What A Difference A Day Makes....

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Not even a day really. I took this photo when I got to work yesterday, about 9:30 am. I delayed because I could not discern the road conditions earlier.


When I left at 5:00 pm, it was like a totally different, very sunny day, with small patches of snow left only in very shady areas. Wow !... right?


As much of a pain in the hiney as snow can be, it sure does make everything look magically beautiful. I thought I'd share a few more from yesterday morning.






Our Yellow Bell bushes had begun to show their sweet tiny blooms a bit too early since we have barely had any wintery weather this year. I am curious if they will bloom again later or just not be as showy after the freeze as the would normally be. Time will tell.

lightened bush.jpg

It's Saturday ! Yay ! I have LOTS to do, but I slept in and have been a big lazy bones so far. I need a maid ! ha ha

Hope you are all doing well.

Love you ! Mean it !




What a blessing. We had a chilly day as well, but no snow of course. I think we ought to enjoy these cold days. They will be gone soon enough.

For our area, it has been the mildest winter I can ever remember. We have gotten a few wintery cold days here or there, but mostly it has been more like late fall or early spring.

I am not complaining, winter is my least favorite season. I don't like being cold. We still have time to get a good go of it. Many years our biggest snows have been within the first two weeks of February.

We'll see !

We have not even had a frost. The plants are bonkers here in celebration. And of course so is the pollen. Post nasal drip, my old friend has come to call. I wish you luck for a warm remainder of the season.

I meant we had snows in the first couple of weeks of March ! You know, when we were expecting spring.

Hadn't thought about the pollen. Maybe we were saved from early sneezing by the snowfall.

Wow ... incredible photography.... beautiful winter wonderland.

Not too shabby for a cell phone....LOL I really need a nicer one though.

Such lovely snow pictures! It does make the world look fresh and bright!

It sure does !

Thanks :)

How amazing pictures of the snow

Oh ! Thank You !

I somehow missed seeing your comment. So sorry !

Hope you are doing well.

Le sigh.

Snow really does make everything so much more beautiful, doesn't it? We didn't get any snow this year, so I am totally jealous. We missed the opportunity and it is getting too late in the season for it to be happening.

You have the best of both worlds though. It is warm enough to not stick and cold enough to get a little. Great shots !

Have a great night!


Except for one quick flurry that was mixed with rain a couple of weeks ago, we hadn't had any snow either..... and you would have missed that if you were not near a window for a few minutes when it happened.

I have held my mental breath waiting to seem how winter might still dash in an give us a slap, after hiding itself these last couple of months. Poor trees and bushes are all confused.

One of my cousins posted something from the Old Almanac last night that seemed to indicate March may hold very wintery weather here and there. We'll see !

Yeah, I always like it when it makes a show, but leaves the roads nice.

Thanks for coming over.


Oh, I love visiting, just never have the time. It is like having a brood of toddlers to care for, except I don't . It was much easier then! Ha!

I heard March may be misery but, I hope not. I have dashed all thoughts of winter out of my head! Isn't that what we are supposed to do when we get spring-like weather.

Oh, no! I just asked Alexa the weather for today and that was a fail. She gave me all sorts of whining about cold and intermittent cloud nonsense. I threatened to box her up and send her back once again and she immediately gave me a temperature five degrees higher. Ha! Who says they are soul-less machines when they can lie to save their own crystal clad bodies?

Love you!


When people talk about the weather at work, I'm always saying something like "that can't be true, Alexa said it was going to be sunny today" ..LOLOLOL !

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We got a bunch on the ground now and it is still snowing! I am so so tired of it!

I knew you did. I saw Popa Pepper & Fam are in Michigan and he had some photos and vids of the kids sledding. It was fun to watch.

I thought about you when I saw how much was on the ground... and also in your last vid.