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My mood  changes a lot. May it be with books, music,with movies, or with nature.  writing comes to me like a message and I feel the urge to immediately write it down or I will forget it. Lol, or I long for inspirations, I want to write about possibilities.  It makes me happy. It makes me believe in the beautiful thing life offers. I want to also write about heartbreak, because I want you to know, you are not alone however you might just laugh at me how im such a joke. I want to travel, always. meet new people, learn about their lives, take pictures and maintain a journal(which I never do.)  So that, when I look back few years from now, I want to know I was never lost, but just getting to my destination. To him.(lols)  And one night, under the moon, I would whisper in his ears, I made it, we made it, life made us and all of it was worth it.


so true! when you feel like you should write something down, you should! otherwise you forget it! I have many times wanted to maintain a dream diary. So that when I wake up, I write down my dreams before I forget them. But I'm too lazy LOL. Did it only twice or thrice 😛

Same same! Hahaha lazy ass! 😁😁

Right! 🤣

Hey @islandprincess I would really appreciate it if you check out my new post on my blog. I'm certain you'll like it 😉

meron akong nakita isang magandang dilag sa batis,
kay sarap tingnan lalo na dyan si islandprincess
mundo koy umiikot na..
napaka gandang pag masdan ang iyong photographiya kasing ganda ka ni maria clara..

ooh halasha! sha! sha!... maka upvote na nga..^_^

sanay ako e follow,tara na join ka sa party ko..

ito nah.

We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.

- Albert Einstein

very beautiful, my dear! 😘😗😙😚😚🤗

Thank u 😁😚

Lovely photo;)

Lovely nemo.. hahah keep swimming

keep bleeding in love 😂😂😂

Shakespearean angles I see milady :)

where is this place? I feel like I like to swim. hehe. followed.

Busay falls in Camotes island

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