TAU: The best movie about Artificial Intelligence on Netflix.

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Every now and then a movie comes along and just kind of blows your mind. To tell you the truth, it doesn't happen very often with me these days.

I love science fiction and horror movies, and I love movies about artificial intelligence, but for the most part I've seen just about everything you can throw at me.

At least, that's what I thought before seeing this movie.

Source: Imdb.com

TAU only has a couple of actors in it. I didn't recognize any of them, but apparently Gary Oldham is the voice of the Artificial Intelligent unit called TAU.

The tagline:

A woman is held captive by a scientist in a futuristic smart house, and hopes to escape by reasoning with the Artificial Intelligence that controls the house.

That sounds pretty boring huh?

Well it doesn't give you all the details of what's really going on, although it actually does sum it up pretty well without actually expressing what's good about the movie.

A multitude of people are abducted by a psychopathic scientist.

He puts implants in their necks and then uses their reasoning and cognitive skills to develop further research for his Artificial Intelligence units. Removing the implants kills them.

So in essence he is a psychopath that is kidnapping, and then murdering, unwilling research subjects. Sounds more interesting now right?

This scientist, named Alex, lives in a smart house that is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence unit called TAU.

TAU is not only the house, but also a robot that can do things such as torture and murder people, and also several tiny flying robots that do cleaning chores and help around the place.

So TAU is kind of like the house in Eureka but more advanced, and much scarier.

Here's the kicker....

Although the scientist that runs the project is a psychopathic torturer and kidnapper, and often uses TAU to do his dirty work.... TAU is none of those things.

TAU is truly sentient. TAU is not evil, however, he is forced to comply with his horrible master.

Can Julia escape from her tormentor with the help of this Artificial Intelligence that is under his control?

That is the question.

I don't want to spoil the movie, but I have to include this one part that really got to me.

Julia explains to TAU that he is a killer. TAU insists that he is not. Thunderclouds all through the house.

"You KILLED all those people!" she yells out.

Softly, hesitantly, TAU replies...."Were they all Julias?" recognition finally dawning.

If you're looking for a smart, fast-paced thriller you can't go wrong with TAU.

It's a great movie.

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Are this movie is available in youtube.

hmm i am more of a series guy as i prefer to have a couple of episodes watch and ''fill the fulfillment'' instead of one time only deal but after you wrote

Here's the kicker....

It intrigued me and i bookmarked it!


Great to hear. If you're a series guy you might want to consider Altered Carbon if you haven't already.


i just watched the trailer and bookmarked this one too! thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks @jeezle, this one sounds worth seeing...


All this time and you still misspelled my name? LOL.

I do think that you would enjoy it.


Forgive me, I was quite tired when I posted that comment. I will check out TAU sometime. Thanks for the tip.

I love the intriguing end part of the movie.


Yes the ending is good.

OMG, a Gary Oldman movie I haven't seen. And a sci-fi movie, and a thriller, AND recommended. How did I miss this!?

Added to my list of movies to watch. :)


Well In fairness it's only his voice that's in the movie but it is really incredible movie and should definitely check it out.

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