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in #life2 years ago

You're starting to look like you can narrate a thousand word epic, J.R.R. BROlkien! My month's worth of fluff didn't come half as luscious as yours currently is. In two weeks time, I bet you could start casting spells with that majestic beardery!

I hate those guys that brag about being able to do something that you've worked hard in achieving. I'd like to say more but I feel like it'll be too over the top.


Brolkien! Magic!! I love it!!

Oh yes, there will be magic alright!! Today it riffled in the wind! I felt a certain pride :0D

Yours was a magnificent mane!!

It truly was, wasn't it? Like the ring that wraps around the regal lion cub!

It was, I was sorry too see the remains lying wistfully on the floor!

For everyone on Steemit, it felt like it came and went. But for me, it stayed. Like a phantom limb, I stroke the air where it once was majestically every time.

And you majestically stroke it too!!

I just did... and the wind moaned back. Is it supposed to do that?

Yes but don't tell...

Oh of course, of course. No gentleman in his right mind would..

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