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You don’t get what you want by day, you get it by force at night- Elektra

📷by @louiseviola

Taken during the Asia Pop Comicon in Manila.

Full Vlog soon.


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Greetings, beautiful and intelligent Janice

Very nice picture. I saw your movements made through the various posts that you put and came to me the following questioning: You work as a stunt action film??? If it does not work, I think it would be beautiful to work in the area, because, besides very beautiful, it is very competent in the execution of these movements. I find them very difficult to be made. No need to be just a stuntman, could be a coach of someone who needs to practice these moves too...

What do you think of that?

Thank you and Good morning!!!

I’m an actress in the Philippines and somehow doing so much action scenes. 😊

You look great, Janice! I was already aware that you were an actress but I had never had the opportunity to see any image like this, a kind of cosplay.

How'd it go with the action scenes? I suppose with all the effects and transictions it must be a bit complicated.

This photo is taken during the Asia Pop comicon one of the biggest event for cosplayers and pop culture enthusiasts 😊 I also like to cosplay as well.

You even have a strong face, beautiful and strong!!
I think they call that confidence!!
Bear Hugs!!

Great picture!

exquisite ;)

more of that...


I pray that your dream is good and your expectation will be successful.Awesome picture @janicehung

Cosplaying is amazing because you can be anything you wish to be. Your Elektra costume fits you so well. So fierce! I will watch out for your vlog.

You are awesome nice to see you again.

powerful statement indeed!

I am promoting LARP at the COSPLAY WORLD SUMMIT on August 4 and 5 here in Nagoya Japan. It will be the first time LARP is being demonstrated, and I am the one doing it...

very interesting photos with great movements @janicehung, I really like it.

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You are looking awesome,@janicehung.

Great picture! Is it you?


Must have to struggle hard to live a good life, why success in life will be achieved everywhere.

Wow! you are so beautiful and equally intelligent. I am lucky that I am following you on steemit.

You are the queen of steemit.

Loved to you

I too :-)