Waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

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Have you ever had one of those days when the world goes one way and you go the other?

You wake up in a little corner of your bed, rolled up in a ball....leg stuck way up in the air.

Ouch. How did that happen?

That's how I felt this morning.

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Twisted neck, aching arms, bent back.

It's like my body woke up in the middle of the night and said instead of sleeping on the bed... let's try to sleep on the wall.

The tinny alarm from your smartphone goes unheard for several minutes, waking up your roommate who has just worked the nightshift.

Hey dickhead!

You know the rest.

Despite rushing to get ready, you still find yourself 10 minutes late for work. No time for coffee.

The large table that has already been waiting for you for some time now has ordered 16 cups. You won't be getting one anytime soon, although you will be able to smell that sweet aroma.

My favorite manager got demoted, and will be leaving the company in two weeks. Very sad.

She is more than a manager. She has been my friend on occasions when it seemed like I did not have anyone else, and I will miss her. Especially on those particularly busy Thanksgiving and Christmas days. Yes we are now open all day on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For the majority of the day it has seemed like every time somebody turns left, I find myself turning right. I guess I really did need that cup of Joe.

Well, we make do. We make due? I wonder which is correct.

It doesn't matter.

I'm finally home and ready for the next part of my day.

Something good has happened to me.

@nathanmars delegated 777 SP to me.

Awesome news! I love that guy.

I hope all of you have had a more comfortable day so far than I have.

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did you figure out.... is it make do or make due???

now i need to know!

and how the heck did you get a delegation of 777????? sheesh. LOL as if you need it - poop!


and i'm sorry to hear that your manager friend is leaving - that really is a crappy thing. it's so nice to have a work environment that is pleasant and supportive


It was delegated from @nathanmars. He's a really cool guy that you might consider checking out. An investor. I was quite surprised by the delegation myself.

Make do is the currently acceptable way but 50 years ago it was make-due. Crazy huh?

She'll be gone in a couple of weeks which really sucks because we are open every single day during the holiday season she is a big help to me when she is there.


that's totally awesome about the delegation! i was joking when i said "as if you need it" we ALL need it! hehehehe

and i would check him out if he was funny! is he funny???? LOL i like funny guys cuz i'm a giggly kind of girl hehehehe

and make do, make due. what in the world? why... how... i'm confused. neither one make sense anyway! LOL

maybe you'll be fortunate and find a replacement that's an even BETTER worker and friend for you!!!!! :) fingers crossed!


Well to quote a fictional character from the series of books that I'm currently reading called The First Law trilogy

One has to be realistic about these things.


my friend likes to build castles in the sky

when he's done - i live in them.

you're talking to the wrong chick about being realistic ;)

Nothing fatal to have a gray day that only stacks bad news.
Well your day was a negative part until you received such generous support.


Yes that was cool and very unexpected.

Sounds a bit like my morning. The alarm in the building next door rang for the entire night so I crawled out of bed in an awful state this morning and managed to drop my jar of coffee on the floor before I could get a spoon of it into my cup.


That's pretty funny. I hope you were eventually able to get your cup. The other night I woke up in the middle of a dream to find that the house alarm was going off. It wouldn't turn off no matter what. Then the night after that the same thing happened. I had to call the landlord to try to figure out what was going on, and we never did figure it out. I think maybe one of the smoke detectors is going bad.

I hate the days like that, it seems that nothing will turn out that day ... I think our body knows how our day will be because whenever a day is bad it starts with a pain or discomfort.
But your day closed positive thanks to @nathanmars, Such a generous show changes the day completely.


That's definitely true.

I HATE when that happens. That is terrible to not have coffee, but have to smell it's sweet aroma. Congrats on the delegation.


Thank you. It was quite unexpected.

I'm sorry you are losing your friend and ally at work. That really sucks. :(

And in addition, now you are only get to smell the coffee (that sounds like a metaphor for becoming woke) instead of drinking it!!??

And your body sleeps vertically against walls, against your will! It's like in your sleep, you become Mr. Bean.

Thank goodness something good happened for you today. You needed it. Thank goodness for @nathanmars!

Hope tomorrow is better.


Well we all have good days and bad days. Thank you for leaving another insightful comment.

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Such is life, right?

Yes, I have had those days. Sometimes I try to fight it, other times I resign to the fact the day is going to suck. Lol

If we try really hard we can generally salvage part of the dsy. Even if we end up laughing at how bad it was.