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Life motivates us day by day to dream, laugh, cry and invent, having endless opportunities for things to transcend as we want and not as the world indicates that it should be. In other words, we must develop our own being. Leaving aside mediocrity, intolerance to change and, above all, forget the phrase that harms us the most, I can not! That phrase that harms us like any cancer in its terminal stage ... that cancer that eats you from the deepest your insides to finish with your bones and with that the desire to live and change the world, with your versatile way of seeing and explaining a WHOLE.

Today we are very few who dare to develop their seed, making the way we want to walk with radicalization, regardless of what they say? or simply if they are right or wrong for the world. Conformism, gregariousness and imitation have become so frequent in today's societies; I wonder, will we let ourselves go? Or simply imitate with our subconscious what the "system" wants you to do, these imitations reach our unconscious mind through advertising media. And we end up involved in everything that most people do ...
And if some day we dare to shout "hey world I do not give a damn what you think" and we do what we really want, let our ancestors continue with their cultures and their wars, make our own cultures and our own wars or better we do our own love ... where our partner simply does not matter (with not damaging it is enough), but let's invent ourselves day by day.

Daring to develop the seed itself ... is to explore different lands, different worlds and deep waters, where we believe that we can transport ourselves to future centuries and invite the movements of the time to make things better than we did; where our mistakes are seen as teachings and vice versa, without the need for the world to adapt to us, simply learning to subsist and be self-sufficient to forget the paradigm where the "world must be for man and man for the world".

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