Status : Single (For Singles Out There)

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This blog is for Singles only. Sorry I'm out of the group now. Lol

Some people are exerting way too much effort finding their one, true love. They've been waiting for that one person to sweep them off their feet and make their heart beat faster. It's true that falling in love is such a wonderful experience but it will come time at the right time. I know some people who can't seem to stay single for a long time. They often jump from one relationship to another. After one ends, they would immediately have another without even giving their hearts enough time to heal and recover. Sadly, some people relies their happiness on romantic relationships. That's why when they break up, it would feel like their world has fallen apart.

We have to stop thinking that being single also means you are not full happy or you're missing a lot. No, that is definitely not true. Being single gives you a chance to explore and do a lot of things that you can't usually do when you are in a relationship. You are more free to be YOU and to discover more of yourself. You can choose to be independent and not rely your happiness on someone. I think being single gives you the perfect opportunity to build yourself and mold it into what you want to become before you jump into a relationship.

I'm not saying that when you're in a relationship, you can no longer achieve your dreams and be the person you want to become. But in some ways, it can really hold you back and makes you compromise. You would always have to consider your partner on almost everything that you do. Lucky for you if you would find someone who's going to support and understand you all the way. But, still, you need to think about what he's feeling towards your decisions. If you're not committed to someone, you have your time all for yourself. You can go travel and spend time with your friends without informing him or asking for his permission.

If you recently broke up with your partner, take time to heal and stop thinking about finding someone else to make you feel better. That's just completely wrong. Be single for a little while. Take some time alone. It's an opportunity to take your broken pieces back together and become the person you've lost along the way while you were with him. You are not lonely because you're single. You are lonely because you think you are and because you've depended your happiness on someone else. And it's about time you change that. Be single and carefree. Chase your dreams. Be passionate on the things that you love the most. And when you think you're ready to face love (again or for the first time), then that's the time you give the right person a piece of you.

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