EASE OF MIND -- If you don't understand that term -- you are at a loss.. BE CAREFUL!

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I want to share this with you. BIG TIME. Most important post ever! Everyone can understand this!


EASE OF MIND IS NOT PEACE OF MIND! --- Your entire life is struggling for easy of mind! -- I CAN PROVE IT!

I make a lot of posts.. about life situations.. and many of these posts are insight not just for me, but for my followers too.. I take the time to analyze things and assess them... and the results are posted on my blog for free.

Today is different -- A HUGE difference...

We've all heard about peace of mind... Calming the mind down, based on the way we react to life's struggles.
For instance...
You see someone abusing a dog.. to get peace of mind, you call the authorities and they come out... now you have peace of mind...

You see a parent abusing a child. You call the authorities... again... you now have peace of mind, knowing you called someone to stop the abuse... and tonight you can sleep better.


  • There is a massive difference between peace of mind, and EASE OF MIND that I discovered today.

  • When I explain it, you will see I am right...

  • Let's get some simple "peace of mind" examples out of the way.. that all of us can understand:

  1. You open the refrigerator and there is food there
  2. You switch on the light, and there is light there...
  3. You unlock your door, and it opens..
  4. You call your mom, dad, brother, or sister, and you have a decent conversation.
  5. You show up to work on time, and the people there are happy you arrived.
  6. You are hungry for a certain something, like a any grocery item, and you have money to afford it.

...these are the basic necessities of life, that we all need and have... which gives us peace of mind...

Money itself.. will rarely be enough. That is true for me, for you, and most people you know.

What is peace of mind?

  • Peace of mind means, you did all you could, today, and yesterday, and willing to do tomorrow, knowing that you are giving your "all"... as a human being.

What is "ease of mind?"

  • Knowing your rent or mortgage payment is guaranteed to be paid, regardless of what happens today or tomorrow

  • Ease of mind means, you do not ever count what cash you have, because you always have more than enough. Rich people normally have "ease of mind" -- do you?

  • Ease of mind also means... you can sit in a chair, look up to the stars at night, and someone might ask you "are you not worried about anything at all?" ... and your answer is "no".

  • Easy of mind means.... you want to live life, yourself, and the ones you love, where money, and lifes difficulties are a slight inconvenience... but the basics like food, water, shelter, and money are never a concern....


Do you truly (and don't lie to me, nor yourself)

  • Do you truly have ease of the mind yet? Does a day go by that you don't think, work towards, or care about the future??

Here is why I wrote this blog post tonight..

I have peace of mind, lots of times... Based on my actions... the way I think about things.. and the efforts I put forth to making my life better.

EASY of MIND? Well that is a whole different topic. I would love so much to consider my rent / mortgage is already paid. I would love ease of my mind just to exist and not worry about the world, my finances, my friends, my family.

Consider what a billionare does...

There is no point in being a billionaire without EASE OF THE MIND.


If you follow @intelliguy I will continue to explain the meaning of life and "EASE OF THE MIND"... and the importance of what we all feel and can identify with.

If you were smart enough to read this post.. please comment below.


Don't take this lightly. Do you understand PEACE OF THE MIND vs EASE OF THE MIND?

...ease of the mind is why we work so hard everyday. It is putting stock into what we believe in, and what we want to see in this short term on earth. Having EASE OF THE MIND.... is something almost everyone strives for...

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Cool! Agreed! you can have ease of mind but it doesn't mean that you will have peace of mind. Sure you can buy things or do things you want.
Ease of mind = realistic
Peace of mind = idealistic
Is my interpretation correct? cause i seem to see it that way.
^.^ thanks for sharing your thoughts


Yes, I agree with you.... yes, peace of mind is idealistic, but at the end of the day, we're all searching for ease of mind.... because that is when we have realistic happiness in our life, and our mind, body, and soul are in sync, and only then are we at ease.