
3 million miles and almost 30 years on the road.
I've seen it happen

Great Post. Society has evolved so much. We hurry because of how society now dictates. Technology I believe is a key factor. People need more time to consume the Social Media, Internet, Email, texts. We lose so much time, it's harder to balance time when your trying to squeeze it all in. Just my thoughts.

You are totally right. That is why I always say each and everyone should come at least for a month to some African country to experience absolutely different flowing of time. On the other hand if you want to stay in Africa and do not want to get mad you have to learn how to be really patient. Nobody is in hurry here. I spend in average 2 hours a day by waiting for something or someone. It taught me to slow down like nothing else.

gud 1. i have joined steem it by watching a video of you on facebook.
you are an inspiration for me

Like they say, slow but steady wins the race. Nice post.

thanks for your post Jerry! much needed in these busy times where everything goes faster and seems like time is accelerating and our minds follow this movement and get hyperactive..i feel it also goes along with everything in our society, internet allows us to get things faster, we can travel faster, communicate faster, make money faster etc... and we are suppose to remain calm in this overload of information and movement around us.. what a challenge for a human being today to have access to all of this and yet remain peaceful and flexible...meditation helps me a lot to get to that state of focus in the present..and not running through life until I die..i feel most of us are afraid to stand still because that maybe a time when we start asking deep questions about ourselves...about what doesn't work in our life.. so we prefer to run.. and to forget.. and keep on doing... without being.. it is a fine line we are walking on..but if we don't take the time to stop, to take our time and reflect, our reality may bring some catastrophe to call our accident, a disease, anything that can stop us from running until we allow ourselves to change..what an interesting and tough thing to be human..thank you again for your inspiring post!

I sometimes stop and ask myself why I haven't had a real conversation with my family members in days. You are so right! Lately I've been feeling like I was ignoring the important things in life. It's funny how time flies and we never get to appreciate the things we have like our loved ones. This existence of ours is not permanent and guaranteed. So why do we act like the people in our lives are less important than that meeting we are rushing to? We say I'll find time in the future to be with them, but what if that time never comes?

Wow! Your article has really opened my eyes. Thank you so much!

Legally prescribed pills from your doctor kill more than all car deaths, illegal drug deaths and driving into tree deaths put together.

Doctors are a leading cause of death, like 3rd I think.

Very intetesting post thnx.

Well as they say, "Haste makes waste"

very intresting article..

I like your blog.

I like your point , thanks for sharing

Great post. Let 's slow down and live.

wow great post.

For me getting out of my stress and hurry was meditation. Being greatful for what I have helped a lot, I dont have to chase this or that all the time.

Also my stress resistant increased a lot and I just let other people taking away my calmness. Of course this doesnt work all the time but the more I practise the better I get.

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Great post @jerrybanfield I think even if evil got far I still believe that is more good that bad :) sending good energy to every one so we can have peace and love

I drive for a living and people drive like maniacs now. Jerry you should do a blog about the dangers of texting or reading or watching you tube video's while driving down the road!

As the saying goes: "Haste makes waste."

And on that note @jerrybanfield
Everyone Slow Down & Stop Panic selling your Crypto's(Esp: BTC and Steem)
Great Post JB...

Thanks for putting in so much time and effort into this post!
your amazing ! keep it up

keep your mind calm and motivated for work do not hurry for anything that can be very usefull for our crypto world.

Hurry is worse than a bullet - that's why I often try to get my friends in to stoicism philosophy. xD

It's like that old saying goes, when we created inventions like the automobile, we just created more creative ways to kill each other. I really hope self driving cars becomes a widespread thing sood. :)

London is the worst place I've seen for people being in a hurry. People are literally running around like crazy people, especially around the underground.

It's not a peaceful environment to be around. I imagine New York is very similar.

I always think, "Why don't you wake up 10 minutes earlier so you don't have to rush in the morning?".

Anyways, just my insight, another great post Jerry!

My man @jerrybanfield always thinking outside of the box... more people need to have self awareness in life. BOSS POST!!

Everywhere you look people are looking for the magic pill, the quick fix to solve their problems. No body wants to put in the time and work they just want hastily made bandaid fixes for their problems so they can forget about it and move on.

All the fad diets and pharmaceuticals that claim to fix one problem whilst adding 5 new ones. People need to take time out, listen to their body and their environment and stop trying to move through it so hastily. We're caught up in this whirlwind of productivity when often we're working towards the wrong things without even knowing it.

That is right Jerry. Being Hurry, being hungry. it is great reminder

This is crazy, Jerry... I just saw and commented on an article about dealing with road rage here on Steemit yesterday! Sounds like synchronicity to me and I really need to listen up. I resonate with what you said about the girl that lost her life in the car accident because when I was in high school a good friend was driving with his closest friend and they were going fast on a country road... He lost control of the car and it wrapped around a tree, killing his best friend. He was never the same of course and this taught be an important lesson that I have tried to always remember about driving safely. I never really connected it to everyday life, though. You're so right to point out how important it is to shed this obsession with constant hurry. It comes down to living in the present moment and not obsessing over everything that is not in the present, like the unknown future or the unpleasant past. Pain comes from living in our heads and being in a hurry. The present moment is the only thing that really matters, so we better make the most of it. That's what I get out of your post at least.

Not Able to read full but i read some good paragraph and really awesome article i got some good tips for my life as well because i always try to make all things to do in HURRY!!!

Sometimes it's good to RUSH !!
See What I DID THERE ?


Take your time and keep calm. Smell the roses!

Very interesting post, what would you recommend to lead a more relaxed lifestyle? Following you, I like your posts very much. ^^

You did an awesome job reminding us about hurrying. You read my mail. This is exactly the subject I've been thinking about. It seems everytime I turn around its Friday again. As I get older, I want to slow my life down. I see that I want to savor this life, which is beautiful. I don't like the end result, at least not now.. Let's enjoy every moment we have on this earth.

Good post and inspiration ...

We are always vulnerable.

Yeah. I used to be like that when I was young. Now I am more mellow and kinder. And gentler.

For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race towards an early grave.

Pink Floyd
Dark Side of the Moon

I drive bus for the city. Everyday I see so many bad drivers and lazy drivers.
Use your turn signals when you switch lanes and well before you start turning, people. I thank you!

Good article, my friend. And some good advice.
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hey jerry it is really awesome i like it and i would like to read your upcoming keep it up

Upvoted, followed you. Thoughtful piece, I seriously have to do this because even if I am not in a hurry, I still HURRY!! Just part of who I am, I thought, but your post has made me rethink this! Thank you, you may have just saved my life! :) As for the afterlife, if indeed it is forever, and I believe it is, you need to figure it out in this life! Would love to talk to you about this if you're interested! God wants to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. Thank you again.

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Jerry I feel you might appreciate this:

Unfortunately, this is life for most of us

Life Image

It shouldn't be this way, but the culture conditions us to work faster and faster.

It scares us into thinking that if we don't sprint towards the finish line, we will be overtaken and left in the dust.

Very good reflection... Actually taking time to live and enjoy the day is so important... Being in a hurry all the time makes us unhappy people...

Not sure how fast is in LA, but you should definitely check out New York, to see in a HURRY lol
I used to rush for work before until I realized work doesn't care for me... so I took it easy and slowed down; being late I just accepted it and didn't stress so much.
I realized that all the panic was gone with that decision too.

it must have taken great research before writing on such a complicated topic with this perfection. followed you already @jerrybanfield .

totally agree with your 'avoid haste and hate' thing. cheers!

Its been two years since I made the decision to slow down a bit. I live in South Africa and work in Contruction. Construction is the worst. There are always deadlines missed and you can never go fast enough. It killed me slowly and after my decision i realised things still got done and my projects still completed on program, just I did not stress every moment of the day anymore.

Heres something to slow down your day a bit and food for the soul..

When I was a kid, that Dumbo ride always had a sick line. In a bad way.

I believe it...being too hyper is bad for your day you will get a heart attack! I've made a post about how after I got lay off when things slowed down I started to see things differently. It is scary but at the same time it is peaceful...and calm..upvoted and followed..thanks again for sharing this valuable reminder of life wisdom.

Woww..amazing your post..i am amazed with your writing..thanks @jerrybanfiel

really nice post !!!! cause you re propably right i used to think that doing my work fast will give me more free time but i ended up just doing bad and uncomplete work

Beautiful! Resteemed.

Great post like always!

WOW. I have to reread it 100 times. Really good

That's why I play League of Legends. You can't press pause.

Man I just got yelled at for reading this on my phone in class but I'm going to finish when I get home. Long read, but worth it for what I got through! And I will read the other post you linked. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and videos sir! Thanks for all you do, have done, and will do for steemit. In trouble and out!!

Thank you @jerrybanfield for talking about the important things in life. I have only had time to skim this and I can tell it is gold. Several of your messages have improved my life and helped me to get out of my own way (which I can do while I slow down)!

Tell that to this A hole in the pickup next to me here in TX.

nice post.....ilove it.......

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its hard to enjoy life when you live check check that is why i got into crypto to see if i could make more money so i could start enjoying life

Wow great post, I can identify with this many aspects in my own life. Rushing out in the morning to drop the kids off to school, speeding to get to work on time. Rushing through the day, rushing the kids off to bed... Thanks for the reminder to slow down...