My Steemit Journey Part 1 - Is It A Get Rich Quick Scheme?

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I first heard about Steemit about a month ago. Before that, I knew that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were a thing that existed but that's pretty much all I knew about that.

I was interested in Steemit as a platform more than as a currency. A platform where content creators are paid based on the value they deliver to the community is an amazing thing. As someone who creates a lot of content on a regular basis, I thought that I might as well try it out.

My First Post

My first post was an introduction post in the “Introduce Yourself” section. I was met with warm welcomes and a bunch of people spamming me asking me to follow them - You can’t dodge spam on ANY platform. That post earned me $3.18. That’s not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but every little helps when you’re self-employed trying to make ends meet.

Earning $3.18 just for introducing myself seemed like a very promising start!

My next post didn’t do so well.

I planned to post YouTube growth tips and guides about YouTube on Steemit to help those who wanted to become YouTubers. I uploaded a large, high effort guide that I first posted on my website This post “ How To Get More Views On YouTube - 6 Free Ways To Get More Views On Your YouTube Channel” earned $0.03.

That was a lesson learned. People don’t care about learning how to grow their YouTube channels on Steemit. That was a little disappointing but fair enough. The market decides what your content is worth and I’m cool with that.

What Next?

My next plan was to upload my game reviews to Steemit and see how that was received. I upload in-depth game reviews to my YouTube channel and blog. These reviews are meant to help people make better-informed purchases (because games are expensive) and decide if a game is worth the price for them.

I uploaded my latest review of Rainbow 6 Siege and I expected to earn less that $1. After a few days, I checked on the post and was surprised to see that the had post earned $117. It has now been upvoted over 60 times (at the time of me writing this).

After seeing those results I was excited. I have uploaded my Ghost Recon Wildlands Review since and that has already earned over $10.

Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Steemit is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Making money on Steemit is dependant on you putting the effort in and uploading quality posts that provide value. If you don’t provide value or quality then you’ll probably earn less than $1 on your posts.

However, compared to a platform like YouTube, Steemit allows you to earn money much quicker. I would definitely suggest Steemit to any bloggers/writers that would like to create great content and earn a little money while doing it.

I plan to be very active on Steemit moving forward. I have just downloaded the Esteem app and I plan to post something as frequently as possible. I’ll likely journal my life, my thoughts and aim to provide value to the community.

I’ll be posting a Steemit review as well as Steemit help guides in the coming weeks so be sure to look out for that.

How has your Steemit journey been so far? Let's discuss in the comments section below!

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