Off grid living, a husband, wife, and 3 kids - Fouch-o-matic

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The family vlogs their daily activities and it is very interesting, entertaining, and worth the time to watch!


What is fouch-o-matic?

It's a youtube channel that has tons of videos about living off the grid on your own homestead.

How to re-purpose things like pallets, scrap metal, and other things into useful items, but so much more!

It's about leaving a light foot print, living on a small budget, and still enjoying life.

If you haven't seen this series, I invite you to watch just one episode, and after seeing one video, I'll be surprised if you can restrain yourself from watching another. :)

As a viewer, these are the instant benefits you may notice:

1. Avoid waste

  • This lets you really take a second look around you, and realize what you are holding on to that you truly don't need. Where are your priorities? Where are you spending your time and money?

2. Build it yourself if you can.

  • Buying something, instead of build-your-own never has the same amount of gratification, nor the build quality.
    They always try to build or repurpose something first. The enginuity is quite spectacular!

3. Experience nature.

  • You can read about how to raise a duck, and see it on TV, it's not the same, until you have your own ducks.
    Don't want to have ducks? ...then don't. I'm just explaining the difference. There are certain life experiences that a book can only begin to describe. Experiencing things in person, yourself, gives you a lot more appreciation for the finer things in life.

4. Empower yourself

  • One of the most important lessons I believe the fouch-o-matic folks have learned, is how capable they are as time goes on.. The more they do, the more they are able to do. Getting out there and living "the good life" doesn't mean sitting in New York city in a tiny apartment, buying take out food. Get out and experience the real world if you can.

5. Life is about family

  • The core of what they are doing, is taking time to enjoy each other's company. These kids are interested in the daily projects and routines more than most people would expect. I've not seen them in every video playing video games.

  • There is no TV blaring in the background as they talk to the camera. Their household is much different than your regular household in the city. ....and it is comforting. It brings me back to "ease of mind" which is a post that I wrote just a few days ago.

If you want to experience some "ease of mind"... check out fouch-o-matic on youtube.

Here's a sample video:

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This is their most popular video.

Although I'm not happy about the current situation in my country, I must say that in this difficult stage in my life, I've learned some benefits of those you have mentioned.

  • Avoid waste: I've certainly spent my entire life wasting time and money. My current situation has helped me to mature and to become more responsible. In this way, I organize my priorities better which is important to progress in any aspect of your life.

  • Build it yourself if you can: From hard situations come the best ideas. You have no idea how many times I've fixed things in my house or built artifacts to save a little money. I don't consider myself a stingy person, but I've always thought: Why pay someone else for something you can do yourself? Also, if you don't know how to do it, you can always learn and enrich your knowledge because learning doesn't end at college. We will continue learning until the day we stop breathing.

  • Life is about family: In my family we're three people. My mom, my sister and me. We all have different personalities and although each one likes to have their space, I've noticed that we're more united. We definitely spent more time together than before. Sharing experiences, ideas and future plans.

Sorry for the long comment, haha. I found this post interesting and I'll definitely take a look at their youtube channel.


Never apologize for a long comment. --- Long comments that are about the subject matter are always welcome. Infact long comments are preferred! :)

I am really glad you enjoyed the post, and will check out the video.

When money is not very tight, people waste lots. Very few people think about how much money they burn on silly things and never plan for the future. (Myself included). There was a time many years back where I had a bit of extra money, and I would just spend it, thinking it was "extra".

There is no such thing as "extra". You never know what you may need tomorrow, months later, or years later. Properly saving and living less than your means can mean a great deal to your future self. :)

I learned this lesson the hard way...

To give you an example, the price of haircuts in my area recently went up. So now I visit the barber an extra 2 weeks later. My hair may grow longer.. but per year, I still pay the same price-per-year for my haircuts.

I don't want to cheat the barber.. but in my case, every bit I can save helps me to live.


Sorry for the late reply (internet connection problems) :(

There is no such thing as "extra". You never know what you may need tomorrow, months later, or years later. Properly saving and living less than your means can mean a great deal to your future self.

I couldn't agree more with this part. Most of us live in the present without taking our future into account.

It's a chain, what you do now will have an immediate or long-term effect. All of our decisions have consequences... Talking about consequences, can I ask you a question regarding to the SBD?


Yes. You can always ask me questions. :)


You see, I don't know what to do with my SBD so I wanted some advice from you. What will happen to this Token? I worry a bit because I see that people are focused on Steem. I read that it's better to invest in Steem because SBD will always have a value around 1$ (which I find strange because when I joined to Steemit, the SBD came to be worth 15$) while the Steem has more chance to grow. I hope that in December the price will rise again (that's why I've been saving), but now, I'm not sure with this situation with the Steem.

I've been checking the cryptocurrency market and also, the wallets of other users and many have changed all their SBD for Steem. I feel that if I don't do the same I'll suffer from losses. It's as if others know something that I don't. I was thinking about changing half of my SBD for Steem before it has a much higher value than the SBD. What do you think about that?


SBD won't gain in value like it did when it was $15 before. It is always suppose to be near $1.00 worth of STEEM

This is why most people trade it for STEEM, they believe STEEM will go up in value, and there is more chance to make profits with STEEM as a token by itself, or by powering it up long term.

SBD is considered "debt" to the network. It is always tradeable. Usually the only reason you would want to hold SBD is:

a) You are planning on selling it soon, because you need the money now

b) You are paying for something that only accepts SBD

...and that's about it.

The old days of it being worth more than $1.00 are practically over. It has been that way for a long time now.

If you go to

Look at the "Bias" column. It was those numbers that made SBD worth more. As you can see now, most top witnesses who write blocks have bias set very low or usually not at all. As a result, SBD stays very close to $1.00 at all times now.

You can read this old post which may give you more information about how this all works:


I see, I guess what I read was true so I don't see the point of holding my SBD.

I just changed part of that for Steem. I left only one part because as you mentioned, I plan to sell it soon. The exchange service that I use to change SBD / STEEM to Bs.S (my country's currency) lately has had the prices between SBD and Steem very similar unlike last month when SBD was worth much more.

With that, I understood that at any moment the roles would be changed and the Steem could be above the SBD. Well, I suppose the world of cryptocurrencies is constantly changing and I've to adapt. Today, I learned a couple of things thanks to you.

Thank you so much for your time and the links! :D

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