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Hi beautiful friends!
I hope that you are all well ♡ On Sunday I took my sister out for a #sisterdate and vlogged a bit of our time together, including the amazing lunch we had at Sister of Soul in St.

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Kilda! It is a vegetarian/vegan eatery, and the food was beyond delicious (though I think I say that about everything)! The service was lovely too, and highly recommend you visit this restaurant if you are in Melbourne. I also chat about recovering from an eating disorder, self-care, and a life update too.

Thank you so much for all of your love, I appreciate you so much, and I am sending you all of my love ♡♡

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#### ▪️◾◼️PRODUCTION◼️◾▪️
⇢ 🎥 Main Camera : **Canon EOS 700D** ⇢ 📷 Vlogging Camera : **Canon G7x Mark ii** ⇢ 🎬 Editing : **Final Cut Pro X** ⇢ 🎼 Music by : • Ikson (
这是@jasminelipska发布的@originalworks文章。 通过下面的评论,向您的同伴展示您对此视频的感受。 我欣赏有意义的评论,表达真正的兴趣。
♡ ♡ ♡

Jasmine Lipska

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Let me guess who is better 🤣

Hi @jasminelipska! I’m @travelgirl from Team Dlive! Are you on discord by any chance? Btw I’m also living in Australia- talk to you soon

I don't have discord account... May i to joint discord

No worries at all, I have just sent you an email to your gmail. Talk soon!

or alternatively can you hold a sign up with today date and your user name written on a piece of paper and upload it to here so I know I am speaking to the real Jasmine? thanks


On this week I will make an article about "Official Clarification By Me". I'll include some photos with paper & signature by my name.

Stay tune soon

with a picture of you there as well of course holding the paper - or you can respond to my email as well :)

You send me email, which one ??? And what is your email name ??

yes your business email. you should see it if you login into your mail

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