Elvis is King and Old school RULES! - Music: Food for the Soul #3

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If you don’t love Elvis Presley and/or old school music, then leave now please! Haha!

Anybody that knows me well, knows that I have an absolute PASSION for music from the “good ‘ol days” – ESPECIALLY Elvis Presley!!

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I mean, whats not to love, right?! – The man had a voice straight from heaven, he was not exactly difficult to look at and man oh man, could he swing those hips! Haha!

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But, no, seriously…. Lol… I am fortunate enough to have a mom that absolutely loves music. Because of this, I was brought up in an environment which always had music playing. “Listen to the words” my mom would tell me... which at the time, I obviously thought nothing of – but it stuck – and it is precisely what I tell my son now, when we listen to music together. Lol

I am eternally grateful that I was exposed to all the GOOD, QUALITY music of yester-year! As an adult, I now have an extremely eclectic taste in music, which is a lot more fun than so many that clearly seem to be stuck in on genre.

I am able to appreciate everything from Elvis Presley to Marilyn Manson! I would go as far as to say that the only thing I am not that partial to, is probably female opera… and even some of that is acceptable to my ears. Haha!

But I am de-railing… back to Elvis! Hehe

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That man was just phenomenal! His story was very sad though, especially toward the end… but he will forever be legendary in my eyes.

There are certain musical artists that no matter what they sing, they manage to penetrate your soul. To me, Elvis Presley was one of those artists. He could get your feet tapping, tears flowing or yes, your hips swinging ;)

I don’t care what your age – if you don’t like or at least appreciate Elvis Presley’s music, then I don’t want to know you… hahaha!!

My family and those close to me, know better than to mess with my “relationship” with the King of Rock ‘n Roll… hehe – my ex-husband was actually SO jealous of how much of an Elvis fan I am… which needless to say, became a standing joke with all my brothers… as they absolutely LOOOOVE to tease! Haha


The universe always has your best interests at heart… and I was even blessed with a son who sports a little bit of an Elvis look… hehe

And never underestimate a womans attention to detail… even my man has Elvis Presley lips… Coincidence? Me thinks NOT! Hehe

Point is… Elvis was a ROCK STAR! (Literally and figuratively!!!) hehe…

Elvis obsession aside…

I must say, I have been influenced by the way in which my mother brought the value of real music into my life and I am very proud to stand here and say that my seven year old son will quite readily “jam” to the likes of Dire straits, ACDC, Michael Jackson, Queen and many more – but has absolutely ZERO interest in that of Justin Bieber! Lol

Old School for the win I say!!! Haha

And on that note, my favourite Elvis song to depart… hahaha

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Still the King of R&B! Someday I'll make it to tour Graceland ~ Whole Lotta Shakin goin on Oh wait, that was Jerry Lee Lewis lol...


Hahahaha love it!! 😂👌😉😁😎

Did you know he was actually blonde? He just dyed his hair since he was a teenager.


I am sorry, all I heard was "Elvis, Elvis, Elvis..." hehehehe ;) - no... I did not know that, but hey... he would have been easy on the eye, either way :)




still as handsome as ever :)



thank you :)

Hey, I 'm not so far away from you. I' m about 10 years old. I swore allegiance to Elvis Presley and if you see in my posts there are even three songs that I sing ... and one of them is a gift for my parents because my father offered my mother a marriage in a song. You don 't have to say you love me. . So I'll follow you just because of Elvis !! A lot of success


hahaha cool :) thanks :)