Life Always Finds A Way... (To Screw With Us)

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Last week, my tire pressure monitor lit up, but we couldn't find the source of it. I brought in my car to the vulcanizing shop the other day, and they found a screw had a punctured it. A measly, one-inch screw. Not even a nail. A freaking screw! Blunt edge and everything. Even the picture above looks like a middle finger to me.

But, the whole ordeal made me think about an understated lesson. Bad things will always happen. They're almost unavoidable, in fact. We can't control how often they appear, but we can control how we react to them. If we refuse to move on and let things bog us down, we're the only ones that lose. So, this is just a reminder to roll with the punches and adapt to whatever life throws at you.

I got rained on after I gave away my umbrella, my sidemirror got dinged after I let a jaywalker pass, my name got a hit on the police database even though I haven't committed a crime in my life, I sent money to the wrong person, and all of that happened in the span of one day. But hey, I'm still alive, aren't I? At the end of the day, all we can do is laugh at our own misfortune and be thankful that we still draw breath.

That, or because my leg is dripping wet because our dog peed on it.

Join me in my Year of Resilience!


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Oh no, haha, I have definitely 'had dem days'. My daughter and I had a long conversation last night about life and how there's no avoiding the downs in this life of balance. Her personality is one that tends to focus on the negative in which case she can only try and fight that by purposely shifting her perspective. Have you ever noticed that when things go wrong it makes them memorable? Usually these things serve as a funny retelling- that's me finding the positive ;)

I don't have a touchscreen laptop, and for some dumb reason they changed the formatting on steemit so I have a helluva time scrolling down. I'd say it's just one more reason for me to break down and get my own phone plan- but that's not going to help me with commenting since I suck at texting lol.

I guess me and Zoey are a lot alike in that regard. It's a struggle for sure. Also, I noticed that these things, both positive and negative build momentum. They come in bunches, and they don't interchange with one another. It's always a streak.

I've been trying the mobile site for the past week, but I've been really having a tough time. I guess it's just streaky for now, I don't know if it's any fault on our end, sis.

Even the picture above looks like a middle finger to me.


my name got a hit on the police database even though I haven't committed a crime in my life

that's what everyone says :P

Haha! But for real though, this time around, it was for something really crucial and that hit really cost me some valuable time. I really want to laugh about that more but I'm just too inconvenienced about it presently.

it will be a future funny thing to remember but seriously if i was in your case i won't have a clue as to how should i react or what will gonna happen to me next :P

We'll probably just have the same reaction and have a laugh about it way down the line haha!

I'm trying to think of the specifics and the logistics of how a screw would have managed to puncture your tyre and it's so improbable I think you should buy a lotto ticket XD

Now if the rest of that stuff actually happened too, well you should definitely buy a lotto ticket!

I DID! Hahaha! I can't believe how in sync that response to those events was! Sadly, the unlucky streak continued with that. I had fever dreams rolling in dough, too. Oh did I mention I had fever the day after?

When you work out the math, would you mind getting back to me, MATEmatician? For the life of me, I couldn't work out the physics, let along the logic. I couldn't understand a thing the vulcanizing shop guys were telling me. My tire was thicker than the screw itself, so I couldn't wrap my head around it causing the whole deflating. And, it was a screw for chissakes! Not even a sharp edge.

The title of your post and the picture is so ambiguous, since I've been looking at your anecdote and the story behind your tyre getting screwed it made me realise that sometimes it's the bluntest of things that comes back to bite us in the ass, things we didn't even expect all just like a frigging screw puncturing your tyres.
You're right definitely a middle from 😀😀😀😀😀


You took the words right out from my brain, my friend! I'm glad that it translated that way, because I didn't want to say it outright haha!

Well hahahaha it seems so ironical isn't it? So what did you do to the screw? I hope you screwed it too?

I really wanted to, but I just ended up keeping it in my storage of things I could use to kill people when I eventually go on a rampage. I should really think of a shorter name for that.

This is Universal truth... I'm always feelings thats.. Finding finding and solution finding for life

That's right. So kids, stay away from drugs.

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