My Friday Roses Week #34

in life •  2 years ago  (edited)


A little while ago, I shared the story of my weekly roses with you, which you can read here:

There is nothing quite as special to a lady than receiving flowers - especially roses!!


I am blessed enough to say that I have been receiving a bunch of roses delivered to my shop every single Friday for the past 34 weeks today.

My Friday afternoons have become a little ritual when I get home from work at around lunchtime... it is something I have come to look forward to every week... Coming home and preparing my beautiful new arrangement for its spotlight in the middle of our lounge.

Sometimes, some of the bouquets last for longer than a week, so I end up having several vases of roses around the lounge... it is definitely not something I could ever get tired of.


This weeks arrangement is similar in colour to last weeks, but a very different looking rose and the accompanying flowers and greenery are wonderfully wild!

I truly am a lucky lady to have the man I do!


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