I agree it's not that important, but if we wanted true mass adoption, my experience is that things like names can have a vast impact on the larger human population. Would there ever be a way to change it if the population of steemians wished?

I don't like splitting hairs. I like the coin. I just think that the name may be another thing that's slightly holding it back. I personally don't care and am getting used to it. Maybe i'm wrong, and i kinda hope that i am.

I have no idea, but i think i'm going to start asking steemians what they think.

The first time i heard it,
and how it was spelled,
i literally resisted for another WEEK.

I know it's not STEAM,
or stealing from STEAM,
but it kinda feels like it.

I will now stop beating the dead horse that is the name steem.

I'm deleriously tired and have been even too tired to get up from my desk and go to bed,
my apologies.

I see unbelievably beautiful things coming though,
like you it seems.

I am responding to this:

The only thing i don't like about blockchain tech, is the name, which makes me think of "The Box", and The "Chains" which have held many people in slavery throughout our history,

Go back multiple years, we could say:

The only thing i don't like about the wagon wheel, is the name, which makes me think of horse-drawn wagons which I would have said:

A wheel (or tire) doesn't just have to fit on wagons. It could fit on an automobile, a truck, an airplane's landing gear, or even the space shuttle.

Name isn't important (which I already suspect you agree)... it's the creation in life of something significant that helps mankind become forever important.

(..and not the name of the device)

Lol alright. So, most simply, you do think that steem is a chain that can really go places long term then?

Yes, we prove it every single day.

Names (all words, actually) have ALWAYS been (and always will be) important, they actually have direct and profound neurological effects, due to both sound/phoneme content, and the semantic effect. Much, or even most, of our language has become seriously degraded from poor and inattentive usage, in addition to poor-quality appellation.

So, I'll say "Holy Happydays"...

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