How I Was The Richest Man In The World And Didn't Realize It... And I Don't Mean Money

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Depression can be a real bitch.

It is unbelievable how you can have almost the perfect life and not even be able to see it due to the way depression affects your perception.

If you've never had serious depression before consider yourself to be very lucky. And, there is simply no way to explain it to you if you haven't felt it. It's that bad.

Luckily, in the last two years I have managed to do the hard work necessary to fight myself out of depression (for the most part) and in my latest video I discuss my most recent epiphanies.

The biggest of them being how I truly had everything but couldn't even recognize it.

Once I was able to recognize it and learn how to be grateful for it, it pushed me even further out of depression.

It's actually all kind of hard to describe... I try my best in this video though:

Many people have told me how much this video touched them and inspired them. So, if you are in need of inspiration, check it out.

And if you are depressed know that there is hope. I am just one example!

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Thanks for sharing that. I used to have blue skies also, but meditation helped a lot.
I have been in a retreat led by Ferenc Jalics S.J., his way of meditation is simple and works. Read his book, You can order here:

Try it, You will not regret it!

I have suffered from depression for most of my adult life..meditation is the thing that broke the mould for me x


Totally agree, meditation is a game changer.


you are a great storyteller @jeffberwick! you tell your stories spontaneously with specific details ☺-- i had fun listening; you are in the right track, one thing im learning in my own metamorphosis, just flow like a river.. all the best!


absolutely, meditation is a game changer, and might I add that 24/7 mindfulness is the turbo boost to the game changer. By mindfulness 24/7, I mean just going through your daily life, as normal, even the depressive parts, but adding mindfulness (wakeful meditation aka witnessing) to your mind and emotions as you go about your day. Somehow, the works like being in meditation WHILE living life as normal, and it really changes things. That's in addition to the normal mediation sessions. Thanks for a great post!

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I have struggled with depression for my entire adult life. Its super super important to deal with it!!! Attack it until you find your way to beat it... otherwise every moment of your life is miserable. Don't fear social interaction. It will probably help you. Don't fear trying new meds. Demand them from your doctor. Avoid illicit drugs (in my situation, marijuana made the depression worse).

Right now I am on the best combination of meds I have ever used, and its working pretty good. Strangely, the happiest i've ever been was while on psilocybin or salvia. Hah! However, these are NOT long term solutions! Socialization and hard work and EXERCISE is probably the best medicine!


The best solution would be to undergo deep healing. Then your brain would actually heal and you wouldn't be depressed anymore. Following a Nutritional Balancing program would do just that. You can learn more @

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jeff thanks for the personal insight of the battle u had. my mother suffered from depression from child to adult. this took place many decades ago when not as much was known about depression or how to cope with it. it effects everyone in ur life and at that time was not discussed and left my brother and i confussed until years later. i am so happy u are doing better . take care.

You are on your winning ways against depression, thank you for inspiring a lot of people...

Thank you for sharing very good post.

It's inspiring to hear someone talk about 2 step forwards 1 step back after life time journey and cry sober tears of joy on camera. Thanks for sharing.

This must be a theme going on. I just wrote a blog about a very similar subject before seeing this. You're doing a lot of good, Jeff! It's like success though... "Success is never owned, its only rented and rent is due everyday". Life is a real struggle, and it gets even harder when we lose focus of our responsibilities. We all have to take ownership of our actions, because we always reap what we sow, more than we sow, later than we sow. That's why its so important to give generously and honestly with humility. To give thanks when thanks are due, and to continually humble ourselves - not think less of ourselves, but for the betterment of others. And the betterment of others doesn't always mean giving them what they want, but what they need. Its like one of my favorite Proverb's says "Wounds from a friend can be trusted, yet an enemy multiplies kisses" PRVB 27:6

@jeffberwick depression can be a real son of a bitch, when im at my lowest i seek out the gratitude in the simplest things like breathing and walking , and it helps me a stable mindset. Nice share.

Beautiful and heart-felt message, Jeff. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

Dealt with depression since adolescence and went through the worst last year. New Year's Eve brought me my epiphany - I had to blame myself for my own state and perception.

Haven't been sad since.

Love your stuff Jeff. So, from another Jeff, best wishes! :)

New Post!

Saw this when you first posted on you tube: was watching you every day there for a while...a fascinating journey. I'm depressed too; on paxil for lack of a better solution


You are depressed because your brain is not functioning correctly. Basically this is due to nutritional deficiencies and toxic overload -- although the situation appears very complex, addressing the problems of nutrition and toxicity will help your body to fix whatever is causing you to be depressed.

The challenge for you will be to choose the correct method of restoring your health. Most systems of healing do not work that well and cause other problems later on. At this time, I can only recommend that you begin a Nutritional Balancing program immediately. It really works.

thank you

Thank you for sharing.

You inspired me recently to try fasting and its been every bit as amazing as you said it would be.

la depresión debería ser para adolescentes, nosotros , podemos conseguir cerveza y marihuana hombre ;), el hombre esta echo ha imagen y semejanza de Dios, todo lo que nos propongamos seremos capaz de lograrlo, la única limitación que existe somos nosotros mismo y el miedo a no hacerlo

great story about your children Jeff, i am humbled to know more about you -thanks very much for sharing something so real. I have also suffered clinical depression in the past and have been lucky enough to work my way through it. All the best, David

Real talk.

Great article Jeff. I'm glad you've been able to get through the darkness. I'm really enjoying all of your Anarchast interviews these days- Keep up the great work.

Getting out of depression can be real tough for some people. I personally have experienced depressions many times but luckily I overcame all of them with support from my family, and some positive thinking. Being away from work and some goal can lead to depression as well. To lead a life devoid of depression, I suggest to have a hobby, indulgence in creative works, and to have a social life. We should TALK and then we will FEEL GOOD! Thanks for your post.

Trying my best. Learning from your videos. Especially the one about detox. Trying activated charcoal.

First, I want to note the stregth it takes to openly share what many would consider to be a weakness, especially for men who are taught not to express emotion. I too have dealt with depression off and on since about 18 years old and I hope to share my story on steemit soon. Thanks for the inspiration!


I don't believe in men having to avoid emotion to be a man when real men are able to cry and share their emotions with people be it loved ones or online like here on Steemit!
Depression is no weakness, but it can get hard to do anything or break away from.


Agreed 100%

I've struggled with it since the downturn in 2008 mostly due to financial issues. I dropped pretty much every hobby that I had and did nothing but go to work, eat and sleep. Gained a few lbs from doing nothing... Then I started to cycle as it kept my mind off of all of the issues and continued with light running and now with swimming once a week. I still have issues and continue to use sports and a semi antidote. But you can't keep working out forever...

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Great content @jeffberwick, thank you for sharing. Relaying the lessons you learned about yourself to others is very noble. I am a newcomer to Steemit and will be posting an introduction post soon! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Nothing gets a man's attention like a beautiful woman. It can really wake you up, wherever you are in life!

After summer everyone is in depression.Music cures depression..Very good post !

I also suffered from depression most my life....until a made a monumental decision.

I came out transgender. Coming to terms with the fact that my male body didn't match my female soul took a lot. I was in denial my whole life, and it took a suicide attempt to finally come to terms with it.

Now after two years of transition, my life has rebuilt, and I have happiness that I never knew would ever be possible. Life is hard, but I actually have dreams for my future now.

I have sometimes had that felling here in Thailand, but when you just stop up and remind yourself, where you came from and what journey it have been to come there, it goes away. There are many people who strucle in my birth country Denmark, so i should be spoiled not to appreciate what i have.
Nice video series have have put on there Jeff. Please continue when ever you fell like or have the time to do it.
I really love that you are not affraid to showing your fellings. Your daugther is so beautiful, with here big braun eyes, remind me of my daugther was the age. My daugther is a half philippines/danish

"Rich without cash"... that's literally how i feel everyday.

Thanks, people here might also like to read this recent article I wrote, since its on the same subject, A Different Perspective On Depression and The Ecology Of Human Consciousness

Hello @jeffberwick! Thank you so much for sharing your story. What a great realization that you had and it's amazing how it unlocked the burden in you. We need to come back to it and be grateful every single day - I need to remind myself of this. Wow how powerful it is the connection between the mind and the body and what they are able to do.

I do believe as well that life will give us things when we need it and my whole life I witness how universe guides me step by step to where I am now. May peace be with you and God bless you!

Nice to hear your life story. Very inspiring , this has taught me how powerful gratitude is. We need to realize and appreciate what we have before it is too late. I wish you and your family all the best. Keep up with that attitude . To keep depression at bay I suggest you try new stuff or learn something new/interesting :)

True .. Its impossible to make someone never had a depression to understand.
.. e.g to watch happy people when depressed is like hell .. It just hurt and you avoid it by any means .. While for a healthy person its inspiring ...

I too have a past with depression but have managed to move past it. It really is like shaking off chains. All the best for the future <3

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We have choices in life, no matter what, it's up to you to make the changes as we grow.
We all make mistakes, a wise man learns from them, a fool continues doing them.
It's not an easy road once you have fallen off the right path, but as you have inspired many, it is possible.
Good job!

Have been following up your YouTube channel lately.. getting enlightened by your knowledge.. as well as witnessing you being open to your emotion .. it's just awesome!
As I am slowly and cautiously in the mid of re-forming my insights towards everything, i'm glad to discover your channel when you're at a healthy awaken stage..
Take care and more to come Jeff!

Health is wealth

You learned the lesson you needed. The next path on your life path opened. It's time for the next lesson. Do not rush. Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia.

Wonderful Jeff!

Thanks for sharing your story Jeff. I have been following you for a while now and love your videos. Always sending you positive energy. Take care.

Well done on your journey and I hope you continue to live a happy life mate! Being able to identify what makes you happy and feel less or not depressed at all in the moments with whatever makes you happy, they are worth holding onto and remembering any time you need it.

I use to get heavy bouts of depression randomly which made me not know what had just hit me and it affected my life a lot, but over the years, I have become capable of controlling it through my own identifiers and working hard at making my life amazing and positive.

Great inspiration, we are all grateful for your post.

Depression it's something that many people will have in their lives! Meditation, positive affirmations and setting goals can help you with depression!
I loved your article, so upvoted it for sure!!!

You can also check my blog, I believe it can help you! You can find motivation, inspirations, and advices on Life and Business! You can also follow me! :)

Depression is like a dark hole that can just keep falling with no end to it ..i have been there and know what it is like ..but saw dogs in your blog pic.. they are truly man best friend .. all the money in the world cant buy the love they give us. The only way to get out of the hole is cling on to the side walls and climb up !!! Thank you for sharing ))

Jeff, love the recent youtube videos you've been posting. Keep it up!!!

This is great. Thankyou for your time to do this post. It's so true that money can't buy happiness, and that you can be rich and successful in other ways than being wealthy. If you're happy, healthy and surrounded by people you love it can't get much better than that.

Depression is where you go to grow, it's learning to let go of what no longer works or serves us.

@jeffberwick we all have times where things go wrong, bad times, this is only temporary. Great post

I never suffered 'true depression' before, although I thought I did when I veered dangerously close to it at one point in my life. Then I met friends who had actually been through it. It sounds horrifying, to say the least. Glad you were able to come out of it.

Jeff is quite an interesting character I love you man. You're the best!

Eh Jeff, Go Canada!

Life is depressing at times. I believe eating a Kosher diet, resting on the Sabbath, and following God's laws are key for a fulfilling life. Jesus is the way! Peace!

Who is your favorite hockey team by the way?

Jeff, kudos to you for speaking about mental health issues that significantly affects a huge part of our population that is often not talked about or ignored.