So I saw this in a supermarket bathroom earlier...

in #life2 years ago


Was this meant to depict a person throwing away his (surya) good luck and prosperity? Or, is it meant to depict a person throwing away wàn and the manji (or all of creation)? I'm not naive. I know that they're trying to equate Nazis with trash. I get that. Given the atrocities that they performed, I can't say it's unwarranted. But, what the posters fail to account for is that the swastika is a symbol used throughout history by different cultures, each with a different meaning. The trouble with symbolism is that we can't, nay we shouldn't generalize its definition. Much like with words, especially in a global community that we live in, one person's interpretation may be wildly different from another's. That's why context is key, and most importantly, we have to be careful to consider other people's interpretation.

I can't believe I had this epiphany inside a public bathroom. But, aren't bathrooms the birthplace of the greatest ideas after all?

First time to use Steepshot by the way. Could you tell with the hashtags? Haha!

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Whatttt?!? Hahahaa, I'm sorry, I know it's not politically correct to laugh, but that is one of the craziest signs I've ever seen!! And I saw this sign on route 66:
2018-06-05 00.13.49.jpg
(really though, how awful is this for the family of the girl, seeing the vehicle she died on when they drive by??)

I'm definitely trying out steepshot next blog post-lots of tags are fun!!

You should see the street signs here in the Philippines, a lot of them are all kinds of crazy taken out of context haha! Talking about crazy, the one you took a picture of is crazy insenstive. I wish they didn't show the picture or the real name. It was tragic, but they didn't have to nail it in. They could've just kept her identity anonymous. I mean, the message would still have come across, I think.

I agree, I thought it was creepy actually. I would be pissed if they had done that with my sister's accident, though I imagine the family must have agreed to it or it couldn't have been done don't you think? I don't know how they can stand it.

Oh for sure. That's really awful if they went above the family's heads. It might have given them some level of catharsis. At least, I hope it did,

Bathrooms are where the epiphanys are at man!! That sign is hilarious!

So many tags!!!!! :OD

I was confused if I should put a spin on the tissue paper when I threw it.

Made me think back to that time I tweeted every word as a hashtag. #simpler #times

Oh, oh, I don't know the acronym!!

Neither do I! I was going to ask you what it meant!

I thought that's where you dispose of your used throwing stars.


I thought so too, but then I realized why put them to waste when you could just throw them at your enemies. The blunter the better, as my granpappy used to say.

Personally, I thought it's where you dispose of those damned fidget spinners

I think you are right. Fidget spinners are a fad that will disappear fast.

Hasn't it already!?

Good point.

Back in the 80's, I remember playing with these. ( I guess they were essentially fidget spinners. But, you could get them to close to 1000 RPM and if a piece broke off, people could get hurt ... back in the good old days. ;-)

There is still a dent in the metal ceiling of my high school shop class where a battery jettisoned from a light-up whizzer I was spinning.

80's? I remember playing with these deep in the 90's! Heck, we even fashioned makeshift ones ourselves haha! I guess that alone is proof it outlived the fidget spinner.

Indeed bathrooms can offer moments of epiphany but I would like to think it is the state of mind rather than the place. Thanks for sharing.

That's a great perspective! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Oh me, oh my! It's an honor and a privilege!

I think I nipped in before the window closed! Don't even know how I missed this o_O

Anyway, "deposit waste here" in a bathroom. I jumped straight to body waste and was like um where else would you put it in this day and age in a so-called civilised society? Then I actually looked at the diagram XD

Bathrooms (public or otherwise) are totally the birthplace of great ideas. Maybe due to the lack of distraction XD Worked for Archimedes anyway :D

Haha! That would probably work, but I don't know if anyone would jump on that idea. Probably too public.

Whew! Good to know. I was beginning to print pictures of you and fitting them into dartboards, whilst constantly checking if you've left a comment. Remember, there's already a Fyn picture out there in the wild hahaha!

You know sometimes I feel like I'm a reincarnated Archimedes. Or, at least I hope I am haha!

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