Is Your Vehicle Overheating???

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Is your vehicle overheating, or taking a lengthy time to warm up(in the colder months), and/or if the air is taking a long time to warm up the inside of your ride..

Then you may have a thermostat that is faulty and it's time to change it out.

[Video Source]

Or, it may be coming from other components of the vehicle, like in the video below...

[Video Source]

Let's hope, it is not a leaking head gasket or a bad radiator, because that's a lot of cheese to be forking out for those repairs!!

All in all, hopefully it is just a bad thermostat... And it's needs to be replaced for a new one..
Image Source

This component is relatively cheaper than others.. Ranging from $6 - $20 give or take, depending on what you drive..

Image Source

All thermostats are covered by a housing, and most are located on the front or the top of the engine.

Keep in mind that when you get a new one, make sure it has the correct temperature rating for that vehicle!!

Image Source

We don't want to end up like this fella on the side of the road making phone calls,(probably calling for a tow truck)..

Image Source

Or like this person covered in smoke to where you can't see anything...

Notice I haven't done any LOL's or Ha's in this post... Because this has happened to me ;-((

I Hope These Videos , Were Informative To You All...

Thanks For Viewing!!


To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Signs point to yes

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

Be sure to check some other obvious sources, like belts, hoses, and fluid leakage. Be sure the fluid is full, if it is half empty, the pump will cavitate, and the cooling by way of the radiator will stop.

Another place to look is the water pump itself, there is usually a small hole in the casting, and if water is coming out of that hole the seal is shot, and the pump must be replaced.

IF you Must limp home, let it cool, fill it, leave the cap loose (so it does not hold pressure), and RUN THE HEATER on full! Go directly home, and NO WHERE ELSE!

Ha, you are so right my friend.. Good looking out!!! Maybe no one here will have to limp home... LOL... Good one.. Hopefully this will not happen to anyone here...

I have limped Many home, I am sorry to say! It does happen, but less now (I can better afford to fix them these days).


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