Faithful Following and Finding Followers on Steemit?

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What is the best way to get new followers on Steemit and to give the most to our following? Will you read this post because you might learn from my experience in making nearly every kind of mistake possible when it comes to following and getting followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and Linkedin?

While I have made a lot of mistakes, I am grateful also to have over 2.5 million people collectively that have liked my Facebook page, followed me on Twitter, and subscribed on YouTube. I hope this post will provide a comprehensive tutorial for making the process of getting followers and following others more enjoyable, helpful, and less painful on Steemit. Full disclosure, I have done a poor job being of service to about 2.3 million of my followers because of the games I played to get people to follow me which I explain further down. Today I hope this post is an example of doing better!

First a huge popularity hack which I appreciate Vanessa Van Edwards explaining in detail in her book Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People. IF you want to be popular, THEN you must LIKE OTHER PEOPLE. The number of people that like us is directly proportional to the number of people we like. If you are like me, your mind is already trying to bring up an example of an unlikable person who is popular which is clear proof of an opportunity to love one more person.

Personally I easily find a way to LOVE ALMOST ANYONE from the follower online that loves me to the critic that calls me a scumbag to the homeless man on the street asking for money to the driver cutting me off in traffic to my family and friends on daily basis regardless of their mood. IF you believe I meet the criteria for being popular online, THEN HOW I do that on the most basic level is I love everyone I come across unconditionally to the best of my ability and I PRAY when I reach limitations such as judgments and fear for help.

In writing this, I am thinking about you reading this on your iPad on the couch or in bed on your phone or the computer in your family room or wherever you are. I picture my soul going out to yours, greeting you in your heart, and collaborating to make the best life for both of us possible. The love I have for YOU and everyone reading this with you is WHY many people enjoy following me online. We rarely care about anything except how people make us feel. Bottom line if we feel good together, following each other is only logical.

Everything I tried to become popular online utterly failed as long as I went around criticizing, hating, judging, condemning, and trying to bring down my fellow human beings on a daily basis. Everything changed when I started seeing that loving you unconditionally was essential to my survival and that to do anything but love another person was bringing ME misery.

Just you being on Steemit is probably an indication we are a lot alike because of the selection effect where we surround ourselves with people like us. If we want to build our following and have a wonderful life, becoming curious about every attack on another person and consciously choosing to love them is the foundation experience necessary for anything else to follow. Once we have this down, tips for optimizing our approach can be very helpful.

For example, I walked into Massage Envy a couple years ago to get a massage from a new therapist. Within a second of seeing her, my mind thinks "Great an hour massage with this fat *****". Instead of fighting that thought or trying to act like it did not happen, I looked at it and then asked "Where did that come from?" I greeted her kindly and prayed to God for help. We managed to have a great conversation during the massage and I left feeling much better than I did coming in. Since then I realized my mind was quick to call other bodies fat to avoid looking at myself in the mirror. This realization motivated me to switch to a whole plant based diet as recommended by my doctor and explained in the book How Not To Die.

With a daily focus on loving as many other people as possible, it is natural life fills my life with people like you that love me which then makes increasing my following online as simple as applying a few tips and remembering the mistakes I have made before.

5 tips I hope are really helpful for building a following on Steemit or anywhere else based on my experience doing it wrong almost every way possible!

  1. To get the best results building followers on Steemit, what will happen if we look at it as relationship building instead of a game of numbers? Would you prefer a very high percentage of upvotes from your followers or to reach the masses which mostly ignore your posts and consistently unfollow over time? After making all the mistakes shared in the stories below, I have learned that what I want are a smaller group of very enthusiastic followers. This means I do not want to just spam everyone with "FOLLOW ME" or start my posts with "FOLLOW FOR MORE" but rather only ask you to follow me if you have read the entire post AND want more of the same.
  2. In judging how many followers we have, what if we start asking "what am I contributing to the followers I have?" instead of "what do I need to do to get more followers?" as I have done for most of the six years of my business online? Today as I write this, I was asking "What is the MOST I CAN CONTRIBUTE today with my post on Steemit?" and "What is the biggest pain point I can help with based on my experience?" This post is my answer because I hope it helps you avoid making the mistakes I have made with building a following online. Bottom line if I want people to follow me I need to create posts that are WORTH FOLLOWING FOR.
  3. Asking for followers does not have to be difficult or annoying. To make a great ask, we may need to be vulnerable meaning to ask when the time is right and be open to whatever answer is received. For example, I consistently ask at the end of each post for an upvote and a follow now using the format I share here because after spending the time to read the entire post when we have the most trust between us, I can safely ask. Before the end is too soon including the middle of the post, the beginning, the headline, or on my profile. In dating terms, asking for a follower is kind of like asking to go steady or be exclusive. Would we want to walk down the street and ask any person we saw to be our boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner? After taking this approach in dating for a while, I learned it did not work very well! Learning the same with my business has taken much longer. Only ask for followers that love what you are creating. If you want me to follow you, make a comment with the following. First, help me understand what relationship we already have. I have followed several people that took the time to explain how they found me online because THIS HELPS ME understand what I am doing right. Second, be vulnerable and really ask using "would" or "will" instead of "can" or "could" or other forms of asking which attempt to force a yes or avoid the question. "Jerry would you please follow me because ..." gives me the chance to say yes or no. Of course I "CAN" follow you but will I? FOLLOW ME NOW MF or some other forceful approach often encourages me to not follow because most of us associate force with fear. Third, give a REASON to follow which also should help qualify. For example, "Jerry I have been watching your YouTube videos since 2014 when you put up that Wolfenstein video which was funny but pretty trashy too. I initially was interested in your gaming videos but over time have enjoyed your Facebook tutorials and most recently cryptocurrency insights. I bought your course on your University of Jerry Banfield and joined Steemit right away after seeing that Steem was your recommendation for an amazing investment. With just signing up yesterday, I have no followers on Steemit and am really excited after watching your course to start blogging on here for the first time in years. I love writing but have never found a way to monetize my posts. Recently I have been writing about eating whole plant foods, spiritual experiences, and trading on Poloniex all of which I think you enjoy also. Would you please follow me on Steemit because I would love to have your feedback on my posts and entertain/help you as much as you have me?" These kinds of following requests I respond extremely well to because they help me understand the existing relationship, make it safe for me to say yes or no to becoming a follower, and provide me an idea of the benefits I will receive in following. For more examples, would you read the comments below to see which I have upvoted and therefore said yes to?
  4. Focus on what we are GIVING instead of what we are GETTING. If you are like me, most of us default to focusing mostly on getting what we want out of a relationship instead of what we are giving. On Steemit and other social media websites, this means most of us do constant work to get follows and upvotes instead of looking at what we are contributing to the people following us and upvoting our posts. If we thought about what our followers wanted, would we ask people to follow us without qualifying them first? What if you want only pictures and my posts are really wordy? You probably do not want to follow me! What if you want posts in Korean? Probably not a good idea to follow me. For the first several years with my wife, I focused completely on how much sex I was getting and how happy I was with the relationship. It took me YEARS to realize that if I wanted the very best relationship, I needed to start first LEARNING WHAT SHE WANTED because amazingly I was nearly clueless as to what mattered to her despite being together for three years! Once I discovered a lot of what she cared about most, my next question started to be how can I make sure SHE IS GETTING WHAT SHE WANTS EVERY DAY because as long as I am doing that, she is so thoughtful that she will make sure I am getting what I want also. We have the happiest relationship I have ever seen two people have in my life today because I think a lot about what she wants and how I can provide it. Instead of wondering all day if we are going to have sex that night, I am thinking about how I can schedule my day so I am available when she needs me and taking good care of myself when she is out so that when she is home I am not a mess of anxiety, fear, and frustration. I am just starting to think this way with my 2.5 million followers online because up until recently all I did was think about how can I be popular online? I spammed and was annoying in almost every way possible which is why I have been banned from most every website I have used a lot and why I have a lot of valuable experience to share with you here now about building followers!
  5. Getting more followers and discovering the best people to follow on Steemit becomes pretty straightforward when we see that what we really want is healthy long term following and follower relationships. Whose posts do I want to read for years? Which followers can I make laugh, smile, and inspired on a daily basis? Who would I love to get to know better? What is the most I can give to my followers today? Especially with the new voting system coming, we are probably best to look at Steem as building family and friends we can be deeply connected with rather than impressing people with how many followers we have. Deciding who to follow on Steemit already has been challenging for me and I hope this post provides clear directions not only for how to get me to follow you but what will work for you to get your own followers!

How did I learn these five tips? By doing it wrong almost every way possible! Would you like to read a few stories about that?

While we frequently feel alone in asking for people to follow us and trying to build our own following, do not we we all face the same challenges today of wanting to have the most followers possible? Would not each of us like to open our feed produced by the people we follow to find the very best stories? Why is it so challenging to both get followers and help others by following? Is this difficult because we usually focus on our numbers instead of our relationships?

If you are like me, you probably have found yourself looking at your follower count and wondering what you could do to make it higher. Alternatively, have you ever looked at the number of followers someone else had online and been jealous? I certainly have thousands of times. Even with 163,000 YouTube subscribers today, all it takes is for me to visit a channel with more than me and all the sudden I am feeling not good enough. Same thing with Steem Power, followers on Steem, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers. I wanted more Facebook likes so bad I bought fake likes on Fiverr, spent tens of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads, and innovated an entire system to get the most people to like my page for the lowest price. On Twitter, my account followed hundreds of thousands of people purely for the purpose of getting them to follow back. Why did I say my account instead of I? Following people on Twitter took so long that I paid my friends as much as $50 an hour to follow people on my Twitter account for me. You see, I have played the game of trying to build followers online a lot and MOSTLY failed.

Seeing that I have over 2.5 million followers online, you might say "wait how have you mostly failed?" Having 2.4 million people following me online that I paid to follow me through ads or tricked into following me using one of several systems I will describe below is a huge failing. There are few people on earth that have done such a poor job of working so hard to get so many people NOT GENUINELY INTERESTED IN WHAT I CREATE to follow me.

Here is a list of the games I have played to get more followers. Each of the games has proven costly in money, time, and poor service to followers!

  1. Follow and follow back. While this game is very popular on Twitter, it also makes Twitter unusable because when you are following 100,000 people you do not know, the feed becomes complete junk. My feed frequently on Twitter was full of NSFW pictures, articles I had no interest in reading, and personal stories shared by people I did not know. After paying my friends thousands of dollars at $28 to $50 an hour to follow users on Twitter, I then payed about $700 to unfollow all of those same users most of which are steadily unfollowing me over time. What a huge waste of time and money to try to game the following system and impress people with how popular I am (not) online!
  2. Paying for likes. Facebook ads made it easy for me to get millions of people to like my page on Facebook. What I also noticed is that out of those likes, less than one in 10,000 was likely to have a meaningful interaction with my page. Even at $0.01 or less per like, that is $100 to get someone to actually be a real fan. While using ads can help get a bit of momentum, the people coming in from advertisements also tend to generate more comments, often negative, which then takes more time and energy to respond to. At the height of my Facebook ads activity, hundreds of comments were pouring in every hour meaning even if I wanted to I could not read them all. When users can go to any celebrity or company page to get ignored just like this, what value am I adding spending a bunch of money to just get followers?
  3. Partnering with others to produce content. Initially you might think this is a purely great idea and while it has its upsides, overall I have found this game to be just as ineffective and problematic as paying for followers with ads. My videos on YouTube with the most views are both on hacking in partnership with a freelancer I found online. While a few of the millions of people that watched have become subscribers that love my videos, the vast majority would have been better off just watching the videos on the freelancer's channel instead of mine. For everyone that wants more of my videos from the hacking tutorials, there are about ten people that ask for more videos from the freelancer or express frustration with my inability to produce more videos on my own. Even though I still have a good relationship with the freelancer that made the videos and he is still making new videos, most of the people enjoying his videos on my YouTube channel have not found his YouTube channel. Guest blog posts, hiring copywriters, and any similar collaboration attempts I consistently find produce a lower result than just naturally creating from my own heart and naturally partnering with people when the time is right instead of trying to game the system as I have on YouTube. Even a successful and natural collaboration like I did on my League of Legends video with a coach which got over 500,000 organic views without me promoting it produced a demand for me to make more videos about a game I did not enjoy. The worst part is I actually went forward and tried to make the videos anyway only to have one break 100,000 views and most just be frustrating from the creation process to the follow up. Just doing what I love today makes life a lot easier!

Following online ideally is a relationship based activity where the follower wants to see more of what is created by those they are following. If we each only follow artists we love, we consistently are then only shown what we have asked for. When we are tricked into following, paid to follow with ads, and play games like follow me and I will follow you WITHOUT any genuine desire to connect, we start looking at our home feed to discover that it is filled with spam from people we do not know. I have been wrong a lot because of being one of the biggest spammers in the world online and I am doing better today because of remembering what I write here.

On a website like Steemit where creators are actually paid by upvotes, this presents an awesome opportunity to build relationships all of which is challenging to do if we only focus on number of followers instead of growing relationships. Steemit also provides a HUGE temptation to game the following system to appear in everyone's newsfeed. Just occasionally getting an extra upvote could lead to a significant increase in money which encourages many of us to try to get everyone to follow us without thinking about whether it would actually be a good idea! While now I am grateful I have so many followers that I simply have tried to do good work on Steemit and have gained over 500 followers during my first week, I have already been on the other end of what I have done so many times.

Deciding on who to follow on Steem has been a huge challenge for me because I want to give back the most I can and I also want following people to be helpful for me as I hope this is helpful for you. Initially I started trying to just follow everyone that followed me because I thought that was the nice thing to do. Unfortunately this does not serve the people I am following best because the more people I follow, the higher the competition for my attention in my feed. Today I unfollowed about half the people I was following to make space to make better following decisions based on what I have shared here. I hope this helps me to do better upvoting posts and gives you the chance to gain my upvote on your posts that help me. If you were one of the 50 people I unfollowed after initially just following the first 100 or so people to follow me, would you please just ask again here in the comments and accept this apology for not remembering you already asked before?

After reading this, what do you think about the best way to build an enthusiastic following on Steem? What has worked for you to earn the most on posts and give your audience the best of what they want? What types of posts do you enjoy most as a follower? How may I be of service to you in the future?

We are awesome on Steemit because of how much we are giving into the comments sections of posts. Even with most of my posts being REALLY long, the comments on most of my posts are even longer which I think is where the greatest value Steemit is in the discussion! Would you help contribute to the discussion here to help me continue to learn to improve at the art of following and serving followers online?

Thank you for reading this post especially if you have read the previous 4 posts I made! Now it is time for me to practice what I shared here earlier about how to ask for followers.

Will you please upvote this and follow me if you found anything helpful in this post because you can then expect to see more of the same from me daily in your feed? If you would like me to follow you, would you please also leave a comment here while keeping this post in mind to help me start seeing your posts in my feed?


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Jerry what can I say ... You are the best & professional man that I've ever seen ,I follow you here ,on Youtube,on Facebook ,your University ,all !! And I can say I'm not explaining how many hours has your day ?? Because we all see that you are working very hard everyday ,on all the websites,and I really can say that you are not working only for money (that is normal I consider ) ,but you are a person that LIKE WORKING ,LIKE HELP THE PRSONS ,and this is why I LOVE YOU TOO ,like you love us :) . Please follow me & upvoted future posts ,because I am a "little" near you but I'm sure that with a little help from you ( sharing this comment ,my profile ,however you want ... ) ,I am sure that a "small thing " form you is a veryyyy big for me ! thank you ,waitin for your response,follow ,help . God bless you & your familly


Amen. I love your comment. Please follow me @bewajijohnson

Reading your posts and watching your videos makes me feel how I'd imagine most people feel eating ice cream. You're so good at what you do. Many have dreams of grandeur..I only have a dream of you following me 1 day. Until then, it's 1 day at a time. 😂


Following now thank you!


Thanks man. Much appreciated. Gotta tell you, I love what you do for Steemit, but really my favorite video I've seen in years is the one where you get deep and personal and talk about your struggles. I've had a bunch of my friends watch that video. I dentified with that like I can't even tell you. I never got into hard drugs, but porn, nicotine, and definitely gambling have and still are my biggest struggles. Definitely need a bunch of hobbies to replace the addictions. Looks like you got your blogging, music, and family. Life is always a work in's a. Easy ride. Anyway,I really appreciated that video you made...I think it's more powerful to more people than even you know. Go get em...


that is my dream also @jerrybanfield

Thanks Jerry!

Hey Jerry,

Thank you so much for your honest and open stories. You really put a mirror in front of me by opening up this way.

I've just started to share my own stories on Steemit. I really love to share my discoveries in life and motivate people to do the same. After reading this article of you I deleted my first post. Simply because when I'm honest to myself, I was focussed on my own affirmation by follows and likes...

I rewrote the article with the focus on my experience, my enthusiasm and the value I want to give to other. It makes such a difference! Now it is really my story.

I don't want to take your time, but if you want to read it, here it is :)

You can of course follow me if you like my stories.


Thank you I followed and upvoted!


Love your content, straight forward and very insightful! Keep it up!

Upvoted and follow! Great post! I found it very useful for me as a newby! Thanks!

Wow! Wow! Wow! There are so many nuggets of truth in this. This reminds me of some of the teachings from Brene' Brown where we really need to set boundaries in our relationships. You've shed new light on the online world of getting more followers and friends. I've got to reevaluate all of my relationships from my wife to the kids to my extended family. Thanks again for the thought provoking content, and words of wisdom. I can't reasonably ask you to follow me at this point until I really get to know more of your content, and especially since I'm still trying to navigate the idea that someone whom I don't know ends his posts with "Love, Jerry".

Thank you so much, this is a very inspiring and helpful post. It totally change the way we may see any social media, making it way more attractive and useful instead of a hard and annoying path to the glory!

Your blogs are always helpful. learning a lot from your posts and videos. Thank you again.

Just absorbing the first few sentences, already worth my up vote easily. Thanks.

@jerrybanfield While trolling coinmarketcap and bittrex, I saw that the price of steem is back up to 1.08, which made me think of you fondly! haha . I hope you are well brotha. I think for you some moving meditation would be really theraputic! If my brain goes a mile a minute then yours goes 60 mph ;)... 600mph! Anyways just wanted to send you some love but look what do I see you have a bunch comin atcha! Hope your investments, and more importantly your family is well. Peace -Patches

Very inspiring and very true. Following you for more life lessons

lovely 👻

A long but very useful read. Appreciate the honesty and am very interested in your trajectory, especially on steemit.
Happy to be able to upvote and reward your excellent content and crypto advice here, and be off youtube.
Best of luck and much love.

Wow, so much experience in a single post. Other people would sell this as an ebook and we get this literally for free from you. Thank you so much!

I am still fairly new to the whole cryptospace and trying to put good quality posts out which hopefully get better every day. After reading your post, I don't want you to follow me. The content I create (at least what crypto belongs) is nothing you don't already know. You would properbly waste your time with them. Rather use it to create content on your own which I can use to improve myself :)

If it's okay, I would ask you for your opinion on individual post from time to time?


Yes your comment is amazingly honest which is why I decided to follow to see what you do next!


I am honored! Thank you, I am trying to not let you down. However if you ever decide to unfollow me, I wont be mad at all :)

Thank you Jerry, upvoted and resteemed.
Always looking for your new posts at steemit, to see how you are going to make this platform more robust and exciting.

Thank you Jerry, Upvoted, Found this interesting and helpful..

Currently holding 424.85505140 STEEM. THIS (STEEMIT)IS GREAT FOR STAYING BUSY (helping others and profiting)!!! When you KNOW you do NOT have to watch your coins every second. LOL Nice work as always my friend!!! STEEM on.
1 By 1.


If I hold STEEM on Bittrex, should I transfer here or?!?!


Put it on here you will have more power! Power is everything apparently


Thanks for the feedback. VOTED and FOLLOWING.
1 By 1.


can you explain me how does the steem power affect how much you earn here for your own posts? thanks.


I BELIEVE if YOU hold STEEM on HERE instead of an exchange, IT gives you MORE [ower and YOUR vote is MORE influential. IF you STEEM ( post) any POSITIVE content that STEEMIANS will find interesting or EDUCATIONAL.
My opinion.
Following and voted.
Helping Others To Help ( others) 1 By 1.

Thank you for the tips. Found this interesting and helpful. Upvoted!

Jerry I think part what you highlighted is that steemit has broken away from the established marketing discipline. You cannot really 'buy' people as you say and that is great. Getting a defined audience is expensive and they can be transitory after that initial interest. It will be intriguing and we are breaking new ground to see how people react to not only value posts but also the inevitable commercialization on certain topics. The audience is limited so we have to watch and wait.

Thanks for posting this and as you asked would please follow me, I will definitely appreciate the synergy.

Thanks Jerry, another fantastic post! I am glad to have followed your advice and come over to Steemit! It's taken patience to get the hang of things here but really feeling the good vibes! Oh and yeh would be great if you could follow me, I want to open peoples eyes and bring awarness to amazing things us all as human beings can do!

Hi Jerry! Thank you for this post. I can completely identify with what you are saying. Hopefully, you remember, but I commented on your first Steemit post about you being the first person I watched on YouTube who taught me how to use various exchanges like Poloniex. It took me a little while to ACTUALLY write a first blog post, but I finally did it today!

And it felt really good to ost my story out there and in the open. I've been watching you for some time now on YouTube and Facebook. I remember when you sold your Dash Masternode after being shunned from the community for wanting LESS money than another node holder was asking for . . . for a better project IMO to the success of Dash. I remember watching your videos, trying to figure out which currency you would be investing in next. And this platform makes perfect sense for you. Anyways, thanks for posting clear and easy to understand videos. The ones where you were basically buying and selling low volume coins on Poloniex were the videos that really sparked my attention. And Wall of Coins has been good to me too. So THANK YOU!

Would you please give me another follow? I think that because I was inactive for a few days, maybe you thought that I had given up on Steemit. But I haven't. I'm working to have my love of writing take hold again, and I believe that your insight would be very helpful to me and to the steemians that gratefully read my posts. Either way, I will still be following you closely and looking forward to each of your posts. Have a great day!

We have a lot of similarities in our story, as you'll see by reading my first post.


@shawnfishbit grateful you had patience with me unfollowing you and now I followed you again as well as upvoting your intro post! Finishing my comment on your intro post now!


Thanks a lot Jerry. I very much appreciate it. Hoping to get to know you and the community better over the next few weeks, months, and years.

You love your followers and thus your followers love you back too. Lots of love from India. And you have not even spared music. I saw your video recently. This is really cool, how you quickly adapt to any field you like. Something everybody should learn especially me. Keep the inspiration flowing.Cheers!!!!

Great post. I loved the relationship with the wife analogy applied to followers

This has been the most enlightening view i've seen so far on the subject of "online presence" as i'd like to call it. I can even use this way of thinking for my businesses FB page instead of just Steem (which i use privately). Thank you Jerry

I picture my soul going out to yours, greeting you in your heart, and collaborating to make the best life for both of us possible.

this was so poetic and beautiful. food for thought! personally, I follow someone I believe I can learn from, and who I feel has something interesting to share. we might not interact all the time, but it's good to know there's something we can discuss about. so for me, engagement is the key. thanks, and good day!

Thanks for the great post Jerry, I found it very helpful and have just made a post based on what I learnt. I am basically looking my happy medium, what I enjoy talking about and seeing if its what people want to learn more about. I will check in to your posts everyday to see what other helpful info you have. All the best, keep up the good work buddy. :)

rock on.. make and post some steemit youtube video here

Great Blog! Love the way it's layed out and it keep my attention the whole way through! Thanks, upvoted and Followed. DR

If you ask me you only get the right followers with doing what you do best and like.

Great post Jerry! Followed and upvoted! ;)

Nice post as usual Jerry - I joined steem because of you so I'm a fan.

Thanks for sharing Jerry. Upvoted and followed

I love all my followers, but I never asked for rollow. And when I see a "I followed you, please follow me back" message it's like a red rag for a bull to me.


Oh, how I love those six words.

If someone asks me though? To follow? I do follow them. It doesn't hurt my feed YET.

Sometimes, I do notify people that I am following them... just letting them know...

Rest is up to them - to follow me or not.


I do the same. But when people just spam me - I feel angry. Usually thouse who do this have no original content in the blog....


Hehe! Angry as in real angry?

Usually thouse who do this have no original content in the blog....

Yep! Some folks consider Steemit as, perhaps, get rich quick scheme. It's funny though! 😂


Well, not angry...But slightly annoyed:)


Haha! Ditto.

The other day some guy asks me for STEEM. I don't even know him and he wanted them just like that. Free Steems!

I was like: WTF!

It's crazy how people think they can do anything they want to.

Then again, I allow them to have their fun... as long as I have mine! :)


That's a way to go:) Ut seems no different as if a random guy would come to me in the street and ask a piese of my ice-cream, ha-ha:)
I yet haven't been asked for steems, but been asked for upvotes and follows.


Lol @ random guy asking for a piece of your ice cream! 😂

Imagine LICKING your ice cream... without asking you on the street. So weird!

Like you, I too see everyone as humans. Some smart. Some not so much.

In fact, just posted a comment above.

Do get upvote and follows request. So far, I am chill! :)

Hope I can last longer. Lol.


Ex-act-ly! :)


Yes inber I learned this the hard way myself about doing follow and follow back!

Great post! Always good content and inspiring to be a better person and sharing your knowledge. Keep up the great work and have an awesome day🌞
Best regards,

Your writing is very neat, I like this !!!

I love ur post, check out my friends. I think you may like this, its a California article Jerry


Thank you Dan that was an amazing photo journal that I upvoted and left a comment on!


thanks jerry you rock.

Jerry, I was lying in bed unable to sleep thinking why I'm not getting any followers. What am I doing wrong. Eventually I picked up my phone and went on steemit to see if I gained a follower. I actually lost one... I started just reading random post and stumbled upon yours. Rarely do I read such a long post but everything you said felt like you were scolding me becuase here I am doing exactly the same even though my online presence is still in it's baby stages. Everything I'm doing is wrong. I'm going back to the drawing board and will start to think of what I can give instead of what I can get. I like how you use the example of a serious relationship. I am and always was a good partner. So those experiences could relate to this. Thank you for opening my eyes. If I could I would buy you a beer. But instead, please take my upvote knowing it is a genuine upvote from my soul to yours. I will get rid of my greedy ways and start looking ar what I can do to make others happy instead of only getting what I want. Thank you.


@scrooger love that you shared this because it reminds me my first key step is feeling like I am worthy of love and belonging because without that it is hard to be interested in helping anyone else out in life. For me, it took being a part of a community that felt like a family for months to learn about what gets in the way of feeling like I am a good person that has something valuable to contribute to life. Once that is there life seems to present opportunities everywhere to help like this which I hope was helpful!


upvote + follow for you ;)


Hello @jerrybanfield would you follow me as well... I need a friend like you here on steemit

I like it :) very good post :)

This gave me some good advices. Not only for my online life, but also for my real life! So thanks.

The more you give in output to the world, the more you shall receive in return long-term. But with that mindset, just let it calm you. Do not obsess over receiving ANYTHING in return, for it shall come if you deserve it. I don't believe in Karma, but I do strongly believe in relationship building. People treat others with respect if they have earned it. Building a following on any platform is difficult, but thankfully once you get past the initial hoops it gets easier from there!

Really nice post. I followed you. Please follow me 🔙

Hi @jerrybanfield Steemit is my introduction to crypto and I have started off slow getting followers on here. I can see what you mean about building a base of people who appreciate your content over sheer numbers alone. Although I just passed 300 in about 3 weeks on here I try to write blog posts with my twist on a number of topics, business, advice, and life in general. It matters more what you post than only posting about hot topics, say Bitcoin non stop just to gain more upvotes.

Hi Jerry,

I have followed you over from your youtube Channel, I jsut also want to say because of you ans your stratefgy I have been using on Poloniex, I am already nearly X3 up on my investment in only 7 months.


@bootyp awesome to hear that thank you for telling me how your investments have grown after watching the Poloniex tutorial!

thank you for the great posts Jerry

Thanks for the post Jerry! I really appreciate your pointers - some of it is stuff that I roughly understand but you put it to words so well!

I'm in the process right now of experimenting with being a content creator, and Steemit is good for that since it's comparatively small and easier for me to get into personally, and it seems like there's a lot of people here who are interested and engaged. It's not an easy process, but I'm hoping I can connect with others here and provide some value to the community.

By the way I'm actually here because of your recommendation! So thanks a ton for your insights, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts.


@xerdo you're welcome and thank you for explaining what you are doing and how you got here with me because it helps me know what to keep doing!

I'd like a follow :P I am following you :3

Jerry - what do you think about P2P lending ?
Any thoughts about it ?


If you mean like LendingClub or places where the same can be done with Bitcoin or altcoins I love it!

You Came in Like a Wrecking Ball... @jerrybanfield
Forget everything I said in a previous comment! We need aJB Covers album! You Crack me up Man! Great Job JB, Keep doing your thing...

Thanks Jerry your post was very informative and gave me a few new insights.

When it comes to content, there is no specific content i like or not. A picture of a nice landscape can be equally satisfying as a long and thoughtful article.

I remember spamming you in your youtube live stream about steemit
Happy you join the steem community welcome

The very best way to get a person followed you back is posting good comments on his good posts. Engage and develop connections. :)

I really appreciate your content Jerry.. your transparency and all helps me alot

Thanks, Jerry. I found this post to be really inspiring. Keep up the good work. And welcome to steem.

Saw your youtube video, just started buying steem today. Lets make that money back you lost.

i like your honesty and personality

Thank you so much for the tips. They are spot-on and are very helpful, I will keep them in mind. Agree that being true to who you are and being genuinely interested to know, help and connect to others will help in building solid following and followers.

Thank you so much Jerry! Looking forward to learning more from your posts. :)

Please accept my simple thank you note



@jeanelleybee love your picture thank you note and voted up your recent posts! Thank you very much for resteeming "Introducing the Mentions App for Steem" because I really needed this and did not see it in trending posts but I did see it on your blog!


I also found it very helpful :) I usually resteem things that interests me and those that it would be helpful for future references. And thank you for dropping by my page :)

thanks for your information on steemit and youtube jerry! One question, can you speak also russian language ?


I do not thank you for asking!


have you read my comment on youtube about waves? If not no problem look at the waves platform and the advantages for you via my blog.


@selfmadeboss currently I usually only see comments here and I just learned a little bit about waves. While its features look powerful, I am not sure of the benefit right away?


the benefit is easy one benefit for crowdfunding companys & persons who want to do a project kickstart like all the other ICO´s and also real world projects can easily be done within the waves platform in 1 minute via a self defined token without any technical skill like you need in ethereum and also the customer who want to buy in in the ico or the project can do it easily in the DEX so it has this and other advantages over Ethereum all built in in an easy wallet with good GUI. But not only the Project is cool also the Initiator Sasha Ivanov is a good Gui in the Industry too thats why I support Waves too and bought some of course. Check my blog for further updates and infos about waves and other high quality stuff.

Q: After reading this, what do you think about the best way to build an enthusiastic following on Steem?
A: I agree that relationship-building is the key to have a good following. Having started on Steemit with ZERO popularity, I did find this the most effective way, being out there and getting involved. At first, I was very focused on creating posts on anything and everything that interested me, and got a little frustrated whenever I see that I am reaching a very limited audience. Being new, I did follow back everyone who followed me, and take the time to view their page in an attempt to build a connection. I read through their work, comment on their posts and engages in conversation. @followseveryone 's page interested me though, as I've seen him following thousands of users and have hundreds of followers of his own. And this is without him posting much.

And so I am guilty of following as many users as I can, and slowly see my followers increase. Knowing that I have a wider audience actually increased my enthusiasm to author.
You are correct though, having as much following can clutter your feed, and so I have started to slowly clean up my list as well.

I intend to keep following all my followers, as I appreciate the fact that they have a place for me.

I'll continue to follow the users who, even though do not follow me back, inspires me in many ways. The inspiration I get will actually have a ripple effect- I being able to create content that will be inspirational to my followers as well.

And yes, this works if you find ways to love everyone.


You're not doing anything wrong by following a lot of people so they follow you back. There are two sides to every coin.

I follow over 24,000 people and have 3200+ followers. Why did I start doing it? Not for myself - I haven't personally posted anything on Steemit in months. I built this up primarily, but not exclusively, so I could have some power to help people with posts that have fallen through the cracks and don't get the attention they deserve.

A resteem from me can have as much impact as a vote from a whale. Not in most cases, however; a lot of times it just helps a little, but my resteems ALWAYS result in at least a few more dollars and followers for the authors. I also believe it helps encourage those authors.

Jerry makes some good points, but this is not Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any of the others...

This is Steemit. It's unique, and the dynamic that makes it work is unique.

Whales have the voting power, but there are other ways to wield power here, and one of those ways is to build up your followers and help others with your resteems. How you get those followers is irrelevant, imo.

If the downside is a cluttered feed, oh well. The upside is more than worth it.

Now, having said all that, I do agree with Jerry that if you are only building followers this way to promote your own posts, it's not going to work as well as you think. Selfishness and self-centered motives soon become evident on a transparent platform like this.


Thanks @joanaltres for sharing your thoughts on this, a definite affirmation on my previous post
I'm very happy with my progression in the community, but happier and fulfilled to see lots of other newcomers grow with me.


Well, you are doing great for a newcomer! I would resteem that post too, but it's already at day 10. I'll keep a watch for your other posts, @dreamiely.

Also, I should mention that Jerry's stuff is really good. He's brought a fresh perspective to a lot of important topics and I'm glad he is here. I don't want to seem contradictory - he's giving some solid advice in this article - I'm simply adding my own view for consideration, based on my own experience with this platform and following.

Jerry definitely ROCKS and so do you. :)

Thanks for sharing Jerry, I've learned alot from you! I first knew about you from your crypto videos on youtube when you were trading cryptos, but the most memorable video is the #1 lesson you learned investing in cryptos. I'd love to hear any opinion from you on any of my posts if any of them interest you.

hey jerry thanks for the last article vote do you like coffee check this out.

wow so delicious

excellent post
i agree with you if we want to have more followers and people who like our posts here or there of course not one want to give and give but never get nothing in return
thanks Jerry i follow you and i hope you check my blogs too :)
if you like it

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Another very informative post. I've actually been tempted to follow as many people as possible to see if they follow me back but realised this will just be filling my feed with so much irrelevant stuff. I want to concentrate on making some real friends here who share helpful information. I also just watched your latest youtube video, you should post it here! Its honesty about your mistakes was refreshing and did help me know what pitfalls to avoid. Thanks

Hey @jerrybanfield! I've been following you since forever, and I've even commented on some of your videos that have helped my business and molded my mindset. I know that you've used techniques that haven't engaged your audience properly and although it brought short-term success, it's hard to keep everything going in the long-term. With that said, even though your audience may not engage all the time on every piece of content, I assure you that most people understand the value you bring to every community you're involved in.

What I like about Steemit so far is that it feels like the community is incredibly engaged, both because of the financial incentive but also because everything is transparent. With the quality of content you product, I'm sure that you won't have a hard time building a really active community.

I say this because you influenced me to start a Steemit, and I actually mentioned you in my first post. Check it out if you have a chance. I really appreciate your hard work and how you've motivated my life! When I get my first online course, I plan to support you on Patreon as a thank you :)


@thankyoujay appreciate you letting me know you have been following forever and I just upvoted the posts you made! Nice tip about the post editor!


Thanks Jerry! Appreciated it. Great video today by the way. It helps me plan my schedule too, that's one question I've always had for you. Best of luck buddy!

Great post and advice. I have avoided social media since MySpace. Steem has it all...decentralized, simple to use and pays back for our efforts. These tips are very useful.

Hello @jerrybanfield,
I discovered your YouTube channel about two weeks ago when searching for information on cryptocurrency. I've found myself watching several of your videos a day since that time. I've also been reading and bookmarking your STEEMIT posts to learn more about how to be a valuable member of the community. Your "Top 10 mistakes in cryptocurrency" YouTube has been extremely valuable to my view on trading and investing. I firmly believe in NOT reinventing the wheel. If I can find a reliable source of information to help me become a better trader, investor, and contributor to STEEMIT, then I'll stick with it. I've found just that in all the posts and videos you have created. Thank you for taking the time to do that for your loyal followers. Have a wonderful day. :)

Also a fan of Vanessa Van Edwards!
Didn't knew she became so popular to be picked up by you :)

The fact that you're reading the her as well makes me feel I read the right books!

Thanks! )

This post was incredibly helpful to me. I am a newbie, only 2 days on Steemit and very enthusiastic. My reason for joining Steemit was your recommendation, and I have been very happy about my decision. Your post today clarified how to proceed for maximum enjoyment of the whole process, and maximum benefits on both sides of each interaction. Thank you so much for all the work you do!

Great post! Followed you immediately after seeing your Youtube videos :) Already invested in STEEM.

Another great post @jerrybanfield. Yes, you do write long posts, but there is no fluff. You are the reason I joined Steemit after watching your YT videos. :)

I love Steemit now, but will love Bitcoin too.

yes, we all want to make money online and will do anything to learn and earn more. I like your story of buying likes, but is this not part of the process? We are desperate to make it work online and will do anything. Even wrong things. But is this not the way you learn and we will learn too?

"What I also noticed is that out of those likes, less than one in 10,000 was likely to have a meaningful interaction with my page."


I'm very interested in Facebook ad clicks and click farms. Were you able to get any sense of how many of these were actually real, disinterested users versus faked? I've read from a few sources that very large amounts of clicks for some ad campaigns originate in places like Asia from places like Thailand, heavily implying the ad stats themselves are (unintentionally or otherwise) being propped up by fake users. Facebook has had to refund some advertisers after being forced to admit it overestimated some ads reach. It would certainly partially explain your results. I've seen numbers estimated as high as 93% of clicks in some cases originating in these presumed click-farms.


Thanks for posting your experiences honestly. I too have noted from observation that negativity, even if accurate and dispensed judiciously, is rarely attractive to others and does not generally pull in large groups. Keep it up.

HaiJerry, I found your videos today, Great work.

Thank you so much for your stories Jerry !!!

@jerrybanfield Thank You for the good content. While reading your post, i brought some corrections on some mistakes i made in my latest post. I readed watched a lot of your posts on steemit for hours. They are interresting and long LOL. Thanks again for the values.

Followed you and up voted.Keep up the good work mate.

I've learnt so much following you @jerrybanfield. thanks for posting this great content.

ps. please follow me too :)

Thank you Jerry, i've been uselessly lingering around on steemit since march expecting money to fall from the sky, now thanks to you i realise that i'm not putting the required work and effort to become a popular account here on steemit.I think that should be a work in progress going forward

You mentioned that ads on facebook just attracted likes on your page but mostly nothing else. This could be an issue on steemit as well, people just voting 'popular' posts for the curation. Of course, there is a difference since people will get paid for it. But about the quality of the posts?

I think in the long term, steemit will take a form of several shorter communities where each one will be able to support each members, something like a 'clan' on video games. I could be wrong though..

Very insightful post!

Before I forget you said something in one of your videos about Dash. You said you thought Dash was going to die.

Dash has a new feature coming out that will make using Dash as easy as using a bank account. Don't you think this will boost them? Or is there something I don't know?

I am really interested in your answer because you have worked with them. Thanks.

Thanks.. great post Jerry, especially helpful to those of us starting out. I particularly like your point 4 :). I will definitely be searching you out on your other platforms to learn as much as I can. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

Per usual, another great post. Been following you for a long never disappoint in your approach. Keep on keeping on!

This is a must-read for every new Steemian. Very thoughtful of you to have shared this. As a matter of fact, you are the first person I followed on Steemit. I have learned so much from your posts. Thank you and good luck.

Hey Jerry, this was extremely helpful and enlightening! I got into Steem and Steemit because of your videos on Youtube so you were the first person I wanted to follow on this platform. Thanks for getting the word out and for all your valuable content! Upvoted!

This is the firs time a red a blog like this, the way you appreciate your followers and fellow steemians is indeed admirable. If you dont mind and if you have time try to visit this blog to introduce a little about myself to you.. thanks @jerrybanfield..

Appreciate your live wise energetic convincing personality @jerrybanfield

You have been PROMOTED FREE for using the "marketing" TAG (hashtag)

I think this platform has some great potential. I have already witnessed a number of people with huge amounts of followers on youtube showing interest in steem. Get in while its cheap.

great post for a new comer like me~!....

I'm watching your livestream right now :)

Hello again @jerrybanfield , it is such a pleasure reading your post. Very straightforward and clear. The past hour I have been reading only from you to have some great takeaways. Looking forward to have such a great personality as you on my followers list @progressivechef . Your presence will surely help me realise the dream to come to help for the poor and needy people, I am a chef and wish to cater for the poor for free. I hope you will like my posts.

@jerrybanfield, I love what you wrote... it all boils down to this in life... "We rarely care about anything except how people make us feel. Bottom line if we feel good together, following each other is only logical." :)

Good lesson from the master himself @jerrybanfield
Following and hope u follow me too...

i hope i can learn to write better and give more to those who are following -great content J

good readings.....followed you!!!

thanks for the information glad i found your video.

Interesting Jerry, cause I just read your "Cryptocurrency Price Predictions for July 2017!", & before hitting the follow button I seen the link to this page..So here I am..
The funny thing is that yesterday I unfollowed everyone that did not follow me after I followed them..And in every case I mentioned that I am now hitting the follow button, giving them the option to also follow me..Then I thought that this might change cause I don't want to spend hours looks through other peoples post for any thing that might be useful to me, & something that I may want to respond to..
FYI; I joined Steemit this month, so I'm still a newbie.gif ..
To make a long story short, I am about to embark on a new journey into the world of cryptocurrencies.. After reading the previous page that you posted, it seems like I should wait a bit until the crypto values go down..
I don't want to make the same mistake as i did with the gold that I bought, it went down right after I bought some(although it should recover & still be a good investment in the long run)..
PS: As you can see, I'm trying to build a solid portfolio towards a secure lucrative future..
Thanks for any advice that you give me..Hitting the follow button now!!
A big thumbs up to you
A BIG like button.gif