Do you believe in life after death?

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For me in person, i feel in life once death.

I think what a loss it might be if I believed in life once death, that per the teachings of all religions that life would come back once death would be additional lovely, if humans during this life square measure behaving well.

In essence, it's going to truly be what's going to happen once death, it'll solely be far-famed that humans themselves square measure dead. Therefore, the assumption in life once death remains as a personal trust.

Opinions regarding the chance of life once death, all don't observe the biology (Physical) of human life, however regarding the continuation of lifetime of one human soul once death.

About the continuity of the lifetime of the human soul has been explained tons, in order that even if this rationalization isn't all kinsfolk square measure deemed to be human or still listed things that don't seem to be understood, believe the existence of life once death. there square measure things that square measure exhausting to grasp for instance however this universe was created, in order that life once death can't be explained entirely.

The reason behind doubts regarding the assumption within the existence of life once death is regarding the reason of various religions. It means faith is really a supply that produces individuals believe life once death, not within the provisions of what happens to humans once death.

Or there's an opening that each faith within the rationalization of God and death isn't explained in its totality, there square measure changes to its time or there are changes by its followers etc., thus one faith solely explains a number of the total Truth regarding what happened to life once death.


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There's almost certainly no second chances. I mean, even if there were a supreme creator (which I'm also pretty sure there isn't), why would it keep populating its earth with the same 'souls'? When it's supposedly omnipotent and could just create fresh ones. As life became more and more abundant, at least some extra souls would have to have continually been created.

It'd also very much require life forces akin to magic and we all know magic to just be illusion. You die and the electricity stops flowing. That which was once flowing within a body almost certainly can not be 'magically' carried across to another body of a later generation (whether it be of the same species or not).

Believing in reincarnation is pretty silly to anyone I would regard as of sound mind.

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