Why You Should Have A Master Plan For Your Life

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A couple years ago on a day like any other, I performed an exercise that changed the way I look at my life.

What did I do?

I sat down with a piece of paper and asked myself the question: where do I want my life to be ten years from now?. Using the answers to the question above, I was able to draw up a guide to help me achieve my life goals.

My Life Before The Master Plan

I was the regular introverted teenager who had no perspective on where his life would be in the next couple years. I believed in following the crowd, I was a man without purpose.

In the long run, I discovered the art of journaling and started cataloging my thoughts. I got to know myself better the more I journalled, and one of my journaling sessions gave birth to the master plan.

My Life After The Master Plan

I discovered focus, I now had a vision for life. I had things I wanted to achieve, they weren't thoughts floating in my head any longer, they were now concretized in black and white. No matter how I stray or play around, I am constantly reminded of my life goals. I know the path my life is supposed to take, and I know the steps I have to take to get there.

Creating a master plan changed my life tremendously and I can give you three reasons why you should consider making one today.

Three Reasons Why You Should Have A Master Plan

  1. Creating a master plan gives you a clear view of your life's goals. You know what you want, and you know what you have to do to achieve it.

  2. Creating a master plan gives you focus. There's little time for you to goof around when you've got a mountain load of achievements waiting to be climbed.

  3. Having a master plan gives you a compass. You might play around but most of your effort will be geared towards attaining your goals.

How To Create A Master Plan

I'd recommend finding a quite place with no distractions. Get some writing materials and schedule out some time for this exercise.

Once you're ready, ask yourself this question: "where do I want to see myself in x amount of time." The time frame can be a year, five years, a decade etc.

Think and write down any good ideas that comes to mind. If you were to spend quality time on this exercise, you'd have a framework that you could dissect to create that all important master plan.


So there you have it. A short expose on why you should get a master plan to sort your life out. The reason you're able to read this is because I'm following my master plan's goal of becoming a better writer.

If you were able to learn a thing or two today, because I made a master plan years ago. Imagine how many more would be touched if you created yours today.

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