Self-Responsibility vs. Law of Attraction 'Hocus Pocus' [Rant on astrology, quantum physics, & business practices]

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New years have a tendency to re-posture us for the cycle ahead...and mine is coming at a time where I am extremely willing to forge ahead.

My upcoming solar return/b-earth-day may well be the cause of my ardent anticipation of the new.

It got me on a little bit of a rant about natal astrology, personal responsibility, and business matters of import in my world.


Constitutionally speaking

We are beings that have materialized in a form we call "matter."

I find matter to be a rather nebulous concept.

To me, we are souls that have expressed holograpically in the place we know as Earth.


Let us commence with the musical genius of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's "Woodstock"

Woodstock Crosby Stills Nash We are stardust We are golden.jpg

We are stardust, we are golden
We are billion year old carbon

From the late Carl Sagan's "Cosmos"


The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.

And from the illustrious Neil deGrasse Tyson:


The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across our galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth. And we are atomically connected to all atoms in the universe. We are not figuratively, but literally stardust.

From the film, "What The Bleep Do We Know?"


Quantum physicists have challenged notions about "matter" and there have been many accounts of how particles are constantly popping in and out somewhere.

This 2004 documentary film delves into an exploration of consciousness via the relationship of spiritual connection and quantum physics.


Diane Goldner (Physicist, energy healer, and medical intuitive) stated in her interview, "In fact, there is essentially nothing to matter at all."

An experiment shown in the film, demonstrates how one particle may exist, simultaneously, in two places at once.

Many mind-bending topics, such as quantum domain are explored, giving insight into the fallacy of linear time constructs. There is no distinction between past and future "time."


So...what are you saying, Jakob?

These stardust particles which compose the matter form through which life is expressed may be articulated and studied, when one takes an astrological lens to the constitution of the being.

Hence, my opening regarding natal astrology.

(This article has been designed as a discussion regarding my experience with these topics. I have absolutely zero interest in entertaining contentious remarks about "pseudoscience."..especially from anyone who hasn't taken the time to consider the connection by studying both astrology and science.)


Law of Attraction versus Self-Responsibility

Perhaps many reasons are here to explain the spiritual banalities and misrepresentation of what it is to manifest.

Ever since people started talking about LoA, there've been multitudes of people sold some kind of "beLIEf" system promising to teach people how to "hack" life to produce grandiose results by simply "attracting it in."

Leave it to people who want to sell you a book to dilute nuance in oversimplified buzz words.


From the perspective of someone (me) who has studied Sports Medicine, anatomy and physiology, and who has literally come back from the dead and managed to heal my own body after late stage cancer and numerous hospital infections, I have learned a thing or two about the practical application of "Law of Attraction."

And from my perspective, there is much left to be desired in terms that are often prescribed to others about what it means and what to do.

In Science, laws rule...and whether or not you know it (yet), there is a mirror of these laws demonstrated in the design of the holographic universe we live in.


We will start with CONSERVATION (The first law of thermodynamics)

Where it is stated that energy is only converted, never "created" nor "destroyed."


The implications of this mere fact on LoA speaks volumes to those who are willing to be self-responsible as an act of virtue.

This act of virtue is a far cry from the dogma and rhetoric of "gurus" who proclaim to have a "system" or set of mantras to help you (brain damage yourself into believing you will just) get the apple of your eye.

I am a fan of self-responsible action as a form of being.

This is where I feel that people are sold endless platitudes about what attraction is and how to solicit it artificially.

And no one said it quite like "Bad Santa"


Let's take the (often bastardized) "Law of Reciprocity" as our next example.

The law of sowing and reaping has been rephrased to offer people a distorted "cheat" version that is intended to manipulate another person into perceived obligatory responses.


Many well known sales trainers and paid "experts" are peddling courses about how to poetically wield another person's will and intent so that you gain favor, sales, fortune, sex ( et cetera).

It's cliché. Lacking in originality. Lacking in substance.

The "Law of Reciprocity" is the REAL "Law of Attraction" as a direct result of the "Law of Energy Conservation"

Not as sexy as some charlatan selling you a "how to hack the universe and others into doing your bidding for you" thinking, eh?

It's more convenient to "believe" with enough airy-fairy concentration things magically appear.

- OR -

That mesmerizing others will grant you their favor so they will do what you want them to do.

What a (horrifying) misrepresentation!

Or perhaps..?

It's being done, intentionally, to seduce power-hungry people primarily motivated by the thrill of chasing after their own "messiah experience."


Speculation, Conjecture, Presumption, & Projection

Prior to emancipating myself from the hamster wheel of misfortune, I had a title with a bigwig company (and the matching designer suits).

In this (less fulfilling) expression of my divine current on task, I earned my full time income by applying specific knowledge regarding corporate compliance, structured finance, and esoteric banking.

The benefit of this certain knowledge has given me peace amidst the Muppet tactics I see all around me.


It is always interesting (to me) to witness a person flip their entire disposition and project character flaws onto another, while in the middle of Muppeting-out.

Lately, I've observed people react quickly and in defamatory ways of others. The past two years have put this directly in my face, as I have segued myself into a more enjoyable expression of myself.

I do what I want. I live a life I want.

And as a result of this, I've become acutely aware of why parts of my previous ways failed me consistently and left me feeling barren and listless.

This is what led me to Steemit!!

After being completely grossed out by the display of arrogance and abuse of the "spiritual community" (by the spiritual community in specific cases), I decided to cease participation on certain platforms.

It became clear that the emphasis of value was based solely on extraction and projection.

I was only on YouTube for a short time, due to the constant barrage of negativity and exposure to "spiritual" guides taking cheap shots at one another while fighting for views and over who is the best.

...or who created "art."

It became clear to me that this was not the community to participate in, nor to make further contributions, since I do not subscribe to the End User License Agreements.

Even if I hadn't been there to share my (free offering) of spiritual service to others, I was also unwilling to share business there, due to the administration of "advertising practices" to(/against?) "Partners."

"YouTube Partners" (even "former" ones, such as myself) may have received a nasty-gram over the past few days, stating how the noose was being tightened around their neck, unless they step it way the heck up.

Had I required an income of YouTube at any point, I would have withered, died, and been replanted by now...In fact, in the short time I was contributing to that platform, I saw several close friends lose their entire incomes within a matter of months, due to the ongoing business practices by the Leviathans I no longer support at all.

Shoot, even people like @tjkirk have defected, despite having over one million subscribers.


Since my life is GOOD and I enjoy it, it was easy for me to walk away from that garbage and not look back...

But things come up again in cycles, you see.

I had a similar experience recently, due to legal actions taken to preserve the integrity of a business venture of which I'm a participant.

With little regard to what was clearly articulated in the corporate communications and with grandiose inferences being derived from fear-based speculation only, I witnessed how people on the pulpit are willing do defame another and wave their big finger in people's faces.

This time it was coming from bigmouth bloggers who attack character and speak about things they have little insight into, such as Ethan Vanderbuilt and BehindMLM.

Ethical people evaluate business with sensibility and pragmatism. A proper due diligence requires one to read and seek out clarity regarding practices.

Having been on the underwriting side of major financial transactions, prior to participating in bitcoin and ethereum mining with USI-Tech, I learned about things like solicitation laws and transactional law.

It has been mind-numbing to witness terror on display as people who've taken no self-responsibility for the terms of service will resort to _______(!?).

(In this specific case, there were a number of allegations and accusations made about things and people that were never stated and which have since been sufficiently clarified.)

It is the flip-side of the tacit approval to "End User License Agreements" which allow companies to take advantage.

In both instances, it would behoove the "End User" to play an active role in the understanding of the playing field on which they operate.

The "tell" is here for each of us.

What is the result implied onto our lives by approving to be or participate in communities and ways that allow others to be abused? - OR - That allow us to feel entitled to using a pulpit to attack others on speculation, conjecture, and/or false premises...

The aforementioned laws bear outstanding gifts to us for being willing to stand first as the self-responsible witness.


Intuitive Jakob

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GIF by @malos10


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loa seems like some kind of propaganda of the alpha males lol. I don't fall for it especially when I see people who don't seem to attract good things... because of the unfortunate circumstances that were deliberately brought upon them....

People react easily these days because some are bitter or trying to be better. It happens when they see you're living the life they don't have. It's not easy being ourselves these days.

Anyway, the great thing is you're out that hamster wheel of misfortune, alive and kicking! Can't put the Genie back into the lamp.

@diabolika, I love how you expressed all.of.this.


I appreciate your perspective my man, and find myself being led to the same conclusions. The old me would've easily dismissed some of these claims, but after understanding quantum mechanics and particle/wave duality a little better, and mixing that with some of my own psychedelic experiences and philosophy, my mind has been opened wide! This is heavy material I will have to go back and re-read for further reflection. Thanks for sharing! Hardly a rant ;)

Thanks so much for that @falseyedols!

I know what you mean, too. There was a time where I was completely shutting off from what I was sensing, because I was too busy straddling the false world and choosing to believe what people were saying to me.

I don't believe anything anyone says at all anymore. I'm interested in participating with energy. And I personally find that many people speak with words in ways I find reckless by having been given little consideration into the etymology behind chosen words.

I really like your posts and I enjoy very much with all your posts.👍

Hey @jhon-rumbya, thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog and being so kind. Wishing you the best in your new year, as well!

Very entertaining and informative!

Thank you very much, @playitforward! Appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment.

Happy up and coming earth day :)

Such a good read!! Thats why some of us are here to transmute energy (scorpio). To transform it from dark to light or negative to positive. Empaths suck it all in, but they need to learn ways to disburse it back out positively by transmuting it in some way. <3

Muchas gracias! I appreciate the kind remarks and am happy you enjoyed reading this rant. I wasn't sure how it would come out since I was highly contentious about how I see things being misrepresented.

I completely agree with you about how this Scorpionic energy is being transmuted. I have been working with a special re-alignment technique that has been helping me "Bend it like Beckham." It's the only way to be complete in these energies. Anything that disregards the scope of the energy remains fragmented. I feel we can't claim mastery but only demonstrate it by virtue of how we are able to safely halo our own energetic expression in a covalent bond of love.

I call that the principle of the LAW of ONE, which is often explained in some scattered ways.

wow that sounds amazing! yes we have to find something that works for us during this intense time! so much darkness and negativity to block! Love heals all! :)

I was walking this method through with a select few individuals over this past holiday season, demonstrating exactly how it works in a Circle of Divine Trust. It's something that will be shared more in a new project I've been assembling.

Unfortunately, there were some individuals present at the time who came to harm the members, which prevented some of this method being brought forth in a more accessible medium at this time...but that happens when a thief presents himself under the guise of "Spirituality" to usurp rather than to share with others.

At any rate, it will be shared soon in greater ways. I have some very close friends of mine with whom I've been figuring out how to demonstrate these things in a way that help a whole grow together (versus the usual same old, "here's my newest brand of dogma BS that I'm going to sell you.").

Love Always Wins. That's what the Law of One is, if you are asking this guy.

wow sounds great! and yes anytime you are onto something or trying to do something big, the dark energies will try to interfere and sabotage. <3

If you sow nothing but thoughts, you reap nothing but dreams!

I love how you said it, my friend. 💘

LoA works if you work! Great post. I love the idea of reciprocation from life. Give, give and give some more.

Hi @gabbyg86, that sure is a great way to flow with it.

Thanks for being here!

That was the best vague post I've read in quite a while!
Specific enough to understand what was going on, in general, and vague enough to wonder who the heck you're talking about. :-)

Happy to have tapdanced my way through that delicate negotiation with such approval @amberyooper!

Since my life is GOOD and I enjoy it, it was easy for me to walk away from that garbage and not look back...

Spending your time and resources on a platform that leaves you with little or no result, is detrimental to one's personal development .

That's true, @fego!

What a powerful time to be on the front end of Steemit! Glad to have you, too.

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I fully agree with your "Law of Attraction hocus pocus".
Here as we are having this Earth experience right now, thoughts are from my perspective never just attracting exactly that they are focused on. Our Soul is always going to be in the driving seat of our experience and the thoughts are merely at the effect of our Soul's "desired" experience. When we want a certain thing, then at first all the conditioning that is internally preventing us from having it needs to be released. Even more, our Soul knows much better what we really want and what brings long-term Happiness, a thing the short-term oriented Ego cannot grasp. Thinking never worked for me regarding the LoA, it's always about embodying my highest version in the name of purest Love. Thanks for your post!:)