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I'm going to spare you tales of more fucking snow, and just say, it's snowing again. Also my propane is down to just 20% full again, after only refilling it 1 month ago and being told that it needed filling about every 4 months. No coyotes encountered in the cold, driving snow on our walk today though, so that's a good thing.

Anyway, today to focus on other things besides the trials and tribulations of mountain life...

I'm Bored

This is not something that happens often, but I think I underestimated how much use I got out of living in a place that was warm all year since 2002, and having a full time job in the years in NYC right before that.

Turns out, I use a lot of my free time to just walk or sit outdoors. I don't really need more stimulation than that for hours out of each day. The rest of the day I can easily fill with cooking all my meals from scratch, puttering around online, meditation, and writing. In the evenings I typically just watch videos or surf the internet.

I have some volunteer obligations and a group meditation I often go to, but those take up just hours per week. So once you take out all the outdoor time (because it's simply too cold out there) I seem to run out of things I want to do.

Now in a couple weeks I will be heading to a warmer place with no coyotes, and will be there most of the rest of the Winter. But this still highlights that I simply need more creative activity in my life, even if I can get back to where I'm distracted from that by the sheer joy of being out in nature for hours each day.

More Service, More Money

In my entire life, I've never been able to maintain much interest in any hobby that wasn't monetized. Well unless you consider spiritual study and practice a hobby. I consider it a survival skill, which you would understand if you had my childhood.

So as I start thinking of new things to fill my time, I know immediately that I want to help people in new ways and do so in a manner that also generates more money for me to invest in crypto and precious metals.

I would also like for it to involve others, as my life is entirely too solitary now that I've moved away from where all my longterm friends are.

Some Ideas

Some things I'm currently considering:

  • Studying for the exam to be licensed as an Investment Advisor then using that to do all sorts of interesting workshops, videos, workbooks, masterminds, etc.
  • Building a community greenhouse on my open land that uses a water catchment system
  • Getting my crypto mastermind group going again to give folks new to crypto a way of pooling knowledge and making better decisions together

Just thinking out loud. This is my no means an exhaustive list of possibilities.

If you too have been thinking about monetizing some way of helping others, you are invited to brainstorm/collaborate with me.

Do you see anything in the above list you'd like to do some form of? Can you see how it might be collaborative? Any collaborative ideas not directly related to this list?

You can comment below or PM me on discord. (I have the same handle there.)


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When reading your publication, I realize that you are very creative and original, it is strange to know that you are bored, hehe, surely you will find many activities in which to invest your time. As a suggestion, I could do some promotions in which the Steem rifles, through riddles or publications, in this way, will earn extra money, and, you will help the lucky ones.


You know I did do some contests when I first started on Steemit, but I didn't actually enjoy having to promote it. My contests weren't well "attended" by participants, so it wasn't that rewarding. It might be different now that I have a larger following though. Will definitely give it some thought.

that kind of weather should be very nice, but the simple fact of feeling so cold makes me think that I'm lucky to live in a tropical climate ... you can enjoy the scenery and warm yourself very well ...


You are definitely lucky to live in a tropical climate! I have also at many points in my life and definitely will again someday!

I think you're a very creative person aside from the fact that you're a cryptocurrency geek really and I'm really wondering "how can I compare my boredom to yours?" but basically I can really relate, I think you can make a brilliant Investment Advisor, if you ask me.
I'm always bored too since I left my day job, no spouse, nothing, I'm basically clueless as to what I can do


LOL, you're funny. Well dealing with boredom is a good problem to have. It's where all creativity comes from, so we can both look forward to good things.


Hahahaha well, Aye I'll be looking forward too

You had me at Crypto... While I know it has been a let down for many, I think it continues to be a great opportunity to learn things other than the market side of it. The underlying technology will be great in many ways so it should be something we invest time to learn and understand better.

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That is also the one that would be easiest for me to do, since it’s already set up. Just have to start doing again and promote new memberships.

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