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RE: The No-Bones-Just-Stuff Ninja of the Night

in #life4 years ago

Ahaha! Yet again, I have a similar story in store, but with a different slimy critter. It's the second time you posted ahead of me haha! I must say it's such a delight to hear stories like this from you :D Such profound experiences can only happen in the dead of knight. I'm sure you're right when you said that your life will never the same haha!


Haha! How funny!

We are clearly leading quite similar lives when it comes to tales we have to tell!!!

Thank you my friend!

Gah! So that's why some people call me Johleen some times! I haven't thought much about it until now. It seems that I am the Filipino Johleen after all.

Hahahaha!!! It all becomes clear!!

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