Calling All Artists!! Help Design My First Tattoo, Steemit Style! SBD Up For Grabs!

in life •  last year

I have always wanted to get a tattoo, but the right one or the right time never has fallen into place. My wife has 7 tattoos and a few of my family members have some as well, and I feel left out :( Someday I will get the one I've always said I would, the Cristo statue in Rio covering my whole back. I have a love affair with Brazil and I have dreamt of this tattoo since I first visited over 14 years ago.

But that is an expensive one and my wife said for fathers day (my first!) she would pay for a tattoo if I wanted one, and she actually suggested a Steemit one! Can you believe that?!?! She's a keeper for sure!!

So I need YOUR help. I will pay 20 SBD for the best designed Steemit style tattoo. Obviously this is subjective to my preference, but get creative. At first I was thinking just the 3 lines, but thought boring. Maybe a Steem rocket ship to the moon?!? Idk, help me out! They say after the first tattoo you get hooked and just want to get more. So maybe this will help me kick into high gear to get the Cristo on my back.

Post your original artwork as your own post with the first tag being "steemittattoo". I will up vote and re-steem. I would like to give everyone some time to come up with some really neat ideas so the winner will be announced on the 4th of July. 10 SBD will be awarded for second place, and 5 SBD for third.

Am I f'ing nuts? Probably. But oh well, can't wait to see what you all come up with. Steem on friends!!

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I might have some ideas


I would love to see what you come up with!!

Hmm... I'll see if I can think of something


Awesome, make it happen!

where you putting it ?


I'm thinking outside on my leg (left or right, not sure) above my ankle. But depending on the design, I'm up for whatever :) Just nothing on my forehead, haha

what a fun idea for a contest.


I hope so ;) Hopefully enough people submit enough entries for me to have a tough decision. Help spread the word if you can, I would appreciate it. Thanks for your comment.

Sure I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the invite @intothewild it means a lot to me. Do you mind if I spam your comment section with a link to a post on what I was thinking about doing and giving you some options? It helps me make others aware of my services and how I nail down a design for a client. I will only include links if you allow it though- better to ask. It will open up a dialogue maybe between us and others on what you think and want. You also help me create content on my account and I appreciate that.


As long as they pertain to this subject matter, have at it! Thanks for taking a crack at it.

Cant wait to see what you get and what design wins. Hope you make a post with it soon!

Nice idea! Are you into abstract subjects too?