Pain as a motivator for change

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The pain is so powerful that you might feel more excited about working on something rather than ignoring it.Everyone get distracted by the though of it in start but when they face it they realize it can change their lives. Pain can be of any type physical, emotional, mental and we need all those to push us forward.

"Our limited positive emotions don't reflect the ups and downs of life. Positive emotions are hard to achieve. All you can do is imagine the possibilities you are missing, what you can accomplish if you concentrated on a specific goal, and your emotions will change, as they always have in the past."

And pain is often a formidable motivator. After we've identified change as a necessary condition for success, it becomes surprisingly easy to push forward. Movements and great efforts may not, in fact, come to us at all. But if we want to see progress then we must act. It is such a simple philosophy that we've adopted on a day-to-day basis, most people aren't consciously aware of it. But if we were, it would become abundantly clear that this approach works.

Few of us have an easy way to cope with it. Indeed, as many studies have demonstrated, most of us lack a natural ability to resist the real pain of change. If we think we can do so, we have already traded short-term gains for long-term pain. When the snow begins to fall, we immediately want to do something about it, just to be prepared. Although some can restrain themselves better than others, to run away from your situation and run to an outer limit is the fastest way to achieve certain levels of control.

Why are we so positive about conquering adversity if we are regularly confronted with it? Because we are made of flesh and blood and we care about our well being. So I am going to encourage you to practice the conversation with your children about pain. Be brave. Share it. Learn that pain will be with us for the rest of our lives. Suffering is painful, of course. We are all born with a wonderful capacity to appreciate the beauty and goodness of life. Our genetics tell us that if we are given the opportunity to create more of it then we will do so.

You have to force yourself for change it will not be easy. Take a deep breath. This will take effort, but I promise that when you really let go of the pain and fear and confusion and lack of self-confidence you will see the light. Look at yourself and say, "this is it." The confidence of no longer being powerless is the best motivator I know. You will say: I am a glimmer in their eyes. This is it. They are changing for the better. You will say, My happiness is no longer in the shadows, but now can come into full view.

This is what I refer to as the gorilla in the room. These demons of pain in our lives will never go away unless we can handle it and acknowledge it and allow it to be in our lives. We are often afraid to deal with pain, fear of the unknown and apprehension or fear of what might happen. I know that these moments of fear and uncertainty are more interesting to us than the pain itself, we crave that buzz. So what you need to do is educate yourself and get out there, start being mindful and learn from your pain in life.


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