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RE: Aghori Sadhu in the Woods | Real Life Encounter with Black Magic |Haunting Episode 2

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In this story who is 'Me'? I might be not aware because I directly read the Episode#2. This story also seems interesting one just like JIHAD.

When will you post Episode#5 of the previous Jihad story? I'm anxiously waiting for it. :)


I am me. This story happened with me and my friends.

I am sorry for the delay. It is just that i was invited to give a speech on steemit in a college. That delayed my posts. It shall be posted on friday.

Oh okay! Good to know that you have a speech on steemit in a college. It means you're sharing knowledge with others. :)

Of crs, Steemit gave me a second breath else i was suffocated before. I surely want others to come here to express themselves. To share their ideas and thoughts. It is a mind blowing platform which provided me an opportunity to write.

That's great! Keep going like this. You will get more in return soon. :)