What is democracy's biggest flaw?

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the biggest weakness of democracy is :

Election capitalization is that the starting of harmful KKN disaster that damages the system (state)

Precisely from what we tend to perceive, democracy ends up in capitalization. this suggests that folks with a lot of resources than others can overthrow those political understandings. massive and flush financiers can become the most players within the democratic method that incidentally prices billions to trillions of Indonesian monetary unit. matters was even a lot of chaotic once the flow of funds was lined up as a result of it simply disappeared while not a close clarification, used for any price. As a result, corruption practices area unit terribly lasting and sleek in each election method. within the finish the habit of bribes widened between leaders / officers UN agency won the difference of opinion. The folks also are terribly deprived by all the thievery actions within the state treasury in order that Republic of Indonesia has a lot of economic fall compared to different countries.

At this stage, the implementation of democracy that was at first regulated progressively to prosper the whole folks, instead has become a supply of system corruption. This political apply tends to be used as a land to vent vanity, manipulation and greed of sure capitalists. Utilizing the resources they need to search out power (wealth & power) that's higher (arrogant) through the stages of the election. Conduct thievery / manipulation within the system once it's gained power by reason of high-priced political prices. whereas deprivation of state wealth happens repeatedly to weaken the country itself and its folks area unit below the poverty level on the average.


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