In five years, what do you want to have accomplished?

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In five years, what do you want to have accomplished?

Life is about making goals, usually failing, and trying again. You cannot get to where you want to be if you don't know where that is.

What is the #1 thing you want to accomplish within the next five years that isn't related to money. Everyone will say make $XXXX or be rich, that's the easy way out.

Think deep, what part of your life do you really want to change and improve upon within the next five years. Want to get married? Get along better with your spouse? Have a kid? Learn Programming? Start a business?

Once you identify that goal, what are you going to do to get there? Every day you need to find some way to get you closer to your goal. If you don't know what needs to get done, then you won't start. Accomplishing goals requires knowing what is needed next to get you closer to the end.

Once you find out what you want, make a plan to do something every day to get closer to that goal. Don't be afraid to change your goal, they don't need to be fixed. Sometimes you need to change your goal as your life or outlook changes. Sometimes your goals need their own goals, these are typically called milestones. Knowing where these are will help you get to your ultimate goals.

* What do you want to achieve in the next five years that isn't related to money?

* What are you going to do tomorrow to get you closer to that goal?


I wish I'll be a successful cryptonians 5 years from now :)

But it needs a combination of hardwork and smartwork to achieve that goal :)

I think we should just enjoy the present future automatically is secured

In five years I would love to be out of student debt and have my house paid off

  1. In five years time, hope to have gotten MSc (Masters degree).

  2. Research for schools in Europe that offers Master courses

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I will be married happily with kids and running my own company in good health.

We (my wife and I +) will have beautiful house and homestead at least 1 hectar where can be produced healthy food, energy and everything what we need.

I Liked your post, I'm struggling right now with this issue, wondering what do I want to acomplish in years to come, I agree with the outline you described, set a goal, make a plan, follow the plan everyday to get closer to your goal. I hope be able to do it. Thanks for sharing.

@ipromote my goals for net 5 years are

  1. Get my ethical hacking certification
  2. Learn solidity
  3. Start freelancing

my goal in 5 years is to get my whole family out of poverty, and with the favor of God I will achieve it. That is why I am slowly making my own project to open a steemit operation center and to make all my family to work with steemit .. and another goal is to buy a car because in my 35 years I have not been able to buy a car or a motorcycle .. how do I achieve all these objectives, through steemit, because I have the faith that here I will be very good I am a very ostimistic person and that is why I work hard every day, I know I can do a great thing and I will achieve it ..
Positive people always achieve great achievements.

Love this fam! Smash them goals!

My goal in the next 5 yrs is to become a GOOD and BIG DOCTOR.
I am a medicine student now and i am on the way to reach it.
Becoming a doctor is not great or hard thing. Everyone who has high memory power,study skills can easily get it.becoming GOOD & BIG doctor is important.
Here GOOD means you have to be useful and helpful to atleast 10 people by this profession.
BIG means doing high specializations and have a chance to cure dangerous diseases.
I think Money is the REWARD that people gives you a person for his marvelous work. I dont think about it.i always thinks on my work.
I am daily studying and visiting hospitals.i am interacting with patients and asking their problems to express about their condition.

  1. My goal the next five years is I want to make my family happy.
  2. I try so hard that the goal can be fulfilled

I want to help others in need. If a family member needs something health related I’m going to get it for them. I don’t need as much money as most would think to live a nice life. I’d rather give and be happy I helped someone. Money is not a motivating factor in my life.

people will get lost if they do not know the destination address, if the destination with a clear address will surely arrive,

your description is very good and become a motivation for me or for stemian lovers. thank you


P.s. with my physical and mental health still stable haha.

There are too many people nowadays saying that they will be a rich entrepreneur in the future. But when it comes down to actually doing the work, they're not doing anything.

People who will succeed are not taking time to tell everyone that they're going to be an entrepreneur. Succesful people let their hard work talk for themselves.

Great article :)!

Agree, my favorite is when they first day into crypto and their bio says "Crypto Expert & Entrepreneur"

In five years time i want to buy my parents a new house and buy my dad his dream car.

That is sounding a lot like money, not really what I was asking as everyone here will say be rich. It's the easy way out. Dig deeper!

when i see your home image then i think few minute. but my mind say i m trying to do to complete my dream as like your home. i hope in future i complete my dream.
well wishes @ipromote

I dont know what i do in my life :(

It is never too late to find out.

It's ok!

There's still a lot of time for you to figure out what you want from life. It doesn't matter if you're 30, 40, or even 50, just remember to enjoy life, and experiment new things! When you're open to everything and try everything out, you will find your true passion someday :)!

Can some one please give me my first upvote on my recent post

This post has received a 22.28 % upvote from @boomerang. 5 years my LIFE PLAN would be FULLY PAID
...I'll be getting my own Life Plan sinced my first two Life Plans are for my parents is now in its 1 year,I thought its time to get my own,in life one thing is sure that is passing away and I would like to ensure my expenses are fully paid so that my loved ones that would be left behind would not worry about it and I would have a descent sent off.
I came up with these idea sinced we had a meeting about the importance of having life plans.

Fully paid is sounding a lot like money, not really what I was asking as everyone here will say be rich. It's the easy way out. Dig deeper!

I am hoping in the next 5 years I can go to school for IT, and get a good pay job in the tech field. And hopefully, I can blog full time.

I started in IT at 14. I had my own company in High School and in Computer Science class got graded by how much I helped others and how often I fixed computers around the school.

I didn't focus on one topic and generalized across almost everything in the industry, this was amazing during the start up days. Now I wish I spent more time focusing on one thing, I have no regrets, but having to keep up with so many different things gets overwhelming.

FREEDOM - Financial especially! Not being able to work and generating a cool passive income. Though I'd still work, but at least that would relieve some pressure off me

FREEDOM is sounding a lot like money, not really what I was asking as everyone here will say be rich. It's the easy way out. Dig deeper!

To find my way back home...To reach the Eternity of Light in my soul =)

In the next five years, I would have built a Youth Empowerment/ Skill Acquisition Centre mostly in the area of technological maintenance. This will be achieved through the different partnerships I have made through my new company Scepter Communications

Like you have rightly stated, knowing what you want is what matters most. Many are just roaming about in life simply because they do not know what they want out of life. Being successful is easier when you set your goals straight , prioritising them and walking towards achieving them. A whole lot of hard work and diligence is required if you want reach your goals cause distractions abound.

In the next 5 years, I want to improve in my singing skills and also learn how to play atleast one musical instrument. So help me God!!